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What results when you mix intrigue, secrets, a second-chance romance with cheese? A Montgomery Ink Saga

Welcome back to Denver, Colorado & the Montgomery Ink world….where there is intrigue, and an abundance of family, friends, and cheese.

His Second Chance is Kane & Phoebe’s story, and with a ‘brief’ flashback, starts roughly where Last First Kiss ends.

Kane Montgomery Carr is one of the numerous Montgomery owners of Montgomery Security with his cousins (and their significant others). Phoebe Dixon is his ex-girlfriend…though he isn’t sure exactly how/why their relationship fizzled out.

How did they meet? Well…that first meeting involved a hike, a public restroom, a bear, and an unlocked car…I won’t say who was in the car & who ‘jumped’ in to escape the bear.

Phoebe comes back into Kane’s life…when she needs a body guard & help trying to figure out who is sending her weird messages and such…and Kane won’t let anyone else take the job. He may be trying to also rekindle their romance. Plus…there is still the little problem Montgomery Security is dealing with—their former competitor who seems to still have it out for them.

Can Kane & the rest of the Montgomery Security figure out who is stalking Phoebe? Can they also track down their own ‘stalker’…plus there is a few other ‘surprises’ that will shock everyone within the pages of His Second Chance.

I loved this book…I always enjoy the second-chance romances…where a couple can work through their problems and find their way back to each other. I also LOVED the the little extra shock that sits within the pages…sorry—can’t say more until the book hits ‘electronic’ shelves on the 15th…but it’s a surprise everyone will love. 

What I love about the Montgomery Ink world…besides the fact that each book is more or less a stand-alone story, is that there are numerous books one can go back and binge read. I’ll be curling up later with both the Montgomery Ink: Colorado Spring series (where Kane’s parents are introduced), plus the Less Than series (which is the spin-off series for Kane’s aunts/uncles on his father side). Since we’re in the heat of summer—on July 15, grab a cold iced coffee (or ice tea), a comfy chair, and turn the fans up high, as you immerse yourself into the Montgomery Ink Legacy world with Kane & Phoebe’s story.

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Mix the birthday shots, sprinkled with a ‘little white lie’-equals Addison & Luca trying not to freak out

Welcome back to Colorado and the Cassidy brothers…and their friends (which may include an Montgomery or two). Last Minute Fiancé is Addison’s & Luca’s story and takes place shortly after Good Time Boyfriend.

Luca is the youngest Cassidy brother, and a vet…who has been dealt a little bit of heartbreak in the past. Addison is Denvey’s best friend, enjoys numbers, and is stuck in a job that she isn’t sure if she still loves or not. At a birthday party…they both might have had a few too many birthday shots & cake…and it might have led to a few things in the bedroom. 

What happens when you’re working in a male dominant field and find out that you might not get the promotion that you’re more than qualified for…because you’re a single, independent woman? Well…you might talk your best friend into going along with your little ‘white’ lie…that you’ve engaged…and, oh could he take the weekend off to come to a business retreat with you? After a little in-home test confirms something else?

What to do when you’re both freaking out about the results of that little in-home test, your boss is a giant a-hole, and your ex gets the promotion?

Throw in some family drama, wine, kittens and puppies—and you have the storyline for Last Minute Fiancé. To find out how Addison & Luca navigate the ups and downs of what life is throwing at time…plus catching up with Luca’s siblings—grab Last Minute Fiancé as soon as it comes out.

I love these little spin-off series that Carrie Ann does from the wider Montgomery Ink world. You not only get to know a wonderful group of people—but it gives you a lot of books to later buy and binge read. Last Minute Fiancé is a five out of five stars, and I can’t wait for the final book in this ‘short’ series, which is due out in October—but until then, grab a series (or two…or three) and get to know the Cassidy brothers, the Montgomerys, and all their friends and family.

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Finally getting Naomi & Amos’ full story…with a touch of cake, cheese, & wine

Welcome back to Texas and the Wilders. There’s a wedding coming up…but then again—there are always weddings, since the Wilder Retreat is a wedding venue.

But this is a special wedding…it’s a Wilder wedding.  But the main scope of the story—is that Naomi & Amos finally get their time in the spotlight.

Naomi & Amos have been around the Wilders since the beginning…they were actually employees that decided to stay on when the Wilders bought the winery/resort from the previous owner.

Throughout the books—they’ve had an on/off relationship…but it all comes full circle in A Wilder Wedding.

I loved seeing Naomi & Amos get their time in the spotlight…and Amos did need to have a little sense knocked into him by the Wilders.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Wilders—you know who’s getting married…and if you haven’t…well you should probably grab the last book (or two) to catch up with everything that’s been happening around the Wilders.

It wouldn’t be a Wilder book if there wasn’t just a little bit of mayhem…because they seem to attract it like honey. 

What mayhem? Well—it’s a little bit of family drama (possibly not the Wilders), and just a little bit of drama in general.

I give A Wilder Wedding five out of five stars. I love this series, and am glad that there were the cousins to bring in to keep it going for a while longer. I’m looking forward to Wyatt’s story later in the year.

The best thing about A Wilder Wedding—you technically don’t need to have read the rest of the books in the series…this is a perfect ‘introduction’ to the loud and loving Wilder family.

A Wilder Wedding will be available to purchase on Monday May 13 from all online bookstores. So plan on taking Monday afternoon off…grab a cup of tea (or coffee, or whatever), a good chair and settle in to visit some possibly new friends down in Texas as they come together to host a family wedding.

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A wedding dress, chocolate, and a ‘hidden’ past

Welcome back to Texas and the Wilders. While all of Eliza’s brothers have gotten their happily-ever-afters, now it’s on to their cousins.

Luckily—these guys, their names all start with different letters…Eliza’s parents thought it was cute to name all their children with the same letter—E.

Moments for You is Ridge & Aurora’s story—and it takes place about two years after the end of ‘Finding the Road to Us’. So—if you haven’t read Elliot’s story…stop right here, unless you don’t mind a few ‘spoilers’.

Finding the Road to Us ended with a Wilder family reunion—plus an uninvited guest—a tornado. 

The Wilder cousins decided to take everyone up on their offer of ‘relocating’, they bought some adjacent land, and the Wilder Winery & Resort, now also includes a distillery and bar—plus the spa and restaurant. Ridge joins the group as part of the security team—even though he’s part ‘owner’ in everything (just like Trace now is)…and he’s there to try to escape his past (one that he hasn’t even told his siblings about).

Aurora is working at putting her life back together after car wreck claimed her husbands life, and left her injured. Responding to a post on Instagram brings her to the Wilder resort…and while she was only suppose to be there for the weekend…she’s a pastry chef…and guess who had just ‘quit’…the latest pastry chef.

Ridge and Aurora gravitate towards each other…possibly as two wounded souls recognizing each other? They start off as friends, and their relationship progresses. Soon, though Ridge is faced with the past he was trying to escape…and comes clean to Aurora—who then urges him to open up to his brothers.

Can they navigate a new future together? Or will Ridge’s past come between them? Find out in Moments for You—the seventh installment in the Wilder Brothers series by Carrie Ann Ryan. Meet up with old friends, as most of Ridge’s cousins and siblings pop in and out of the pages and see how well they were able to rebuild following the tornado that didn’t have reservations.

Moments for You will be available at all online spaces on April 22, 2024. If you haven’t read any of the previous Wilder books…that’s okay—this is a great one to ‘dip’ your toes in as you meet a loving, and loud family. Plus—there are six other books to binge read to find out the backstory of all of Ridge’s cousins (technically seven—Eliza’s story is Inked Obsession (Montgomery Ink: Fort Collins #2), and even more series to binge when you jump into the Montgomery Ink world.

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Night of passion with no last names = semi-awkward Monday morning

Welcome back to Colorado and the Montgomerys—where once they bring you into the fold—you’re a Montgomery for life. #CHEESEFORALL!!

Last First Kiss is Daisy & Hugh’s story…and picks up just after Happily Ever Maybe. 

Daisy Montgomery Knight is owner of Montgomery Security along with several cousins. Hugh Hendricks is one of their new security hires. 

How did they meet? A wedding…and nope—not a Montgomery one. They shared a dance (since he caught the garter & she caught the flowers), one night of passion…and unfortunately no last names…

Imagine Daisy’s surprise, walking into work on Monday morning…and seeing the man that gave her a unforgettable night of passion…

Daisy is still healing from being injured in the warehouse explosion (confused…go read Best Friend Temptation…the explosion is at the end)…and everyone is still trying to figure out who was behind that problem. So various family members are a little bit more ‘over-protective’ than usual…and with the Montgomery men—that’s saying something.

Hugh use to own his own security business…but sold it & moved to Colorado to be closer to his ex-wife & daughter, Lucy. Then his ex decided that it was easier to start ‘anew’ without reminders of the past…and Daisy understands how Lucy feels better than Hugh knows.

Since moving and starting in a new school, Lucy is befriend by none other than Nora Montgomery…who views all ‘strangers’ as friends not yet made. It’s extremely cute seeing how these two six-years plot sleepovers, playdates, and such—playing all adults…nothing better than a sweet little smile from an adorable six-year old.

Though, it does become a little ‘tricky’ when Lucy asks if they’re meeting Daisy for dinner again in front of a couple of Montgomery men. Plus there is the ‘little’ issue of an competing security firm trying to buy them out…or underbid them on jobs.

Can Daisy & Hugh figure out their relationship…and ensure that it doesn’t ‘bleed’ over into their jobs?  Will they discover who was behind the warehouse explosion? In addition to dealing with the competing security firm?

The answers…plus wine, beer, cheese, and ax-throwing can all be found within the pages of Last First Kiss.

I love this next generation of Montgomerys, plus I love when various members of the ‘original series’ pop in for a visit as well..it’d been awhile since I’d seen Daisy’s parents. In fact—I went back and reread their story as well (want to check out their story—grab Fallen Ink (book one of the Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs spin-off). The best thing about the Montgomery Ink world (whether original or Legacy)—you can start literally anywhere, and know that you have a whole world you can binge read.

Last First Kiss (Montgomery Ink Legacy #5) will be available at all major online stores Monday March 4 2024. Five out of five stars…and I would suggest reading it on a full stomach…or you might just go raid the cheese…or need to go on a run for Indian food…or whatever is your favorite food.

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The next security specialists to fall are?

Welcome back to Denver, and the Montgomery Ink world. A world—where once you become friends with an Montgomery—you’re now family for life…if you work with an Montgomery—you’re family for life.

Basically—you end up with a very large family.

Happily Ever Maybe is an novella within the Montgomery Ink Legacy world—and is Gus and Jennifer’s story. Gus and Jennifer are two security specialists that work with Noah, Daisy, Kane and others.

Gus and Jennifer have been ‘secretly’ crushing on each other for over a year…neither wanting to make a move that could damage their friendship or work relationship.

So what happens when they give into to their mutual ‘secret’ crush on each other? 

What happens with various obnoxious clients, including client ‘x’?

Can they figure out their ‘relationship’ and how to make everything work…I’d say smoothly—but there are always bumps in the road when a Montgomery is around.

How big of a pain is their latest client?

The answers…are within the pages of Happily Ever Maybe; and it will be available for purchase on Feb 13, 2024 from all major sites.

I love the Montgomery Ink world…whether it’s in Denver, Colorado Springs, or Fort Collins. They’re a large, close loving family—one that I think just about anyone would want to be a part of…children are encouraged to be whatever they want when they get older…whether it’s a tattoo artist, a teacher, baker, or IT specialist. 

If you’ve never jumped into the Montgomery Ink world—grab a cup of coffee (or tea), a comfy chair and settle in to meet Gus, Jennifer and various Montgomerys…and the best part—there is a whole world waiting to be explored after you’re done with Happily Ever Maybe.

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Good Time Boyfriend Review: When your ‘imaginary’ boyfriend meets the family

Welcome back to Colorado, and the Cassidy brothers.

The Cassidy siblings: Heath, August, Greer, and Luca. Greer was featured in Best Friend Temptation (and first introduced in Longtime Crush), and it was within Best Friend Temptation that we first met her brothers.

They all ‘hail’ from Washington state…but decided to make Denver, Colorado their home. They’re trying to reconnect as siblings after growing up in a seriously dysfunctional spin-off of the ‘Parent Trap’.

Good-time Boyfriend is Heath & Denvey’s story. They’d ‘briefly’ met when Heath started working with a friend at the bar ‘Lost and Found’…they exchanged a few words…and that was the last Heath had seen of his mysterious woman…

Until a handful of people barged in one night…demanding to know why he’d broken their younger sister’s heart.

It turns out that Denvey comes from a family that could rival a certain other Denver family for butting into each other’s lives. She’d gotten tired of being set up on blind dates…so she ‘conjured’ up a fake-boyfriend; but one with a very real first name—Heath.

So what happens when Denvey needs a ‘fake’ boyfriend for awhile? Well…Heath is always a gentleman and ‘volunteers’ to act as her boyfriend for as long as she needs him.

Throw in Denvey’s large and overwhelming family; the Cassidy siblings, an appearance or two by an Montgomery…and you have drama in Denver again.

Can Denvey and Heath work through their issues? Will Denvey politely ask her elder siblings to give her breathing room…will there be cheese?

The answers..the drama…and the laughs are within the pages of Good-Time Boyfriend. I was ecstatic when Greer was introduced and she had ‘unattached’ brothers…because that meant another spin-off series within the greater Montgomery Ink world. I wonder if Denvey’s younger siblings will have a spin-off series in a year or two (need to let them all reach ‘adulthood’). 

Good-Time Boyfriend will be available at all online spaces come Monday morning. It was a blast of a story to read—and I highly recommend the book, and if you’ve never been in the Montgomery Ink world—it’s a nice one to ‘dip’ your toes in to start meeting that massive family.

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Looking back at the dumpster fire that was 2023

Okay…It’s Monday…and January…and 2024…I didn’t opened the letter last night that I wrote to myself the previous year…because I knew that nothing within that letter was able to happen last year…2023 was a shit-show…but life seems to be shit-show after shit-show..especially since the SARS-CoV2 virus showed up in 2020…

While I’ve gravitated towards the career pivot—building a freelance career that encompasses not science, health, and medical literacy/education—but crafts/hobbies and various aspects of personal/professional growth (health/wellness, finances, spirituality, and developing my own vision of not only minimalism but success)…a good portion of the world seems to have lost its damn mind…

2020 was when the SARS-CoV2 virus made it around the world…and created a pandemic that lasted for a few years. If we had competent leaders in 2020…I don’t think it would have swelled into such a problem…and was the initial spark for pivoting towards science/health/med comms.

I wanted to improve how findings/results and such were relied to the public…because public health should NEVER be politicized…when it becomes a ‘political’ issue…it means lives are lost…and it started the spiral. Everyone either lost a family member or friend, or knows of someone who lost someone to the pandemic…

Fall 2021…when we took our young boxer mix in for another allergy shot…and shortly thereafter found out she developed a rare side effect—hemolytic anemia. Jump forward to spring 2022—she’d been getting weaned from the immunosuppressant meds, her allergies kicked in…and we lost her to a relapse of the anemia…

Fall 2022…mom went into the hospital. She’d finally scared herself enough that she was finally willing to get an medical evaluation…what we thought was only going to be a few days—stretched into nine months…then two and half weeks in a skilled nursing facility getting a little more rehab; being home for less than a day before heading back into the hospital…only for her to pass in emergency surgery the following week (May 2023)…

June 2023…saw the loss of two animals (Pye and Boozer), and the adoption of Apep, our black-mouth cur mix dog. He’s somewhere between 60 and 75 pounds, way too smart for our own good, and lovable goof. He gets along with Chaos, and harasses the hell out of the cats.

September 2023…I’ve had better birthdays…we lost Waffles (our Russian Blue cat) on my birthday last year…which meant we’re currently down to one (Pancakes—my black cat), whose health is bouncing around okay and not great.

Then we come to October 2023…the month when the world lost it’s mind. Yes…whatever the hell happened on Oct 7th was horrible. BUT what has happened since has been nothing but GENOCIDE. Israel is systemically trying to wipe out (or drive out) the Palestinian people from both Gaza and the West Bank. As of today (Jan 1 2024) over 30,000 Palestinians are either dead or missing in Gaza, and over 57,000 are wounded. Hundreds have been killed in the West Bank, thousands injured, and thousands more ‘detained’ for questioning. 

While majority of the world has been demanding a ceasefire for the past two months…thanks to the US’s blind backing of Israel—the US ambassadors to the UN have vetoed any resolution within the Security Council that calls for an outright ceasefire. They abstained from voting on a extremely watered down humanitarian aid resolution last month.

We’re entering 2024 with numerous genocides being carried out around the world—and one being documented daily, but not stopped or condemned..and I wonder if it’s because the genocide isn’t happening on European soils this time??

When did ‘Never Again’ become ‘Everyday’, and ‘Never Again’ BUT only for ‘selected’ groups of individuals?

Since late October…I’ve realized that there are aspects of history that have been left out of books..whether they’re world history books (such as the Nakba of 1948), or state history books (such as the Tulsa Race Massacre or the Osage murders)…and now I have a goal of becoming a better informed global citizen. Which means I will probably be doing more current event posts within this blog–possibly a weekly recap of the news that I’m sharing daily on LinkedIn and Facebook.

One thing I had quit doing early last year—was my monthly reviews of the previous months. This was in part due to dealing with various things related to my mom being in the hospital, trying to keep my mental health on an even-keel and dealing with a thousand and one other things as well. I’m hoping to get back into do those reviews this year, as I managed to get back into do the new moon & full moon goals towards the end of the year. 

So what are some of the things I managed to get accomplish last year (even with everyone else losing their damn minds)? Well…I managed to read a good number of both fiction and non-fiction books:


  1. Madly, Deeply the diaries of Alan Rickman by Alan Rickman
  2. Creativity: A short & cheerful guide by John Cleese
  3. Innercise: The new science to unlock your brain’s hidden power by John Assaraf
  4. It’s okay that you’re not okay by Megan Devine
  5. Oracle Cards 101 by Sunny Johnson
  6. Survivors: The Animals & Plants that time left behind by Richard Foley
  7. Unfuck your brain: using science to get over anxiety, depression, anger, freakouts, and triggers by Faith Harper
  8. Monarchs of the Sea (The Extraordinary 500-million year history of cephalopods) by Danna Staaf
  9. Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates
  10. How to GRASP Confidence and own your power by Tara LaFon Gooch
  11. Conquering your burnout-an actionable guide to overcome burnout by Veronica Llorca-Smith
  12. Beyond Beautiful: A practical guide to being happy, confidence, and you in a looks-obsessed world by Anuschka Rees
  13. Things No One will tell Fat Girls: an handbook for unapologetic living by Jes Baker
  14. Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundation of a Movement by Angela Y. Davis


  1. State of Bliss (First Family #6) by Marie Force
  2. Offside Hearts by Nikki Lawson
  3. Born to be Badger (Honey Badger Chronicles #5) by Shelly Laurenston
  4. Iced Out (Heston U #1) by Veronica Eden
  5. The Enforcer (Lakeside University Hockey #1) by Avery Keenan
  6. Jackson (Mercy Ring #1) by Nyssa Kathryn
  7. Declan (Mercy Ring #2) by Nyssa Kathryn
  8. Cole (Mercy Ring #3) by Nyssa Kathryn
  9. Ryker (Mercy Ring #4) by Nyssa Kathryn
  10. The Devil You Know by Veronica Eden
  11. Chase: and the girl who came back by Amber Davis
  12. Mine to Have (Southern Wedding #1) by Natasha Madison
  13. Mine to Hold (Southern Wedding #2) by Natasha Madison
  14. Mine to Cherish (Southern Wedding #3) by Natasha Madison
  15. Mine to Love (Southern Wedding #4) by Natasha Madison 
  16. Mine to Take (Southern Wedding #5) by Natasha Madison
  17. Mine to Promise (Southern Wedding #6) by Natasha Madison
  18. Mine to Honor (Southern Wedding #7) by Natasha Madison
  19. Someone to Love (Wild Widows #3) by Marie Force
  20. Spymaster (Dragon Knights #18) by Bianca D’Arc
  21. Too Close to Home by Abbie Zanders
  22. Where We Belong (Paradise Bay Billionaire Brothers #8) by Claudia Burgoa
  23. The Comeback Pact (Warner University Bullldogs #1) by E.M. Moore
  24. Varsity Series Box Set by Ginger Scott
  25. The Broken Vows by Catharina Maura
  26. Rules of the Game (Rule Breakers #2) by J. Wilder
  27. Rule Number Five (Rule Breakers #1) by J. Wilder
  28. The Temporary Wife by Catharina Maura
  29. The Wrong Bride by Catharina Maura
  30. The Unwanted Marriage by Catharina Maura
  31. Rule Breaker (Wild Card #1) by Nikki Hall
  32. State of Denial (First Family #5) by Marie Force
  33. Wicked Hearts (The Hearts of Swayers Bend #5) by Ivy Layne
  34. Billionaire Unreachable—Wyatt (California Billionaires #5) by J.S. Scott
  35. Finally Found You (Paradise Bay Billionaire Brothers #7) by Claudia Burgoa
  36. One Too Many (Truth in Lies #1) by Melody Anne & John Henley
  37. Two Secrets Kept (Truth in Lies #2) by Melody Anne & John Henley
  38. Three Outs (Truth in Lies #3) by Melody Anne & John Henley
  39. Four Seconds Gone (Truth in Lies #4) by Melody Anne & John Henley
  40. Five Goodbyes (Truth in Lies #5) by Melody Anne & John Henley
  41. Jasmine’s Homecoming (Anderson Heirs #3) by Melody Anne
  42. Forever Goals: Rixon High Epilogue by L.A. Cotton
  43. Hurricane After Dark (Gansett Island #26) by Marie Force
  44. Meant for Me (Paradise Bay Billionaire Brothers #6) by Claudia Burgoa
  45. How Much I Need (Miami Nights #5) by Marie Force
  46. Jacob’s Challenge (Anderson Heirs #2) by Melody Anne
  47. The Way of Us (Paradise Bay Billionaire Brothers #5) by Claudia Burgoa
  48. The Long & Winding Road (Butler VT #9) by Marie Force
  49. Truly You (Luna Harbor #4) by Claudia Burgoa
  50. Finding the Road to Us (Wilder Brothers #6) by Carrie Ann Ryan
  51. Best Friend Temptation (Montgomery Ink Legacy #4) by Carrie Ann Ryan
  52. Stay Here with Me (Wilder Brothers #5) by Carrie Ann Ryan
  53. Longtime Crush (Montgomery Ink Legacy #3) by Carrie Ann Ryan
  54. Love Under Two Rebels (Lusty, Texas #47) by Cara Covington
  55. Coming Home to Us (Wilder Brothers #3) by Carrie Ann Ryan
  56. Happily Ever Never (Montgomery Ink Legacy Novella) by Carrie Ann Ryan
  57. At First Meet (Montgomery Ink Legacy #2) by Carrie Ann Ryan
  58. Sweet Noel (Anderson Heirs #1) by Melody Anne

Yes…all fifty-eight of these books are romance (of some sub-genera)…but these are my go-to genera when I’m in a off mood, feeling blue, down, or whatever…and 2023 had more of the ‘negative’ emotions than it did of the ‘happy/positive’ emotions.

Fifty-eight fiction books read…and that number is a very small percent of the number of books that I bought last year, in addition to the number I downloaded on the ‘load your kindle with free books’ days…also fourteen non-fiction book read…also a very small percentage of my non-fiction book list (which grew by probably by a hundred books or so last year). A goal for 2024—not to add any books to the non-fiction list, and to read at least 24 of them; and not to randomly buy fiction books…work my way through the ones I have (plus the pre-orders). I know that there are a handful of authors that I’ll buy books from when they announce publication dates.

I know I worked through possibly a half a dozen e-courses (between Jan-March & then again in September)…I just didn’t really write down that those courses were (I think I downloaded a certificate or two of completion)…

I worked on crafts….finished several—including drawing/doodling, coloring and framing several large drawings:

Large colored & framed doodle…under the sea…my vision

Under the sea…version #2

Mix of dragon eyes and abstract faces

A large needlepoint:

Currently the largest abstract needlepoint project that I’ve finished.

Plus numerous doodles. I’ve also started working on a new afghan–and am hoping to have that project finished by summer.

Going into 2024 I have one REALLY BIG & SCARY GOAL:

Launching the freelance businesses (science/health/med comms/education; and the craft/hobby), and possibly setting up an Etsy store (or other online store) for selling crafts. 

It’s time to start getting serious on the writing for science/health/med comms & health, and figuring out how to earn money via freelance, crafts, and who knows what other side hustle.

Other goals for 2024 include:

  1. Reading at least 24 non-fiction books and reading at least 60 fiction books (with writing at least twenty mini-book reviews)
  2. Continue working on mending my relationship with food & movement; and continue working on improving/healing my mental/emotional/spiritual health as well.
  3. Pick a ‘non-science’ topic and develop ‘niche’ knowledge on it
  4. Write/research/post to each blog at least twice a month…it will probably be more on the creative/hobby/reflective blog—but for the science/health/med one I’m starting ‘slow’.
  5. Write 52 mini-reviews/blurbs on different research papers/topics (basically review one science/health/medical paper a week).
  6. Plus other goals from my 101 goals in 1001 days challenge.

2024 is going to be an extremely scary year…between the powder-keg that West Asia has become and the fact that it is election year here in the states…while I can’t control everything–I’m going pave my path…writing more science, health, medical pieces. Writing more personal/professional growth pieces, creative/hobby pieces, more time on crafts & hobbies..and work at also becoming a better global citizen.

What is your BIG & SCARY goal for 2024?

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ARC review: Introducing the Wilder Poly Family: Elliot, Trace & Sidney

Welcome back to Texas and the Wilder family.

It’s been several years since the Wilders decided to exit the military life and rejoin civilian life…

They’ve made a name for themselves in Texas with the Wilder Winery & Retreat.

Finding the Road to Us is Elliot, Trace, and Sidney’s story…

Elliot is the ‘baby’ boy of this particular Wilder branch, Trace is Bethany’s former bodyguard who now works the security for Wilder Winery & Retreat, and Sidney is the one who’d been left at the altar…

Trace & Elliot first meet Sidney when she needs help ‘leaving’ her wedding—after the potential groom ran off, and her sister followed him. They help her out of her wedding dress, and escape the fiasco of a last-minute cancelled wedding.

A year later, she’s back to say thank you to them for helping her…and then she has snacks and wine with all the Wilder women…

Trace is healing from a ‘job’ and the fact that he dumped the fiancée that he never wanted (and who never really wanted him).

Elliot is just trying to survive…

What happens when all three give into their feelings for each other?

In addition to the ‘joys’ of family problems and interference…

Not to mention planning a Wilder family reunion…

To see how they come together, deal with family interference, and catching up with the other Wilders—pick up Finding the Road to Us—available Monday Dec 11 at all online retailers.

I absolutely loved this series, and am super excited that we’re going to be getting stories of the Wilder cousins…that’s right—the other branch of the Wilder family are going to be getting their stories starting in 2024…

That also means, I need to wait to read the stories of all the other Wilder men before thinking of trying to pick my favorite Wilder…because currently that’s like trying to pick a single favorite book…can’t decide…

So…grab a cozy blanket to curl up in, a cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa and Finding the Road to Us as a way of spending a cozy winter afternoon. Finding the Road to Us is a five out of five star read….and I’m so happy that there will be more Wilder stories coming for the next year or two…

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Greer, Noah & Ford: The Latest Montgomery Ink Poly Family

Welcome back to Colorado and the Montgomery Ink family…where the next generation is taking center stage.

Best Friend Temptation takes place shortly after Longtime Crush and is Greer, Noah, and Ford’s story.

Greer was introduced in Longtime Crush—she’s Raven’s best friend and business partner in the bakery that is next door to the Montgomery Ink Legacy tattoo parlor.

Noah works with family security company, and is the son of Maya, Jake, and Border (the original Montgomery Ink trio).

Ford Carr is Noah’s best friend, and a fellow employee in the security business.

Greer has a crush on both Noah and Ford…but doesn’t think anything would come of acting on it…as she thinks they’re a couple and she doesn’t want to get between them.

Ford and Noah….have feelings for each other…and are both crushing on Greer…

Men…especially when one is a Montgomery…have the tendency to over-think things…

Greer becomes their roommate after her rental house is set on fire and she needs a place to stay.

As they navigate becoming roommates and housemates…they all realize they want more—together.

Strange things then start happening…

Can the three of them figure out what is causing the strange (and sometime dangerous) incidents? Will they figure out that they’re perfect together? The answers and more are within the pages of Best Friend Temptation.

I always love returning to the Montgomery Ink world…it’s catching up with old friends and making new. This book was an extra treat—we got to meet Ford & Greer’s siblings…siblings that are probably going to get their own spin-off series…which means more sightings of Ford, Greer, and Noah in the future.

I also loved this book, because it gave a chance to catch up a little with Maya, Jake, and Border and see some of the other Montgomery Ink family members.

Five out of five stars. So, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever; a comfortable chair, and a copy of Best Friend Temptation—the best way to spend a Monday night.

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