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A wedding dress, chocolate, and a ‘hidden’ past

Welcome back to Texas and the Wilders. While all of Eliza’s brothers have gotten their happily-ever-afters, now it’s on to their cousins.

Luckily—these guys, their names all start with different letters…Eliza’s parents thought it was cute to name all their children with the same letter—E.

Moments for You is Ridge & Aurora’s story—and it takes place about two years after the end of ‘Finding the Road to Us’. So—if you haven’t read Elliot’s story…stop right here, unless you don’t mind a few ‘spoilers’.

Finding the Road to Us ended with a Wilder family reunion—plus an uninvited guest—a tornado. 

The Wilder cousins decided to take everyone up on their offer of ‘relocating’, they bought some adjacent land, and the Wilder Winery & Resort, now also includes a distillery and bar—plus the spa and restaurant. Ridge joins the group as part of the security team—even though he’s part ‘owner’ in everything (just like Trace now is)…and he’s there to try to escape his past (one that he hasn’t even told his siblings about).

Aurora is working at putting her life back together after car wreck claimed her husbands life, and left her injured. Responding to a post on Instagram brings her to the Wilder resort…and while she was only suppose to be there for the weekend…she’s a pastry chef…and guess who had just ‘quit’…the latest pastry chef.

Ridge and Aurora gravitate towards each other…possibly as two wounded souls recognizing each other? They start off as friends, and their relationship progresses. Soon, though Ridge is faced with the past he was trying to escape…and comes clean to Aurora—who then urges him to open up to his brothers.

Can they navigate a new future together? Or will Ridge’s past come between them? Find out in Moments for You—the seventh installment in the Wilder Brothers series by Carrie Ann Ryan. Meet up with old friends, as most of Ridge’s cousins and siblings pop in and out of the pages and see how well they were able to rebuild following the tornado that didn’t have reservations.

Moments for You will be available at all online spaces on April 22, 2024. If you haven’t read any of the previous Wilder books…that’s okay—this is a great one to ‘dip’ your toes in as you meet a loving, and loud family. Plus—there are six other books to binge read to find out the backstory of all of Ridge’s cousins (technically seven—Eliza’s story is Inked Obsession (Montgomery Ink: Fort Collins #2), and even more series to binge when you jump into the Montgomery Ink world.

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Dan & Kara’s Story all in one place–plus meet their families

Welcome back to the world of Gansett Island, as one of the island’s favorite couples finally gets their own book. The couple: Dan Torrington & Kara Ballard.

Now…if you’ve been reading the Gansett Island series by Marie Force, you know that Dan & Kara’s story has plays out over several different books—they’ve been a ‘featured’ couple—but never the ‘main’ couple of a book. That all changes with this particular book, we get to revisit their whirling romance on Gansett Island, and get bits and pieces of their lives before coming to Gansettt and when they’ve been ‘off-island’ as well.

So why are they getting their own book now? Well—have you read Hurricane After Dark (the latest in the Gansett Island series)? If you have—you know how that particular book ended…and without giving away any spoilers—it’s exactly how this book ends as well.

I loved this book—Dan and Kara have always been a favorite couple within the series, and it was nice getting some of history (both as individuals and as a couple)—not to mention a different ‘view’ of a certain event from a previous Gansett Island book (the boys’ sailboat accident). Yes—I did just refer to the McCarthy men & their friends as ‘boys’.

I look forward to the new series coming out later this year or early next year, and I still hope that Dan & Kara will be popping in every so often within Gansett as well. This is a great book to not only introduce you to a beloved couple from Gansett Island—but the rest of the group as well, in addition to new individuals that will be popping up in the spinoff series Downeast (again later this year—or probably early next year). I give this prequel five out of five stars and will be going back to re-reading it numerous times throughout the rest of 2024. 

So–grab a cup of coffee (or tea), a cozy chair and settle in to catch up with friends both old and new.

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Introducing Lady Essie & Lord Dagarath, Ice Dragon Elders

Welcome to the world of dragons, knights, the fair folk, espionage, intrigue and so much more.

The latest book in the Dragon Knights series is the ‘Return of the Ice Dragon’. I also realized that I haven’t posted a review on any of the previous books in the series—so here’s some background on the series:

One of the central locations within the series is Draconia—where the descendants of Dranneth the Wise rule over both man and dragon…thanks to the magic that created the black dragon. For they are the shapeshifters—both human and dragon—allowing them to speak to both.

For the ‘normal’ dragons only communicate with those that can telepathically hear them…and those that can hear them—can be chosen as their partner..their knight, whom they go into battle with against the skiths of Skithdron and their allies. If the knights are lucky—they can find a woman who can also hear dragons, and is willing to part of a triad marriage.

Then there are the lands of Helios—where griffins can be found, though some are living within Draconia now as well. Further over the mountains is Valdis and Elderland, and to the north and south—the fair folk living in different ‘enclaves’. Further out to sea is Griffin Isle, where the wizard Gryffid has been living in exile with griffins and an enclave of fair folk.

While all books, with the exception of ‘The Sea Captain’s Daughter trilogy’, can be read without reading previous books, I will include the full series order at the end of the review—I love this series…and will be going back to ‘binge-read’ the series and write reviews for all previous books in the series.

Okay—now let’s talk about ‘The Return of the Ice Dragon’.

Ice dragons have come out of ‘hiding’ and are willing to live under the ‘rule’ of the king of Valdis. It is his wife, a member of the Jinn (specifically the black dragon clan), that informed the ice dragons of a baby ice dragon being raised in Draconia.

The baby ice dragon, is none other than Tor…the lovable adolescent dragon that stole everyone’s heart in ‘The Ice Dragon’ and every other book where he makes an appearance. Tor’s “adoptive” parents are the king and queen of Draconia…both of whom are descendants of Dranneth the Wise. Roland via the eldest son of Darnneth, and Lana via the House of Kent. As it stated in lore…the royal line breeds true…all sons are black dragons, and a few of the daughters come into their magic later in life.

Lady Esselyn and Lord Dagarath (ice dragons) decide to head to Draconia with a couple of other ice and snow dragons, along with their ‘partners’ to determine what happened and how to help raise Tor…

Now, it wouldn’t be an Dragon Knight book without a little espionage thrown in as well…so there issues within Draconia that come to light…oh, did I mention that the virkin (small dragonish like creatures) may play a role in bringing to light those issues.

Will the ice dragons and royal dragons come to an understanding in regards to Tor? How big of a splash will the virkin make in Draconia? Will the traitors be found? Answers and more can be found within the pages of ‘Return of the Ice Dragon’.

I loved this book…especially since it focused a little more on young Tor (can’t really call him a baby anymore), and I can’t wait for future books that he and other ice dragons pop up in. So—if this is your first time coming to Draconia, grab something to drink, a comfortable chair to curl up in and journey to a land of humans, dragons, virkins, and others.

If you want to read other books within the series, here is the reading list, broken down into the shorter sub-series:

“Daughters of the Dragon”:

Maiden Flight

Border Lair

The Ice Dragon

Prince of Spies


The Dragon Healer

Master at Arms

Wings of Change

“Sons of Draconia”:


Dragon Storm

Keeper of the Flame

Hidden Dragons

The Sea Captain’s Daughter Trilogy:

Sea Dragon 

Dragon Fire 

Dragon Mates

“Rise of the Jinn”:

The Captain’s Dragon

Snow Dragon



Return of the Ice Dragon

In between Gatekeeper & Spymaster is a short story that focuses on Tor: “Tor’s Solstice Surprise”

So a few questions: do you like shapeshifters? And if so–do you have a favorite?

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The next security specialists to fall are?

Welcome back to Denver, and the Montgomery Ink world. A world—where once you become friends with an Montgomery—you’re now family for life…if you work with an Montgomery—you’re family for life.

Basically—you end up with a very large family.

Happily Ever Maybe is an novella within the Montgomery Ink Legacy world—and is Gus and Jennifer’s story. Gus and Jennifer are two security specialists that work with Noah, Daisy, Kane and others.

Gus and Jennifer have been ‘secretly’ crushing on each other for over a year…neither wanting to make a move that could damage their friendship or work relationship.

So what happens when they give into to their mutual ‘secret’ crush on each other? 

What happens with various obnoxious clients, including client ‘x’?

Can they figure out their ‘relationship’ and how to make everything work…I’d say smoothly—but there are always bumps in the road when a Montgomery is around.

How big of a pain is their latest client?

The answers…are within the pages of Happily Ever Maybe; and it will be available for purchase on Feb 13, 2024 from all major sites.

I love the Montgomery Ink world…whether it’s in Denver, Colorado Springs, or Fort Collins. They’re a large, close loving family—one that I think just about anyone would want to be a part of…children are encouraged to be whatever they want when they get older…whether it’s a tattoo artist, a teacher, baker, or IT specialist. 

If you’ve never jumped into the Montgomery Ink world—grab a cup of coffee (or tea), a comfy chair and settle in to meet Gus, Jennifer and various Montgomerys…and the best part—there is a whole world waiting to be explored after you’re done with Happily Ever Maybe.

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Good Time Boyfriend Review: When your ‘imaginary’ boyfriend meets the family

Welcome back to Colorado, and the Cassidy brothers.

The Cassidy siblings: Heath, August, Greer, and Luca. Greer was featured in Best Friend Temptation (and first introduced in Longtime Crush), and it was within Best Friend Temptation that we first met her brothers.

They all ‘hail’ from Washington state…but decided to make Denver, Colorado their home. They’re trying to reconnect as siblings after growing up in a seriously dysfunctional spin-off of the ‘Parent Trap’.

Good-time Boyfriend is Heath & Denvey’s story. They’d ‘briefly’ met when Heath started working with a friend at the bar ‘Lost and Found’…they exchanged a few words…and that was the last Heath had seen of his mysterious woman…

Until a handful of people barged in one night…demanding to know why he’d broken their younger sister’s heart.

It turns out that Denvey comes from a family that could rival a certain other Denver family for butting into each other’s lives. She’d gotten tired of being set up on blind dates…so she ‘conjured’ up a fake-boyfriend; but one with a very real first name—Heath.

So what happens when Denvey needs a ‘fake’ boyfriend for awhile? Well…Heath is always a gentleman and ‘volunteers’ to act as her boyfriend for as long as she needs him.

Throw in Denvey’s large and overwhelming family; the Cassidy siblings, an appearance or two by an Montgomery…and you have drama in Denver again.

Can Denvey and Heath work through their issues? Will Denvey politely ask her elder siblings to give her breathing room…will there be cheese?

The answers..the drama…and the laughs are within the pages of Good-Time Boyfriend. I was ecstatic when Greer was introduced and she had ‘unattached’ brothers…because that meant another spin-off series within the greater Montgomery Ink world. I wonder if Denvey’s younger siblings will have a spin-off series in a year or two (need to let them all reach ‘adulthood’). 

Good-Time Boyfriend will be available at all online spaces come Monday morning. It was a blast of a story to read—and I highly recommend the book, and if you’ve never been in the Montgomery Ink world—it’s a nice one to ‘dip’ your toes in to start meeting that massive family.

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ARC review: Introducing the Wilder Poly Family: Elliot, Trace & Sidney

Welcome back to Texas and the Wilder family.

It’s been several years since the Wilders decided to exit the military life and rejoin civilian life…

They’ve made a name for themselves in Texas with the Wilder Winery & Retreat.

Finding the Road to Us is Elliot, Trace, and Sidney’s story…

Elliot is the ‘baby’ boy of this particular Wilder branch, Trace is Bethany’s former bodyguard who now works the security for Wilder Winery & Retreat, and Sidney is the one who’d been left at the altar…

Trace & Elliot first meet Sidney when she needs help ‘leaving’ her wedding—after the potential groom ran off, and her sister followed him. They help her out of her wedding dress, and escape the fiasco of a last-minute cancelled wedding.

A year later, she’s back to say thank you to them for helping her…and then she has snacks and wine with all the Wilder women…

Trace is healing from a ‘job’ and the fact that he dumped the fiancée that he never wanted (and who never really wanted him).

Elliot is just trying to survive…

What happens when all three give into their feelings for each other?

In addition to the ‘joys’ of family problems and interference…

Not to mention planning a Wilder family reunion…

To see how they come together, deal with family interference, and catching up with the other Wilders—pick up Finding the Road to Us—available Monday Dec 11 at all online retailers.

I absolutely loved this series, and am super excited that we’re going to be getting stories of the Wilder cousins…that’s right—the other branch of the Wilder family are going to be getting their stories starting in 2024…

That also means, I need to wait to read the stories of all the other Wilder men before thinking of trying to pick my favorite Wilder…because currently that’s like trying to pick a single favorite book…can’t decide…

So…grab a cozy blanket to curl up in, a cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa and Finding the Road to Us as a way of spending a cozy winter afternoon. Finding the Road to Us is a five out of five star read….and I’m so happy that there will be more Wilder stories coming for the next year or two…

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Greer, Noah & Ford: The Latest Montgomery Ink Poly Family

Welcome back to Colorado and the Montgomery Ink family…where the next generation is taking center stage.

Best Friend Temptation takes place shortly after Longtime Crush and is Greer, Noah, and Ford’s story.

Greer was introduced in Longtime Crush—she’s Raven’s best friend and business partner in the bakery that is next door to the Montgomery Ink Legacy tattoo parlor.

Noah works with family security company, and is the son of Maya, Jake, and Border (the original Montgomery Ink trio).

Ford Carr is Noah’s best friend, and a fellow employee in the security business.

Greer has a crush on both Noah and Ford…but doesn’t think anything would come of acting on it…as she thinks they’re a couple and she doesn’t want to get between them.

Ford and Noah….have feelings for each other…and are both crushing on Greer…

Men…especially when one is a Montgomery…have the tendency to over-think things…

Greer becomes their roommate after her rental house is set on fire and she needs a place to stay.

As they navigate becoming roommates and housemates…they all realize they want more—together.

Strange things then start happening…

Can the three of them figure out what is causing the strange (and sometime dangerous) incidents? Will they figure out that they’re perfect together? The answers and more are within the pages of Best Friend Temptation.

I always love returning to the Montgomery Ink world…it’s catching up with old friends and making new. This book was an extra treat—we got to meet Ford & Greer’s siblings…siblings that are probably going to get their own spin-off series…which means more sightings of Ford, Greer, and Noah in the future.

I also loved this book, because it gave a chance to catch up a little with Maya, Jake, and Border and see some of the other Montgomery Ink family members.

Five out of five stars. So, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever; a comfortable chair, and a copy of Best Friend Temptation—the best way to spend a Monday night.

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Cheese, pastries, and friends-to-lovers: Review of Longtime Crush

Welcome back to the Montgomery Ink world, and the next generation of Montgomerys. Unless you’ve read ‘At First Glance’, or don’t mind spoilers—stop reading here.

Longtime Crush is Sebastian and Raven’s story. Tissues are needed to find out how Sebastian & Marley’s story turned out at the end of ‘At First Glance’.

Longtime Crush takes place five years later…

Raven was Sebastian and Marley’s childhood best friend…the third musketeer, and the one who stepped back when she noticed that both her and Marley were falling in love with Sebastian in middle school.

After high school, Raven went to college out of state. She came back to Denver with her best friend Greer to open a new bakery store next door to the Montgomery Ink Legacy Tattoo parlor (that had moved locations after other incidences within ‘At First Glance’).

She also ends up moving in next door to Sebastian and his daughter Nora.

While being a single parent isn’t easy…Sebastian is able to make it work—by leaning on the extensive Montgomery family and all their friends.

As they start spending more time together, Sebastian starts seeing Raven in a ‘new light’ and Raven starts falling in love with this ‘new’ Sebastian.

But with all friends-to-lovers, there are communications problems…and when you add in inquisitive five-year-olds, ‘in-laws’ that still haven’t processed their grief, and other ‘issues’—you have the plot of Longtime Crush.

Sebastian is a typical ‘Montgomery’ male—which means he says things he doesn’t mean…and ‘requires’ a small Montgomery family intervention.

Grab a copy of Longtime Crush to see Sebastian get his happily-ever-after, and to see how he mends things with his ‘in-laws’, and to catch up with the rest of the next generation of Montgomerys.

I love the Montgomery Ink world, and seeing how the kids of the original crew are growing up. I’ll admit that it took a little longer than normal to read and to write this review—only because the book was hitting a little too close to home (loss in the family).

Needless to say—Longtime Crush is still a five out of five star read. I’m looking forward to the next installment in the series, and meeting the Cage siblings (which means a probable spin-off series with those siblings coming within the next year or so).

So, grab a cup of coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate), Longtime Crush, curl up in a chair and jump into the Montgomery Ink world—where there is always pastries, cheese, beer, and wine being served.

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Review of ‘Stay Here with Me’–East Wilder Meets His Match

Welcome back to the Wilder Retreat and Winery, located within the Hill Country of Texas.

Stay Here with Me is East’s and Lark’s story, and takes place shortly after Coming Home to Us (Elijah’s & Maddie’s story).

Lark is an award-winning singer-songwriter, and a good friend of Bethany (Everett’s fiancée). 

She’s currently working on songs for her latest album…problem—she promised never to write about him…and he seems to be all she can think about.

She’s shared a night (or two) of passion with East previously, and they always seem to be like oil-and-water outside of the bedroom…

East still struggles with issues related to his time in the service…

Lark decides to head to Wilder Retreat & Winery to spend some time with Bethany, and to try to get some songs written…

She’s also asked to help with getting their new spa up and going….East is helping to oversee the construction…and Lark’s parents have their own spa…and Lark worked there as a teenager…

While they may not get along in public…they agreed to be ‘enemies-with-benefits’, as they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other…

East’s issues come to a head as a former teammate booked some time at the resort with his family, and another shows up ‘uninvited’…

How does he handle them?

How long does it take for him to realize that he’s fallen head over heels for Lark? How long for Lark to realize the same thing?

The answers lie within the pages of Stay Here with Me…along with a Wilder wedding, and the usual cheese, wine, and other Wilder shenanigans.

The ‘enemies-to-lovers’, ‘oil and water’, romances are some of my favorite—because they prove that there is someone out there for everyone—even a grumpy Wilder male. All it takes is a little risk, a lot of love, and a good amount of chocolate, wine, and cheese.

Stay Here with Me is now available everywhere, and is a great place to jump in to meet the Wilder family, and all their friends (and even a few ‘enemies’).

It’s a five out of five star read, and I’m eagerly awaiting Elliot’s story…though I don’t know if I can then actually pick a favorite Wilder brother or not.

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Finding his way: Review of Coming Home for Us

Welcome back to Texas, and the Wilder brothers.

Coming Home to Us is Elijah’s and Maddie’s story, and takes place a couple of years after The Path to You (Everett’s & Bethany’s story).

Wait…wasn’t Elijah dating Joy?

Yes…and to understand things—one should read at least the last few chapters of The Path to You…

Anyway, let’s jump a few years…

Maddie is thinking of leaving Wilder Retreat & Winery for a ‘new’ start with a different company…

But before she breaks it to the Wilders…they surprise her with the offer of partnership within Wilder Retreat & Winery…

While asking for time to think on the offer, she and Elijah head off for a brief business trip trying to schedule the first festival at Wilder Retreat & Winery.

On the way back, there is a downpour that delays them…and forces them to share a hotel room.

She just broke up with her boyfriend, and Elijah is still dealing with his issues.

They share a night, and decide to try to be couple (along with staying friends).

There are bumps in the road…flower girls arguing at a wedding, and roll down a hill.

Then comes the flash flooding, a brief ‘swim’ in a swollen river, and a massive fight.


There is nothing like ‘brotherly love’ Wilder style to get Elijah to see things straight.

Want to see exactly how Elijah and Maddie work things out?

Want to go to a good old fashion barbecue?

Want to catch up with the rest of the Wilder family?

Then grab your copy of Coming Home to Us—it’s a five star read, and does require a few tissues as well.

I loved seeing Elijah coming back to the ‘living’, and Maddie getting her happily-ever-after. I’m sure they’ll still have bumps in the road—after all, Elijah is a Wilder…and a stubborn one at that.

Still need to stories for the last two Wilder brothers (East and Elliot) before I can even start to decide which Wilder brother is my favorite.

So, grab a nice cold drink, some chips and dip (or cheese), and settle in with some friends…

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