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Photography Challenge Day 173: International Cat Day (Short Post)

So since today is International Cat Day–it is only fitting that the winners of today’s photography challenge are the cats.

Pyewicket wasn’t too happy with the closeup……..

So we have three cats (all adopted from the local humane society). The eldest cat (by about a year and a half or so) is Pyewicket, our calico cat.

Then we have our “breakfast duo”: Waffles and Pancakes.

Pancakes, my black miniature panther.

We got Waffles and Pancakes within a few days of each other–Waffles was adopted first, and then I saw Pancakes picture on the site, and fell in love. It had been almost a decade since I had lost my first cat, Bigfoot (who was also a black cat–though he had more white on him than Panny does). Pancakes is my little cuddle bug at night, and in the morning. She loves to sit on my lap–and does a good job of reminding me when I spend to much time on the computer.

Waffles–sleeping on top of the cat condo

Not the best picture of Waffles, our Russian blue cat–but lately she has decided that the top of the cat condo is her spot to sleep (though that is where my cat usually likes to relax). This is our little troublemaker–she doesn’t like change (and lets you know), and isn’t above possibly starting things with the puppies.

I know find it funny that we’re in a “age reversal” with the animals–when we got the cats, we had several dogs, but they’re were all in their adult years. Now we got a puppy (and my brother got one last year), the cats are in their adult years and are acting like it. I swear if they could talk it would probably be nothing but “get off my lawn”, “turn the music down” and “in my day” from the cats to the pups.

I have realized that when I move–I will need to bring in a kitten (after a few months) so that Pancakes has company, and then after say another six months or so maybe get a puppy and hopefully that will all turn out nicely.

Happy International Cat Day!!! Do your cats and dogs get along all the time?

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National Mutt Day

Happy National Mutt Day!! This is one of the two days of the year that are dedicated to the mix breed dogs that usually wind up in animal shelters hoping to get adopted. Most of our dogs have been mix breeds, that we either adopted from shelters or from friends (though there was one that we did pay a little more on to buy). I know that there are people that have allergies so they need dogs with shorter fur or that shed less (so in those cases are willing to spend the money on a “pure bred” dog), but I think in truth if you aren’t going to be breeding dogs (for show, hunting, or sled racing) you should go to the pound and adopt. Some of our mutts have crossed over the rainbow bridge, and some are still with us, though two of them are getting up there in the years. I know that after Chewi passes, it will take me a while before I decide to get another dog, but I will and I know that I will go to the local animal shelter and adopt another lovable ball of fuzz that will hopefully be with me for another fifteen or sixteen years.


Remember: Adopt, don’t shop.

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Ending of National Pet Week (Short Post)

Well National Pet Week is winding down, and will hand over the “national” week tomorrow to wildflowers.


The final picture for national pet week went to Boozer today. She is the “baby” of the family–she was adopted back in December 2011, and is our second large breed dog–the first was the St. Bernard Speedbump. Boozer is a large breed “mutt”–she is half bearded collie and half great Pyrenees. Which makes her 200% stubborn, and 150% possessive of anything she thinks is hers (including any plastic flamingos that she has decided are chew toys).

She is a sweetheart of a dog (though she does have her issues and problems), and can a handful at times (especially with two elderly dogs in the house), but she has a personality.

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National Pet Week: Pancakes

Tonight’s photography subject: Pancakes.


Well I’ve been trying to get stuff done on the computer, though all I really managed to get completed was deleting a post in progress, because I didn’t like the way it was flowing. Luckily, Pancakes decided to come and demand her fair time on my lap, so I was able to start thinking of another post, and here we are.

National pet week is starting to wind down–tomorrow is the last day, though every day should be pet day. When you decide to get a dog or a cat, it is a life time commitment (at least 10 years [depending on whether it is a dog or a cat and then the breed of dog or cat]), and one that shouldn’t be made lightly. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve had dogs and cats my entire life (there have basically been nine of each throughout my life and three of each are still living [though two of the dogs are rather up there in the years]), and once I move it will be awhile before I get another cat and dog (as I will have Pancakes with me).

Pancakes is a very large short hair domestic cat (as I call her my mini panther), that has a very unique personality. We’ve only had one other cat that I can think of that also likes to play with crinkled plastic (and I’m not talking about the little crinkle balls). If the plastic is long enough, she will carry it around in her mouth like a snake. She also loves hair ties (which is why, even when I get a hair cut I make sure that I have plenty of hair ties on hand for her).

She also demands that the water level in the water dish be at a certain height (that way she can still see if any other animal is coming near her, plus it cuts down on the whisker fatigue). She also at times has this habit of spitting out particular pieces of dry cat food if she doesn’t like the texture (sometimes its the orange ones and sometimes its the pinkish ones).

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National Pet Week: Waffles

So today’s installment for national pet day is Waffles.

Where is that crinkly ball??

Waffles was wanting to know where the little crinkly ball had been batted to. I think all three of them were treating it like a soccer ball, but none were really wanting to share it–if someone didn’t go after it quickly enough, one of the others jumped in and took over playing with it. I think she’d been woken up by someone either racing past her, or they bounced the ball off of her as she was curled up on the floor.

I enjoy watching the cats play with their toys in the morning (Pancake particularly likes her crinkly plastic; and both her and Pye like playing with hair ties). Waffles will join in every so often, but enjoys going after bugs more than anything. It will be interesting to see what type of bugs she brings in from the garage this summer–I’m just hoping that junebugs are more or less dead when she brings them in.

Do any of your cats bring you insects as gifts–or do they bring you dead mice??

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Start of National Pet Week

The first full week of May was designated back in 1981 as National Pet Week by the American Veterinary Medical Association, to celebrate America’s more than 200 million pets, and to encourage responsible pet care every day of the year (petweek.org/about-npw.html).

So I thought that I’d share a picture of different pets over the week, and some background on all the pets that I’ve had over the years–plus a reminder to adopt, don’t shop for your next pet.

Chewi watching for food to drop

So I’ve always had pets my entire life–cats, dogs, fish, parakeet, and a rabbit. When we moved to OK, we left the rabbit with friends (it was difficult enough to move cross country with two kids, a dog, and three cats). The rabbit was cool, but it did chew through basically all the cords in the house (it was a “free range rabbit), so Stripe had to be rehoused. The parakeet, unfortunately didn’t last that long–Bigfoot, my cat managed to figure out how to open the cage (even after putting twisty ties on the cage door). The fish have always come and gone (certain species don’t live that long, and my one trial with an salt water tank was almost disastrous).

With the cats, we’ve had nine through my life: Ritalin, Bigfoot, Cyprus, Slash, Cesar, Gandalf, Pyewicket, Waffles, and Pancakes. The first six have passed over the rainbow bridge over the years–the last three are still with (the breakfast duo and Pyewicket).  With the cats, unless they managed to get out of the house and get lost (Cyrpus) or get sick (Cesar & Gandalf)–the other three: Ritalin, Bigfoot, & Slash all lived to be between eighteen and twenty years of age. Our cats have always had long lives due in part to the fact that we don’t let them out of the house (indoor animals always have a longer life span than outdoor pets or feral cats do).

Also with the dogs, we’ve had nine through my life: Ferret, Frodo, Shadow, Okie Thunderstorm (Storm for short), Chewi, Speedbump, Piranha, Spelunkers, and Boozer.  Again, six have passed over the rainbow bridge over the years (age or health related issues), and currently we have two (Chewi and Piranha) who are going to be both sixteen (Chewi) and fifteen (Piranha) this year. Both are starting to show signs of old age (loss of sight, hearing), and Chewi has other issues as well (cancer) that are starting to slow her down.

Choosing the correct pet is always important–are you in a house, an apartment, living alone, with others? What is your day like, how active? There are some people who are strict dog or cat people–I’m a both person–I’ve always had cats and dogs, and I will probably always have at least one or the other. Once I move again–I’ll be taking Pancakes with me (I’m not going to stress out my dog by putting her through another move, so she will be allowed to live out her life in comfort at home), but within six to nine months of being where ever, I’ll probably get a kitten so that Pancakes has a new playmate and someone else around during the day while I’m at work.

I know that there are people who also only want purebred dogs or cats (and we’ve had several over the years), but I would advocate going to the pound or animal shelter and find your next family member there. The number of animals that are abandoned, lost, found, and end up at an animal shelter are staggering–they also need a home, and while they may be a little more skittish than others, they love just as well as those that are sold by different breeders.

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Photo of the Day: Pancakes taking her daily nap

Well it was obviously the correct temperature in the house earlier today, as Pancakes decided that she was just going to nap on the recliner for awhile, before going under cover on the bed. I’ve noticed that if it isn’t too cold in the house on the weekends (or during the week if I’m working from home), she will spend part of one day in my room curled up on the bed near where I’m working. The other day (or later in the day), she will reclaim her space in the other bedroom.

Pancakes taking her daily nap

She enjoys laying in rocking chairs or on your lap, especially if she can have the full lap (and push anything out the way that she doesn’t like–like a laptop computer). I’ve realized that I spoiled her out in Boston, to where I’d let her on my lap in the mornings when I was eating my bowl of oatmeal (since I didn’t have a dining room table, I ate all my meals on the couch), and I could hold the bowl above her, so she couldn’t try to help herself to the oatmeal. Needless to say she shocked my father the other night when he was eating in the other room, she just merrily jumped up on his lap and expected him to hold his food above her so she could lay on his lap.

Needless to say, we have spoiled animals in our house–they’re all treated like they’re our children. Needless to say–they still haven’t learned how to close the door behind themselves when they let themselves in, but that is something to work on.

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They can share…..though only when they sleep

Well obviously today was a little warmer than yesterday. The cats were sleeping on the recliner instead of the bed (or in the case of Pancakes–under the covers curled up on the bed). We got hit with a cold snap this weekend, and yesterday Pancakes spent most of the day curled up under the blankets at the end of my parents bed. Pyewicket always sleeps on top of the blankets, I think so that she can always hear when someone comes into the room and if they’re going to disturb her slumber or not.

They can share.

When they decide to sleep on the recliner, this is usually how they divide it up–Pyewicket (or sometimes Waffles) gets the top of the recliner (closer to the window), and Pancakes takes the seat. Personally I think that Pancakes was spoiled out in Boston, when she didn’t have any competition for the seat; and therefore she stakes the claim each and every time.

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Day 3 of New Photography Challenge: Pancakes the cuddler (Short Post)

Today’s entry into the photography challenge is brought to you by Pancakes. This morning she demanded her time on my lap (and truthfully it was a little chilly this morning so I wasn’t arguing). She usually will cuddle with me in the mornings, unless I have Pye on my lap. I think those two like to see who can get to either my lap or my shoulder first, and then the other tries to out wait the one on either my lap or my shoulder.

Pancakes cuddling this morning

This is one of the enjoyable moments in the morning–getting to spend time with my pets (even though I’m sure they all think I’m nuts for being awake before dawn). Its quiet, I have my breakfast & tea, and am able to slowly start waking up and trying to figure out what needs to be done for the day and how I’m going to go about the day.

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Day 2 of photography challenge: Crabapple blossoms (Short Post)

Here is another spring picture–a close up of some of the blossoms on the short crabapple tree. Hopefully the larger one will also be blossoming soon, and maybe a few fruits (that are hopefully larger than the very small ones that we got last year). This year I’m hopeful since the smaller tree has so many more flowers on it than it did last year.

The crabapple tree is starting to flower

Also in the picture is the collie mix not meaning to photo bomb, but she managed to do it anyway. I’m enjoying seeing all the signs of spring popping up in the yard–the best will be when the rose of Sharons are leaf out and start to flower. When that happens we’ll get out privacy fence back along that part of the yard, so hopefully the dogs won’t be barking at the neighbor’s dogs if she can’t really see them.

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