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Capricorn New Moon Goals: Review

So, January has come and gone, and we will soon have the second new moon for the year. I know that time doesn’t speed up or slow down, but the illusion that does both will always baffle me. I mean during the week—the workday can drag on forever (even though it doesn’t), and the weekend can seem to both drag and fly by at the same time. One thing I’m wanting to improve on this year is time management—the goals that I’ve set out for myself are all achievable, but I need to manage my time better to be able to reach them.

So the moon is soon going to be entering into the Aquarius constellation, and that means I should look back at the goals that I set during the new moon in Capricorn and see how I did with those goals. I’d mentioned last month that it seemed weird that the moon might be in a constellation longer (or back through it twice), so my goals were going to be off—but I think that depends on which astrology chart (or astrologer) you follow. I’ve now seen it both ways—some saying that there isn’t going to be a full moon in the Virgo constellation (it would somehow be Leo again), but others state that there will be a full moon in Virgo. So I’m going to be going with the ones that claim that there will be a new moon/full moon in each constellation this year (making it easier to do my new moon/full moon goals).

All right, so back to my goals from the last new moon, what were they and how did I do with them?

The goals included:

            Working on the transition plan (namely reworking my core values and the daily steps for transitioning into an industry position).

            Reading (or finishing) at least 3 non-fiction books

            Start working through the various e-courses that I’ve bought (which includes lifetime access for learning a foreign language).

So how did I do with each one?

I did manage to finish four different non-fiction books during the month of January (see my January in review post), though I only wrote one book review.

I made a little bit of progress on my transition plan, I’m still working on reworking my core values (trying to only have a “priority” list of say five to seven), and the daily steps for transitioning into an industry position. I have figured out a few things that I would like to be able to avoid doing in my next position (though some of them are necessary evils, I just want to limit the amount I have to deal with).

In terms of the different e-courses, I managed to finish one on job searching (which was more of a refresher for me, though it did give a different way of trying to work the resume and also a way of having “stories” on hand/mind when interviewing). I plan on also going back through some of the other short ones that I did (such as time management & goal setting and re-listening to the lectures to have a refresher on certain little topics).

Overall, I managed to get a little done on two of the three goals. I always enjoy reading, though reading non-fiction takes a little longer for me, as it is harder for me to “paint” the picture in my mind of what the author is saying (it’s much easier to picture something from a fiction book than a non-fiction book; at least for me). I will still be working on all three of these areas through out the year, as I really would like this to be the year that I land a job in industry (or potentially at a different university closer to and industry biotech hub).

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Sagittarius New Moon Goals: A Review

So we’re already into 2019, and the first new moon is tomorrow. I’m hopefully that 2019 will go better than 2018 did. So in terms of starting off the new year, lets look back at the goals that I set during the last new moon of 2018 (which was when the moon had transitioned through Sagittarius).

This was the time that one should have been both counting their blessings, and at the same time trying to get their finances in order (at least for me as it was moving through my second house).

So what was my mini list of goals for the last new moon of 2018?

They included:

  1. Doing better at keeping a money log, and setting up some financial goals for the New Year.
  2. Working on the transition plan (namely narrowing down the biotech hubs and professional lifestyle that I want)
  3. Working through different e-courses (taking notes for different posts).

So how did I do with each goal?

In terms of trying to keep a money log for December—I was good for the first few days of the month, and then I quit doing it (and actually I quit writing in my journal basically after the first few days as well). I did set up some goals for 2019, which include getting the credit card debt down to less than $500 a month (which would also allow me to pay off each credit card in full each month). This is an ongoing goal for 2019 (it probably won’t happen for a few months, as the end of 2018 was expensive and it will take a couple of months of paying everything down [especially since I was getting snacks almost daily last month and put it on the credit card as well]). Another goal related to that one is not purchasing snacks on campus (and if I do get snacks pay with cash, or if it goes on the credit card not doing it more than twice a week). In addition I want to try to get my saving account up at least another 5-7K before a potential move in the late summer or early fall.

In terms of the transition plan, I think I have an idea of the professional lifestyle that I want to live—I don’t mind the occasional long day in lab (as long as I’m being compensated for it, and it isn’t everyday), I also wouldn’t mind traveling to the occasional conference or meeting (but I don’t want to be traveling weekly). I want a job that keeps me curious, learning, and not bored. I also realize that I need to be starting to read more both in the business side of things (so I have something to talk about when going to both informational and actual interviews in terms of why I want to be working for that particular company), and trying to read more in certain scientific areas (I’m hopefully going to be making a list of different areas that interest me, and then downloading and trying to read one to two papers a week in different areas).

In terms of the biotech hubs, I’m still trying to figure out what the third (and possibly fourth) hub would be. I know that I’m going to be looking around the Boston area, and possibly Washington DC area. I think I should also try to figure out a biotech hub in the Midwest (either St. Louis or possibly Chicago) and maybe the Pacific Northwest (though that more expensive than the east coast, and I’m not sure how their public transportation systems are).

In terms of working through the different e-courses that I’ve bought over the past year and a half—I didn’t get through really any of them. I did finish two small courses on linkedin related to job searching/career development—but they were free courses. So this is something that I need to get better at in 2019 so that I can move forward in both the job transition and then within whatever company I join.

So I did fairly well with last months new moon goals–not perfect, but I at least focused on some of the areas, and I have a plan for moving forward into 2019. If the industry transition happens this year–it will be an expensive year (moving & setting up a new place isn’t cheap), but that is why I’m trying to start planning for it now. So it’s time to roll up the sleeves and slowly start edging out of the comfort zone and see what I can get accomplished this year.

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Goals for the Cancer Full Moon

Well there is basically just a week and a half left in the year—yesterday was the winter solstice, and today is the last full moon of the year. I realized that I totally forgot to do my full moon goals last month, so there aren’t any reflections this year.

So the full moon today is within the Cancer constellation. Looking within “Moonology: working with the magic of lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland, there are several questions that one can ask themselves during this time:

Have I been insecure, clingy, and no fun this month?

Have I been coming at what I want sideways instead of tackling it head-on?

Have I been sulky, moody, brooding, or manipulative?

Have I been secretive and possibly even a tad paranoid?

Have I had enough family time, or time with people who feel like family?

Well, if I numbered the questions 1-5, I think that my answers would be as follow:

  • Depending on what aspect of life one is talking about, I would have to say that I have been a little down (no fun) in terms of the fact that I haven’t gotten into the holiday spirit this year. I basically couldn’t think of anything that I wanted for Christmas (I basically gave an idea of a sweater or just cash), and trying to think of things for others as well. In terms of being insecure—I will admit that I do feel a little insecure in terms of my job transition/search. I haven’t been clingy at all at this time.
  • Yes, I have been coming at what I want sideways instead of tackling it head-on (job search/transition into industry).
  • I have been moody for the last two months (but losing two dogs within four days is a acceptable answer).
  • I don’t think that I’ve been secretive or paranoid.
  • I do have enough family time, though I do need to try to get together with friends more often that what I’ve been doing.

In addition to the above questions, the full moon in Cancer is also entering my ninth house (based on my rising sign). The ninth house is your “Big Picture” zone. Basically this is the time deal with things in terms of personal growth, professional growth, travel, religion and philosophy, and so forth.

This is the time (especially since the moon is following the winter solstice) to reflect back on the year and to plan for the future (surprise, it’s also about a week and a half before the new year).

So I think that my goals for the this full moon period will include:

  1. Do both a nightly tarot card reading and meditate nightly (even if it’s only two or three minutes).
  2. Update various goal posts (101 goals in 1001 days; Level 10 life)
  3. Start planning out my transition plan for the spring
  4. Read at least one more personal/professional development book
  5. Get through at least one more mini personal/professional development courses
  6. Renew at least two professional memberships

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Update on Scorpio New Moon Goals

So we’re down to less than thirty days left in 2018—there is one moon cycle left before we enter 2019. The moon will be entering its “final” new moon of 2018 in a few days.

Now it is time to try to reflect back on the goals that I had set for the period that the moon was moving through the Scorpio constellation.

So what were my goals for the Scorpio new moon?

They included:

  • Get back into a meditation routine at night. This goes with the Scorpio mood of making inner peace & breathing.
  • Work on my transition plan—try to figure out both my “why” (or purpose) and my professional lifestyle that I want to live.
  • Continue with the second round of LIIFT4; and then finally
  • Work on ideas for more blog posts (and pages) for the website.


So how did I do with them?


In terms of meditation—it is still something that I’m struggling to get back into a routine with. I had been good for awhile, and then something happens to disrupt the routine and it takes me probably three times as long to get back into the routine (but I’m still working on it).

In terms of my transition plan—I’m still trying to answer the questions of both what is my why and what is my purpose. I think in terms of a professional lifestyle—I want a job that may not be a total 9-5 job, but it also isn’t a 14hr day 7-day a week job either. I think that currently I want to get back into the lab and do research (it is something that I enjoy—I just think that I’ve been in the wrong environment), and I also thinking of possible science communication—right now namely trying to get some more science posts/pages up here on the blog. I don’t want a job that requires a huge amount of travel (I’m fine with going to an occasional conference or meeting [even twice a year], but I don’t want to be on the road four out of five days a week), and I also don’t really want a customer service job either (my current position has shown that I really don’t have the attitude to deal with that type of position).

I’m still struggling to get back into a fitness routine—I’ve realized that there are times that I want to be “surprised” by the workout—what I mean is that I don’t want to have everyone’s lines memorized—I want to be challenged. So I think that I’m going to have to do a hybrid workout for a while until a new program comes out. I’ve also realized that there are times when it’s nice that everything is on DVD—that way if I decided not to turn on the laptop, I can still do the workout.

I am slowly starting to generate a list of topics for blog posts and ideas for more science posts (and pages) as well. The biggest challenge at times is actually sitting down and starting to write (or type). I know for a fact I have at least ten book reviews that I need to write (and those are just the non-fiction books that I’ve finished so far this year & I haven’t written a review over yet).

So while I didn’t make 100% progress with my goals during this new moon phase, I did make a little progress. That little progress made is better than no progress made—I’m trying to adapt the motto: progress over perfection (especially in terms of fitness and my career transition). Also we need to remember that the only person that we should be in competition with is ourselves–so if I’m trying to be better that means I’m trying to be a little better than I was yesterday.

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Update on Aries Full Moon Goals

Well Halloween is in a week, and that means that there are only two months left in 2018. I can’t say that I will be sorry to see the year-end; it has been a rough month and year. I know that in theory those moments are meant to be “growing tools”—things to learn from, and when I can reflect back without the tears—I might try to do that. Currently I’m out in Boston to attend a couple of networking events, so we shall see how this goes in terms of networking & trying to move into an industry position. The moon is going to transition into Taurus next—a lovely earth sign.

But in terms of my goals for the Aries full moon, how did I do?

I totally fell behind on starting a workout routine. I managed a week of LIIFT4 earlier this month before everything fell down the drain. Also with traveling, I’m counting my walking as my workout, though I have the room in my hotel room to try to do PiYo or some other low impact workout.

Still working on my transition plan; I have an idea of the positions—but never wrote any posts on why I picked certain positions over others. This is something I still need to work on.

Have totally failed lately at trying to mediate nightly. I know that it is helpful with trying to manage stress & anxiety—I just have been in a slightly depressed mood & wanting to “escape” with reading at night instead of trying to calm my mind for a while and then read.

I’ve been trying to be more active in the various groups (both fitness/nutrition and the science side of things). I know that I’ve posted several times in one group asking for suggestions on my linkedin account and in another with hopeful non-scale victories.

One thing I’ve realized is that I also am going to rework my 101+ goal list with a “new start” & “finish” date. This isn’t to say that I’ve given up on trying to reach the goals by the first date (9/28/2020), but I’ve realized that I’ve fallen behind on a lot of them and if I want to have a good finish (not necessarily perfect, but better than half) I need to take another look at the list and rework things.

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Libra New Moon Goals

So as we enter the second week of October, the moon is entering the Libra constellation and it’s latest new moon phase. Since this is the last quarter of the year, there are only three new moon phases and three full moon phases left in the year (it’s hard to believe that 2018 is almost over—where has the time gone?).

So what are some of the things that one can do during the time of the Libra new moon?

How well are you relating to others?

How are your partnerships/relationships (personal and/or professional) doing?

Is there anything you need to negotiate?

Are you feeling good about yourself?

Regain your identity if necessary.

So in addition to looking at various aspects of one’s relationships over the next two weeks, the new moon in Libra is also passing through my 12th house—or my secret zone. This is the time when one usually wants to retreat from the world for a bit—and truthfully it probably couldn’t have come at a better time with the way the world is going. This would also be beneficial as I’m still trying to narrow down the positions for my transition plan (and by narrow down, I’m talking about trying to figure out the biotech hub areas that I wouldn’t mind moving to and then seeing what companies are in those areas and starting to look into them more). This is the time to start trying to listen to your dreams, and getting in touch with your spiritual side.

So some of the things that you can do during this time include (according to “Moonology: working with the magic of the lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland):

Try some yoga and meditation.

Take a “time out” from social media.

Dictate your dreams in the morning (use your phone, or old fashion pen and paper).

Try to face one big fear.

Trust your intuition.

Write some poetry from the heart.

Share one of your secrets.

So what I’m going to try to focus on for the Libra new moon include:

Getting back into meditation (I’ve been trying to do it nightly, and some nights I just can’t get into the groove)—but I’m going to aim for doing at least five minutes of meditation each night.

Continue working on my transition plan, and also make it out to the GeneTown Connect networking event later this month.

Continue to work through the various e-courses that I’ve bought (again trying to remember to take notes so that I can also make a blog post out of what I took away from the course).

Start working on the science blog posts.

I will also continue with my hybrid workout calendar (LIIFT4 and probably InsanityMax30) and trying to keep my nutrition under control.

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Update on Virgo New Moon Goals

So we have entered the last quarter of the year, and soon the moon will be entering its latest “new” phase in the Libra constellation tomorrow. So when the moon passed through the Virgo constellation during the last “new moon” phase back in early September, it was going though my 11th house—which is the “Friends Zone, plus your hopes and dreams”. This is in addition to other things that one can do during this time in regards to just general life (I’d covered these questions/topics in my post on my goals for the Virgo new moon).

My goals were as followed:

  • Continuing to focus on my transition plan, and starting to add value to connections on linkedin.
  • Work through various e-courses that I’ve bought over the past few months (and remember to try to take good notes to where I can write and post a summary on the blog).
  • Getting organized (keeping track of where I’m at in terms of #1 & #2, and possibly #4, & #5).
  • Determining my personal & professional “brand”
  • Making it through the last week of LIIFT4 & then a round of Shift Shop

So how did I do in terms of my goals for the Virgo new moon?

  • I think that I’ve managed to order some of the industry positions, so that I can try to focus on say the top four positions as I move forward. I’m still slowly networking and trying to add value to my connections on linkedin.
  • This one didn’t happen last month—I was usually too stressed and irritated with the world to do any type of work in the evenings.
  • It’s hard to get organized, when you’ve realized that you probably didn’t get as much accomplished during the time as you had hoped.
  • Still working on this one.
  • I made it through LIIFT4, but then struggled for two weeks with trying to decide what program (or programs) to do. Started LIIFT4 again this past week, and will probably make a hybrid with another one to be able to stay slightly focused when I’m possibly traveling this winter and into the spring.


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Aries Full Moon Goals

Well next week is October already. Somehow the month of September has sped past, and we’re now entering the last quarter of 2018. I had thought that I would possibly have gotten more accomplished this year, and that I would have an industry position—well that hasn’t happened yet. So we’re entering the full moon cycle, and now the moon has moved into Aries—which is always a lovely fire sign.

So let’s look at the top 5 questions from “Moonology: working with the magic of lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland.

Have I been hotheaded, selfish, or argumentative this month?

Have I been going too fast or been impulsive this month?

Have I been brash, blunt, or too competitive?

Have I ignored other people’s finer sensibilities?

Have I had enough fun?

So if I number the above questions again 1-5, I think my current answers would be as follows:

  • I actually think that I need to be a little more selfish or argumentative in the coming weeks (mainly for the sake of my mental health). I usually don’t argue with people at work (I don’t like conflict), and I try to compromise as much as possible probably in all aspects of life. I need to start putting myself first in some cases and decide that if I’m going to possibly take time off—it may be time without pay (as I’ve been told that unless I’m having an mental issue I can’t take sick leave for it).
  • No I haven’t been impulsive about things or going too fast. Probably there are a lot of people that are saying that I’m actually being way to cautious and going slower than others in terms of trying to work on my transition into industry from academia.
  • Again, I don’t think I’ve been brash or blunt this month. The same can be said about being competitive—I haven’t been.
  • What finer sensibilities? Right now I have no social life and I don’t think that I’m ignoring people’s sensibilities.
  • No I haven’t had enough fun lately. I’ve been too stressed about the animals that have declining health, trying to find another job, and the world in general.

So the moon is also passing through my 6th house or the daily work and health zone. So, this will be the second time that this house has come around this year (remember the moon passes through each house during all phases—but I’m currently only looking at the new and full moons (and not the quarters). So this is the time that we focus on releasing any issues about habits that we want to break. This is also the time that we may face a tug of war between dealing with everyday things and wanting to find time to ourselves.

This is also the time to look at what you do every Monday to Friday from nine to five—to sum up: your job. It isn’t suggested that you up and quit (unless you can afford too), but to start thinking of what you do enjoy doing and seeing if there is a way to turn that into your nine to five job, or figure out how to transition into a different job. I have decided that it is time to transition out of academia and in industry for several reasons (but that is another blog post)……

So my goals for this full moon period are:

  • Start a workout routine (either a second round of LIIFT4 or InsanityMax30).
  • Work on my transition plan (have the list of job titles ranked, and start looking into the top six a little more in detail [have at least one blog post on the top six as to why I wouldn’t mind having that position]).
  • Get back into meditating nightly.
  • Post an update (or question) in different groups that I belong to on Facebook. I’ve realized that I’m slowly losing motivation (or drive) on the transition plan (I want to transition, don’t get me wrong), and am curious to know if others had as well and what they did to gain the motivation and/or drive back.
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Pisces Full Moon Update

Well September is going to be over in basically a week, and then we have only a third of the year left. I do wish that time would slow a little on the weekends, so that I could get stuff accomplished but oh well that is life—time going at it’s own speed. The moon will be entering its full phase tomorrow and will be within the Aries constellation.

So looking back at things—I realize that I had finished the one book towards the end of last month (but it was such a rough month, I thought that I’d finished it around the long holiday weekend). But that was a side note tangent.

I have realized that I’ve fallen behind on my meditation practices and that I really need to get back into doing that nightly and if possible try to find a nice quiet place on campus that I can escape to for a few minutes during the day when I know that I’m stressing and try to get control over the anxiety.

But in terms of my goals for the period of the Pisces full moon, how did I do?

I finished LIIFT4 a week ago. I’m debating on whether or not to do a second round right away or make a hybrid calendar to get me through my “transition period” (i.e. times that I will be having to travel—either to go to networking events and interviews).

I did renew my memberships for the ASBMB & ASCB. I have basically a week to decide if I’m going to go to the ASCB meeting in December to try to network with the companies that show up to those things and also to maybe catch some talks. The other option is to wait until the spring & go to the ASBMB national conference.

I’m still working on my transition plan—I think I have an idea of what the top job titles will be—now I just need to match to companies and start adding more value to connections on linkedin so that I can work up to asking for an informational interview.

The only “crafty” thing I’ve been doing lately is my evening tarot/oracle card reading. While I have been taking pictures on the weekend, they are mainly on my camera and therefore are more difficult to try to load to instagram. Though I might start the photo challenge on the blog (and when I’m able to also have it on instagram and/or twitter). I’m also going to try to find the time to also work on the jewelry projects as well.

This month may not have been the greatest in terms of self/mental care, and narrowing down the transition plan—but I tried to do a little every day (which is better than doing nothing at all). I’ve also realized that as we head into the fall and winter months—at times those are the hardest months for me to actually stick with doing anything. But again I’ve realized that I need to step up my game for getting to the next chapter/stage of my life.

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Virgo New Moon Goals

So the moon is entering its latest “new” phase in the Virgo constellation today. So while I’ve been doing all of my goal predictions from the view of my rising star, the Virgo constellation holds a special place, as it is my birth sign.

So what are some of the things that one can do during the time of the Virgo new moon?

Take an inventory of what is working & what isn’t working in your life.

Are you being of service to others?

Look to your health habits—does anything need adjustment?

Avoid nitpicking.

Get organized.

So in terms of the above ideas of things one can do, how am I doing in terms of each one?

In terms of being of service to other people—that could also be considered the motto for my current position (doing the DNA sequencing). Though it isn’t a position that I want to keep, as you’re the one that basically is blamed if something goes wrong (even if you haven’t done anything wrong). I help out around the house, and try to do a little extra at work as well (but not much, as it isn’t appreciated by other people).

Staying in academia isn’t working at all—so I’m working on figuring out the next move (which will either be into industry or possibly getting a alternative teaching certificate and teaching high school science). Staying in OK also isn’t really working (I think that there are too many bad memories from public education here, that they’re overshadowing all the progress I’m trying to make—therefore it’s time to get the hell out of the state again). What is working is joining different online communities which is giving me both accountability & support in terms of the different things I’m trying to work on (career transition, health progression, and so forth).

I’m starting to get back into both healthy eating habits (it’s been over a month since I got either a specialty coffee drink or some type of sweet dessert on campus), and sticking to a workout program (next week I’ll be finishing the first round of LIIFT4). I have slipped the past couple of days in terms of making sure that I take my multivitamins, but I’m usually good 85-90% of the time. I’m also getting better at meditating at night as well (now I just need to figure out a nice quite spot to sit at times during the work day to be able to mediate for a few minutes when I realize I’m close to losing my temper).

In terms of the nitpicking—I usually can avoid doing this at work (if nothing else, it is other people nitpicking on how I’m doing my job). I’m also getting better at not judging myself to harshly if I fall short of meeting certain weekly goals. I know that everything works better with slow and steady progress, that if you try to do too much at once—you might not get anything done (your inner critic could start sabotaging you).

Getting organized is something that I really need to do this month, especially in terms of my transition into industry. I’m going to need to keep track of the different positions, the companies that I could potentially want to work for, my network connections, the dates & times for informational interviews, and then the hopeful interviewing process.

So besides these different areas that one can focus on, the new moon in Virgo, is within my 11th house (based on my rising sign). This house is also known as your “Friend Zone plus your hopes and dreams”. So this is the time to wish for what you want or to spend more time surrounded by friends.

During this time there are two areas to focus on: your hopes and dreams and friends. In terms of hopes and dreams—I’m going to be spending the time focused on continuing to work on my transition plan, and making the decision on whether or not to continue within my current position come the end of the year. The other focus for the time is your network of friends and your position within that network.

So some of the things that you can do during this time include (according to “Moonology: working with the magic of the lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland):

Signing up for an evening class in something you’ve always wanted to do.

Network (i.e. ask your friends to introduce you to friends of theirs that you haven’t met).

Wish on a star every night for the month.

Introduce a childhood pal to a friend from your life now.

Say “Hi” to someone you see nearly every day but never speak to.

Thank your best friend(s) for being there for you.

So the goals that I’m going to focus on during the Virgo season include:

  • Continuing to focus on my transition plan, and starting to add value to connections on linkedin.
  • Work through various e-courses that I’ve bought over the past few months (and remember to try to take good notes to where I can write and post a summary on the blog).
  • Getting organized (keeping track of where I’m at in terms of #1 & #2, and possibly #4, & #5).
  • Determining my personal & professional “brand”
  • Making it through the last week of LIIFT4 & then a round of Shift Shop
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