Everything Else Photography

One might have noticed that I’m reorganizing or editing various pages that I’ve up on the blog. The photography section is getting a ‘shuffle’–only because the drop-down menus for the various bird pages were off the screen, when that section was ‘tagged’ under this ‘original’ photography homepage.

Therefore, this ‘landing’ page is currently for everything other than the birds (and can be found at the very bottom of bird photography tab).

I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures of the outdoors as a way to stay connected to nature when I’d be indoors all day with the nine-to-five job. Currently my focus has been on bird photography (hence the large section with numerous pages), but I’m also trying to expand both my nature photography (looking for other animals and plants), and then expand into both food photography and architectural photography as well.

Since the birds are currently the ‘main’ subgroup–they are the ‘home’ page for this section, and all other subgroups (other nature photography–reptiles/amphibians, insects/arthropods, mammals, and plants; plus food and possibly architecture) will be linked to this page.

Pages and sections will be added slowly (especially in terms of food photography) as I will want to do my due diligence in research (especially for the architectural pieces).

Additional bird photographs (and possibly other wildlife) will be posted as blog posts throughout the year, and linked back to specific bird (or wildlife) pages—as they are currently my favorite photography subjects.

Mockingbird in a cedar tree at Boomer Lake, Stillwater OK

Mockingbird perched quickly in the cedar tree.

Great Blue Heron at Boomer Lake, Stillwater OK

Great Blue Heron waiting to catch its meal.

Turtles on logs in Boomer Lake, Stillwater OK

Turtles chilling on branches from submerged trees in the lake.

The above pictures were from a walk a few weeks ago around Boomer Lake with my dog Chewi.

Family of Canada Geese swimming at Devil’s Den State Park.
Large box turtle moving through Devil’s Den State Park.  Arkansas

Sunrise and sunsets can be beautiful to watch and photograph, under the right circumstances. Sunrises and sunsets over lakes, oceans, rivers make some of the best pictures.

Sunset at Lake Vermilion. Northern Minnesota
Sunset as we drive back to London

One of the few sunset pictures I managed to get as we were driving back to London from Bath.