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Gemini New Moon Goals

So as the month of June reaches the mid-point, the moon has transitioned into it’s “new” phase and entered the Gemini Constellation. This phase and this constellation reflects my 8th house. So this zone or house is also known as the Sex and Shared Finances Zone.


So in part this is good—I need to double down on making sure that I’m not going to overboard on purchases. I had started a challenge this month that I wasn’t going to be spending any money (other than what I had spent on things pre-ordered and one or two purchases already made). I have managed about three or four days of not spending any money. Currently I’m buying coffee in the morning on campus as an extra jolt of caffeine to wake up. So I know that there are things there that I can work on—and I could also look into seeking some financial advice about investments and trying to build my retirement account (while at the same time making sure that I have enough money set aside for any possible moves for a new job).


As far as the other portion of the zone—the Sex zone—right now that could be called the sexless zone—I’m not in a relationship with anyone. Right now I don’t have the time or the energy to put into 1) the dating scene, and then 2) a relationship. With plans of moving sometime within the next year, I just don’t want to deal with any more complications than what I’m already going to be dealing with.


So my goals for the next two weeks include: 1) making a budget for the last half of June and starting one for July; 2) limiting purchases on campus to no more than 3 days a week; and 3) look into ways of increasing my retirement account (without decreasing my savings or paycheck).


Yes I know I’m focusing on half of the zone—but right now half is better than none.

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Taurus New Moon Goals: Update

So we’ve gone through yet another cycle of the moon. It has left Taurus, transitioned through Sagittarius (the past full moon) and will (or has) entered into the Gemini constellation. So before I look ahead to see what I should be trying to focus on within the Gemini new moon, I thought I’d do a reflection back on the few goals I set for Taurus new moon.


Those goals for the Taurus new moon included: (1) Drink my water, (2) try to mediate at least three times a week (bonus if I can do it daily—though that might not happen during vacation); and (3) remember that it is fine to disagree with people and that not every person is meant to stay in one’s life.


So I’ve been managing at least 40 oz. of water a day. This is less than the usual recommended amount of 64-80, but it is something. Most days I usually manage closer to 50 to 60 oz. Part of the problem is that when I’m busy working I may easily go an hour or more without getting a drink of water. Plus depending on my mood—I may not have finished my tea yet (I usually use that mug also for my water afterwards). But I am trying to make sure that I drink at least two mugs of water before leaving work (that way its at least 40 oz). Then in the evening I try to drink a little more. Obviously this is something that I still need to work on making sure that I get a good (somewhere between 60 and 80 oz.) amount in a day.


I’m trying to get back into the mediation routine (I’ve managed almost all this week—and that was with having not done it for almost a month). It may not necessarily be five minutes, but if I can even manage two or three minutes I take it as a win. Again, this is something that I’m trying to get back in the habit of doing more of, as I find I do sleep better after quieting my mind for a while.


There will always be people you disagree with and that can be hard to deal with. I’m just trying to remember that one should always try to keep the workplace a decent place to work (I won’t say happy because one can’t always be happy all the time), but it should be somewhere that you enjoy going to do majority of the time.


I managed some portions of all the goals, and I know that I’m still going to work on them continuously to try to help achieve that work life balance.

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Goals for the Sagittarius Full Moon

Well another month is almost over, and the moon has moved from Scorpio (the last full moon), through Taurus (the previous new moon) and is now entering the Sagittarius constellation.

So questions one can ask themselves during this two week period include**:

Have I been too flippant, or carefree to the point of being carless, or even irresponsible?

Have I been letting myself down by allowing myself to get distracted & bored?

Have I been overconfident to the point of arrogance or too preachy?

Have I been a commitment-phobe, to my own detriment?

Have I been seeing the bigger picture?


**All questions are from “Moonology: Working with the magic of lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland

If I were to answer the above questions (numbering them 1-5), I think that my answers would be:

  • I have been rather flippant in terms of trying to successfully navigate my transition from academia to industry. There are things that I should be doing daily, and I either don’t schedule the time to do them, or I keep putting them off (to the point that I forget what I was wanting to get done). I need to start managing my daily time better and setting aside an hour or two for both working on my industry transition but also my other side hustles (writing content for the blog and working on my beachbody business).
  • Yes I have been letting myself down by allowing myself to get distracted & bored. I need to focus on the things that I want to get done (transitioning into industry, and building my beachbody business and getting more visitors to my blog). I also need to commit to my health and fitness as well.
  • No I don’t think that I’ve been overconfident to the point of arrogance (might be a little smug with the step goals that I’m setting—but not arrogant as I know there are people who are walking a lot more than that a day).
  • Yes I have been a commitment phobe—I still have the fall set for transitioning into an industry position (and now that is like three to five months away), and I still haven’t been putting in the amount of time and work that is required to actually hit that goal.
  • My bigger picture right now is my digital vision board that I see daily when I’m on my laptop. That picture is something that I’m still working towards and I know that it could change and evolve as I start getting closer to some of the goals and start adding new ones to the list.

So those are just some things to think about with the coming full moon. This full moon also is within my second house (which is also the cash, property, and values zone). So basically this is the two week time period to focus on trying to ensure that there aren’t that many financial dramas and if there are—trying to find a solution.

So one of my big goals is trying to ensure that I have my credit card debt down to a level that I can pay off the credit cards basically monthly (there is only one that still will have payments, but that is due to several large purchases this past month). Trying to keep the credit card debt down has been a goal ever since I moved back from Boston (and I had a large amount of credit card debt from the little over two years I was out there).

So my goals for this period:

Setting up the next months budget (and checking to see what I have preordered), and checking to see where all the credit cards are in terms of balances.

Continue working on my transition plan for moving from academia to industry (narrowing down the jobs/areas and networking and trying to set up informational interviews).

Focusing on ways that I can start connecting more with people and start trying to build up my beachbody business.

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Scorpio Full Moon Goals Update

So the month of May is winding down (where is the time going???), and the moon again has moved through the various constellations over the past few weeks (the last new moon was in Taurus; and before that the last full moon was in Scorpio). So before I get to the post on what my goals are going to be for the next full moon cycle, here is a brief update on how I did with my goals for the Scorpio full moon.

The goals included:

Finding happiness daily and also practicing happiness daily (i.e. limit the amount of complaining that I do).

For the most part, I think I was able to find a small ray of happiness daily (it did help that there was a mini vacation during the month of May (actually during the last new moon cycle), so there were cool things there. I still need to work on trying to limit the amount of complaining that I do (there is always going to be something that probably irritates me, I just need to go with the flow of things and not let it get to me).

Continue trying to get my health and fitness routine back on track, but also forgive myself for the days that I slip.

Well I’ve decided that I’m going to commit to doing InsanityMax30 for the next 60 days (there is one workout that I still need to watch to have an idea of all the exercises in it, so that I just don’t decide to quit because it’s difficult to do). Also I’m trying to commit to the mantra of removing the word “can’t” from my vocabulary in terms of what I eat and replacing it with the word “don’t”. Therefore when I’m deciding on food my mental mantra will be in the terms of “I don’t want that” and not “I can’t have that”. Going to take back control of what I eat and how it makes me feel.

            To finalize my choices for the type of industry positions that I want to be possibly trying to transition into by the fall.

Well, this is one that I still need to work on—the top choice right now is still the R&D research scientist, only because it would require the minimal amount of updating on my linkedin profile (and that isn’t really a good reason). I know that I need to start trying to step outside my comfort zone (which is where the other choices on the list come in). One thing that I need to start carving out time for is networking (starting conversations with people that I’m already connected to), and also trying to determine if there are other areas (other than Boston) that I’m willing to move to for a new job.

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Taurus New Moon “goals”

So the new moon is in the Taurus constellation, and by going by my rising sign, this is entering my seventh house. The seventh house has to do with relationships, love and marriage, and friends and foes. So currently, I’m not in a relationship (as I tell people “I’m trying to get my life in order, and I don’t have the time/effort to put into a relationship with someone else; plus since I’m planning on moving—I don’t want to deal with that complication right now”). Yes, there are people that I disagree with, but I usually only have to deal with during working hours (9-5) and then I can go about the rest of my time without having to deal with them. Usually with people that I don’t get along with—I usually agree to disagree, and not talk about things that could spark disagreements (politics and religion for the most part).

But there are some other things to think about during this Taurus new moon: finances and self-care/self-value. So one of the things on my 101+ goal list was increasing my savings (trying to double it, if possible over the next 1001 days); though I know that I will be taking a fairly large chunk out of it whenever I do move (getting an apartment lease isn’t cheap, and neither is moving halfway across the country). It has increased a little, but that is something I’m still working on (after this little vacation—more will be going into the savings); though I have been fairly good at making a monthly budget and trying to stick with it. The second thing is self-care/self-value. Self-care can cover all sorts of things, and can differ from person to person.

My current self-care regime includes trying to drink about 64 to 70 oz of water a day; mediate at night (if possible), and then a nice relaxing bubble bath. I’m also trying to get back into a workout routine (which is going to be either InsanityMax30 or 22 minute Hard Corp—I need something that is less than 35 minutes every time). So I’m getting a little better at taking care of myself, but again this is something that I still need to focus on as well.

So goals: (1) Drink my water, (2) try to mediate at least three times a week (bonus if I can do it daily—though that might not happen during vacation); and (3) remember that it is fine to disagree with people and that not every person is meant to stay in one’s life.

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Scorpio Full Moon Goals: The First House

So the month of April is winding down, and the moon has moved through various constellations over the last two weeks (the last new moon was in Aries), and now it is entering the constellation Scorpio. So with sticking with the theme of going with my rising sign (and not my star/sun sign)—this full moon has entered my 1st house, or my image zone.

So what this means, is that over the next two week I should also be focusing on myself and what I need. This is a time, where if I need help I shouldn’t be afraid to ask for it; also I shouldn’t be afraid to say no either—if I’m super busy I can calmly tell people that sorry, can’t help today maybe some other time. I also need to focus on my health and fitness—this may be the time where I order some new workout clothes, or go and get a haircut (just doing something for me for no other reason than its for me).

So some goals for this particular period are:


To find happiness daily (it could be seeing a wild animal on the walk to the bus stop, flowers opening, clouds in the sky). Also practice happiness—try not to complain about things that I can’t change.

To continue working on getting my health and fitness routine back on track, but also forgive myself for the times that I slip.

To finalize my choices for the type of industry positions that I want to be possibly trying to transition into by the fall.

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Libra Full Moon Goals: Update

So the full moon has traveled through Libra constellation. During this time, it was on my 12th house (or the secret zone). I had told myself that I was going to reflect on both why I want to transition from academia into industry, and why I’ve allowed my health and fitness routines to fall by the wayside and me falling back onto bad habits.


So why do I want to move from academia to industry? One reason is that there are more jobs in industry that pay a lot better than jobs within academia. Yes there is still the pressure to get results, but within industry bad results are even viewed as positive (in that you may have saved the company thousands of dollars by proving that the assay won’t work). There is also a better chance of the results of your research having a direct impact on society (instead of possibly ten or twenty years down the road in academia, if you can still get enough funding year after year for your project). And finally you’re valued as a member of a team, and not just as another pair of hands that can do something to make the principle investigator look good.

I’m tired of having to job hop due to academic funding running out (both post-doc positions ended because of funding running out, and it’s quite possible that both of the staff positions I’ve had are also going to end due to funding issues as well [though it is a little hard to tell with my current one right now; as I still have six months left on the contract]. Basically I want a stable job that gives a good salary, one where I’m constantly learning, engaged, and excited about showing up to work.


So why have I let my health and fitness slide backwards? I had been doing so good when I first started off with T25 a couple of years ago—I managed to lose quite a bit of weight with that program and then followed it up with CLX & 21DF. I think the starting sliding point was both being unemployed for a couple of months after my second post-doc position ended, coupled with my bike accident where I bruised the hell out of my left leg, and couldn’t work out for about three months until everything healed. During that time, I was barely watching what I was eating, and then I fell into a spring/summer funk to where I didn’t feel like having my shake in the morning—and things just spiraled from there.

Currently I have managed to lose two pounds during the month of April, bringing the yearly total to just a little over six pounds. It’s a goal to try to drop another four to five pounds during May to get down to (or below) 190. I know that when I get home in the evenings and after feeding the dogs, fish, and outside birds, I need to just do my workout and not sit around and relax and then try to do it (relaxing can come after the workout).


So what I’ve managed to unearth about myself, is that I need to (1) stop sitting on my butt and do my workouts in the evenings; (2) stay away from the sweets [fruits are okay; some granola bars are okay—cookies are not]; and (3) I need to focus on the job search [networking, and researching the different sectors/companies that I think I could be a good fit with].

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Update on my reading list for the 101+ Goal Challenge

So I thought that I’d give an updated reading list for my 101+ Goal challenge. These books include personal and professional development books, autobiographies, and then other books of interest (science or otherwise).  Some of the books are short reads, mainly because they revolve around answering a series of questions (see # 32 and #111), these could even become a series of blog posts on their own (depending on when I get finished answering the questions). While I’ve finished several of them so far (look for the bold lines), I haven’t finished writing all the book reviews to post on the blog yet. But the new goal is to now finish at least 112 books before September 28 2020.

1. Black Hole Focus by Isaiah Hankel
2. Rewire Your Habits: Establish Goals, Evolve your habits, & improve your relationships, health and finances and free time by Zoe McKey
3. Minimalist Money Makeover by Michelle Moore
4. The No Spend Challenge Guide: How to stop spending money impulsively, pay off debt fast, and make your finances fit your dreams by Jen Smith
5. Minimalist Living: Declutter your home, schedule, and digital life for simple living (and discover why less is more) by Aston Sanderson
6. Self Talk: How to train your brain to turn negative thinking into positive thinking & practice self love by Aston Sanderson
7. Tame Your Emotions by Zoe McKey
8.The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
9. The happiness advantage by Shawn Achor
10. Am I making myself clear by Cornelia Dean
11. Escape the ivory tower by Nancy Baron
12. Kiss that Frog by Brian Tracy and Christina Tracy Stein
13. The Science of Intelligent Achievement by Isaiah Hankel
14.Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Berstein
15. Judgement Detox by Gabrielle Berstein
16. Science Blogging: The Essential Guide. Edited by Christie Wilcox, Bethany Brookshire & Jason G. Goldman
17. Hiding in the bathroom by Morra Aarons-Mele
18. The Little book of Hygge by Meik Wiking
19. Introvert Survival Tactics by Patrick King
20. T is for Transformation by Shawn T
21. Tribe of Mentors by Timothy Ferriss
22. The Scientist’s Guide to Writing by Stephen Heard
23. Write Science in Plain English by Anne Green
24. The Science Writer’s Handbook edited by Thomas Hayden & Michelle Nijhuis
25. A Field Guide for Science Writers Edited by Deborah Blum, Mary Knudson, and Robin Henig
26. 7 Habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey
27. The confidence code by Katty Kat & Claire Shipman
28. You 2.0 by Ayodeja Awosika
29. Thrive by Arianna Huffington
30. The Renaissance Soul by Margaret Lobensteine
31. Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher
32. Find Your Passion: 25 Questions You Must Ask Yourself by Henri Junttila
33. I thought it was just me (but it wasn’t) by Brene Brown
34.What color is your parachute? 2018: A practical manual for job hunters & career changers by Richard N. Bolles
35. Manage your day to day: build your routine, find your focus, & Sharpen your creative mind. Edited by Jocelyn Glei
36. Raise your vibration by Kyle Gray
37. Sugar Free: 8 weeks to freedom from sugar and carb addiction by Karen Thomson Read More

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Virgo Full Moon: Photography Challenge Day 62

Finally managed to get a picture of the full moon late last night. The moon is traveling through the Virgo constellation right now.

The Virgo Full Moon

So to do things a little different, I thought I’d give some interesting facts about both the constellation Virgo and the Virgo zodiac sign.

Some fun facts about both the Virgo constellation and the Virgo zodiac sign:

The Virgo constellation is the largest of the Zodiac constellations, and is the second largest constellation behind Hydra.
There are numerous different stars, exoplanets and other deep sky objects that make up the constellation, including:
Spica, which is the brightest star of the constellation. This star luckily is about 260 light years away from Earth, but is 2300 times brighter than the sun (which is why is can be seen so well).
Then the other bright stars (in order of decreasing brightness) within the constellation include: Porrima and Arich, Vindemiatrix, and Heze.
There are eleven deep space objects within the constellation and then numerous exoplanets as well including the first ones to ever be found to rotate around pulsar stars.
(information gained from: https://www.space.com/17021-virgo-constellation.html)

Within Greek mythology, the constellation is linked to the following individuals: Dike, the goddess of justice, and Persephone.

As for the Zodiac sign, Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac (going from August 23 to September 22), and:

1) Rules over the house of routine. Basically this the representation of your daily habits, and everything that goes along with it.
2) Is associated with earth (one of the four elements).
As an earth sign, Virgo is observant & practical focusing on the world around them.
3) Is associated with the planet Mercury.
This allows for Virgos to narrow down the useful information, getting rid of the fluff, and also come up with different ideas.
4) The symbol associated with Virgo is the virgin. This sign is the balancing part to the analytical mind set of the Virgo.
5) Who’s tarot card is the Hermit. The Hermit challenges one to “find comfort in solitude, and to use quiet time alone to absorb the answers we need”.
6) Who’s quality is mutable. This means they are a little more flexible than others.
7) Who’s favorite colors are probably either green and/or brown.

(information gained from: https://www.tarot.com/astrology/zodiac/virgo)

I think I’m going to be looking a little more deeply into both my Virgo traits (since its my Star Sign), my Scorpio traits (since its my Rising Sign), my Cusp of Beauty traits (since my birthday falls within the range of transition between Virgo and Libra), and my Aquarius traits (since this is my Moon Sign).

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