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Hiding from Mondays: Photography Challenge Day 64

Pancakes was hoping last night that if she hid well enough, Monday wouldn’t see her. If Monday didn’t see her, we’d have an extended weekend.

Someone was hoping to hide from Monday

Alas, her paw and tail were visible, and Monday did see her. Another week is upon us. I wished that I was also able to try to curl up and hid from Mondays–not just because of work (I actually enjoy work–there are just some people I try to avoid constantly), but because it means that the clock is slowly ticking down on this position, and I really need to get everything in gear and try to figure out what the next position is going to be. Though I have been reminded of three things that I need to remember as I move forward:

Not to limit myself; be open and willing to continue to learn, but at the same time leverage my background and strengths while looking for my ideal position in industry (more on all this in another post).

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The Breakfast Duo: Photography Challenge Day 57

Today’s installment of the photography challenge is the breakfast duo: Pancakes and Waffles. One of the things I love about having pets (besides the companionship of the animal[s]), is that if you pay attention you can capture unique pictures daily (hence why the cats and dogs have almost dominated this photography challenge). Pancake loves to watch the fish, in either the family room or my room (though my brother’s room also has an aquarium, she doesn’t go in there often). Waffles also likes the family room aquarium [as her water dish].

Pancakes watching the fish

Pancakes was watching the koi swimming in the front aquarium after I fed the fish this evening. There is just enough room at the edge of the cabinet for a cat to sit and watch the fish if they want to. She usually likes to sit to the side, but the DVDs have started to pile up again so she moved to sitting in front of the aquarium.

Waffles sleeping in the pet bed.

When I came out to the main part of the house this morning, I noticed that Waffles was curled up on the animal bed. Some mornings she is awake and causing mischief with the other two, but I guess she was deciding that Monday was her sleep in day.

Waffles when I got home from work today……..

Then I noticed that when I came home from work, someone was still relaxed on the animal bed. Though I have been told that she did move a little bit to relax in the sun for awhile before returning to her throne. The cats will continue to do what they want, and I will hopefully be able to continue capturing the uniqueness of each one.

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Photography Challenge Day 56: Triple Trouble

Today’s triple pleasure is brought to you by the Breakfast Duo and Pyewicket. I managed to capture an image of all three of them in different moods throughout the afternoon.

Pancakes seems to be thinking up something….

Pancakes was probably wanting to figure out a way to short circuit my laptop, destroy the notebook, and have the power go out to the house–that way she would have unlimited amount of time on my lap. She doesn’t like me working on anything that keeps her from cuddling on my lap. Needless to say, I’ve figure out how to almost type one handed (left–which isn’t my dominant hand), and then if I have to write–I prop it up on my right side so that I can write, and she can still be curled up in my lap.

But I want to smack the dog….

Pyewicket had been in a mischievous mood all day wanting to start some type of “disagreement” with the youngest dog. This morning she was thinking of smacking her (the youngest dog) on the butt as she laid there eating her breakfast (luckily I convinced her not to). Then this evening when I was sauteing the veggies for dinner, I noticed that she was sitting at the one corner in the kitchen looking around it towards the dog sleeping in the dining room. I can only imagine how she thought she’d “get the drop” on one of them as they came into the kitchen to see if anything had been dropped on the floor.

Who me???

Then there is Waffles, the very lovable but mischievous Russian Blue. She has been behaving herself today, and not really trying to start anything with the other cats, and for the most part she gives the dogs their space (unless there is thunder, then she tries to cuddle up to just about anyone or thing in the house).

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Day 55 of Photography Challenge: Pancakes and Jaws (Short Post)

Today’s photo is brought to you by both Pancakes and Jaws. This photo was actually taken last night before bed, when Jaws was swimming around and caught Pancakes’ attention. She bounded over, stood up, and tapped on the aquarium to try to get Jaws attention (though I think Jaws was preoccupied with eating algae).

Pancakes saying hello to Jaws

Pancakes loves to tap on the various aquariums when the fish are swimming about, especially with Jaws since it is so large (I think my last rough measurement of it, it was about twelve inches long [based on placing a tape measure on the outside of the aquarium when it was cleaning the glass]). I really should measure to see the distance from the base of the aquarium to the floor, as that will tell how tall Pancakes can get when she decides to stand on her hind legs.

When she “talks” with the other fishes in the other aquariums, she is sitting by the aquariums–there isn’t a sitting area near this one in my room (at least not one that would be sturdy enough for her to jump on to sit).

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Double Day: Photography Days 51 and 52

Well yesterday was an off day and I forgot to post the photography challenge of the day. So I’m doing a double post today.

The lucky winners are of course the pets.

Boozer snoozing in front of the chair

Since work was canceled early yesterday, Boozer was having to snooze on the rug, as Pancakes (see bottom photo) had taken over the couch.

Boozer peaking over the back of the couch

This morning as I was drinking my morning Shakeology, I noticed that Boozer was peaking over the back of the couch into the dining room at me. I think she was wanting to convince me to stay home and spend time with the animals.

Piranha sleeping on the couch

The second oldest dog, decided that she was going to just lay there and stare blankly at me while I was taking her picture (though I don’t think she actually could see me since there weren’t any shadows for her to go off of). Piranha, being old (she is going to be fifteen come July) is slowly going completely blind, and luckily her sense of smell is still good and that is what is keeping her on her straight and narrow.

Pancake claiming the couch

As mentioned above, Pancakes decided to take over the couch and forced Boozer to sleep on the floor. Pancakes decided that the middle of the couch was her territory for awhile and kept the dogs off the couch for awhile.

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Photography Challenge Day 49: The cats and a dog

I just had to take this picture–Boozer was “sharing” her couch with Pancakes, and then Pyewicket was sleeping above. It isn’t all that often that we’ll find a cat sleeping that close to the youngest dog. Boozer has a habit of wanting to herd everything (and everyone) at some point–or wanting to play with them. The cats, she usually tries to herd out of the room (I think she is still upset with Pyewicket for jumping out of the closet at her when she was a puppy).

They’re sharing the couch (at least for awhile)

Pancake does care who is around when she curls up on the sofa–and she had taken Boozer’s prime spot–the middle cushion. Though she allowed Boozer’s tail to share the cushion with her. Pyewicket was in her usual spot on the top of the couch in the middle, where she can observe everything or just curl up and ignore everything.

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