Odds & Ends Bucket List

So I started a “travel” bucket list page of places that I’d like to go. Then I realized that on the actual list “places, things, and accomplishments I want to have done before I die”, there were a lot of things that were left off the “travel” bucket list page.

Some of these might seem silly to others—but that is the beauty of making our own bucket lists—its things we want to accomplish. Some of those might overlap with others, but some might be unique. So I decided that I should start another “bucket” list page for everything else to be linked to in some form or another.

Decided that the list needed to be edited for several reasons: 1) some things just don’t resound with me anymore, and 2) Beachbody is (or has) done away with their master trainings and having (allowing) people to teach live classes. Also this list will probably should be connected to the ~150-goals to be completed in 2002-Day Challenge.

Once I’ve completed one of the goals–A page will be created and linked back to this group of ‘goals’ or bucket list of items. Not many things have gotten completed–but I’m still young, so there is still time.

So other things I would like do before I die:

Take a Cruise


White-water rafting

Canoeing in the boundary waters

Set foot on all continents (yeah—this one should maybe moved to the travel page—but I’ll leave it here for now).

Hike through the Grand Canyon

Live in at least 2 different countries with completely different cultures

Learn at least one foreign language

Swim with whale sharks

Scuba dive

Get in the best shape of my life (This will be semi-linked to the fitness section of the site).

Volunteer 6 months aboard

Have my own business

Try rock climbing

Spend Christmas on the beach

Find a job I love or create the job I love

Sleep under the stars

Write a book (or at least try)

Plant a tree

Cross a country using public transportation

Backpack though another country

Take a class you’ve always wanted

Fly a kite

Be an extra in a movie

Travel at least once by train (long distance)

Eat a fried dessert at a state fair

Make time to learn a new skill once every two-three months

Become a Master trainer in Country Heat, CIZE, or PiYo

Make a Candle

Make Soap

Develop a Passive Income Stream

Create a Flower Arrangement

Make Mosaic Art

Try to beat a world record

Learn how to juggle

Create your own jewelry

Learn how to cross-stitch

Overcome at least one big phobia/fear

Start a small herb garden

Participate in a Charity Walk

Volunteer at a soup kitchen

Create necklaces (or bracelets) and donate them

Ride in a hot air balloon

Give a public speech (or a talk at a conference)

Paint and frame your own paintings

See a solar eclipse

Dive into the water from a cliff

And probably more as I think of them and as I check a few of these off the list. So items that were crossed off, weren’t completed but removed. Once something is completed it will be both crossed off but also have the text put into a bold font and italicized as well.