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Photography Challenge: Pye in the “jungle” (Short Post)

Well with the weather still being as weird as ever, we haven’t taken any of the plants outside yet. I keep getting those memory reminders on Facebook about all the flowers pictures that I took this time last year, and this year hardly anything has blossomed yet (and after the past couple of freezes it will be interesting to see what does bloom).

Pye sleeping under the dumb cane

Pye’s usual sleeping spot is on the back of the couch, which is also right in front of one of our dumb cane plants. So it looked like she was sleeping in the jungle. With the current weather, she will be getting her jungle rest for probably at least another two weeks, if not a month (since there aren’t any leaves out on the trees yet to protect the plants from sunburn while they get use to the temperatures).

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Photography Challenge Day 7: Sleeping Cats (shortish post)

Well a small cold front came through last night and dropped the daily temperature a good forty degrees. Yep, you read that right–today was about 40 degrees colder than yesterday. Yesterday I was out in the yard doing yard work. Today I was trying to find the energy to put on a movie and march in place to get my steps in.

Where’s the second cat???

Walking down the hall today, I noticed that my parents bed was popular with the cats again. Pyewicket was curled up at the top, not quite on my father’s pillow, while my cat decided that she wasn’t warm enough (or the house was a little chilly) and she decided to burrow under the two blankets towards the bottom of the bed on mother’s side. That is where she spent a good three to four hours this afternoon–curled (or stretched) out under the blankets, where it was nice and warm.

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Pyewicket on her “throne”: Day 60 of photography challenge

Well we’re officially in a new month–where did the last two go?? Anyway, the photo of the day goes to Pyewicket. She was sitting in the middle of the animal bed, trying to look all regal, though I think my photo captured her looking more pi$$ed off (or maybe just evil?) than anything. I think she is still mad at me for not allowing her to sit on my shoulder all morning after I get and before I leave for work.

Pye on her “throne”

While Waffles likes to sleep in the animal bed, Pyewicket would rather just sit in it and kneed it–that way if she is sitting up, Waffles will know and not try to get a nap in.

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Pyewicket: Photography winner for challenge day 58 (shortish post)

Today’s winner is Pyewicket, who jumped up on the couch behind me and decided to lay under the leaves of the dumb cane plant that is right behind the couch. I thought she was trying to act like a jaguar or some other large cat that would sneak through the brush to get the upper hand on their prey.

Pyewicket under the leaves

Though I think she was just waiting for the dog to sit up on the couch so she could bop her on the head for getting to close to her.

As we start to move into spring, I’m hoping to be able to get outside more and get more photographs of the birds and nature (not that I don’t love taking pictures of my pets, because I do), so that there may be a little bit more variety in my posts.

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Photography Day 41: Sleeping Cats

Its the first day of trying to find yet another new routine. Another day of realizing that routines have been changed, and that there will always be a Spelunkers size hole in our hearts. So, I decided that I was going to take a couple pictures of the cats today. And, well the temperatures tanked again today–I’m not even sure if we got into the twenties. This is the part of winter that I don’t like, the temperatures riding the roller coaster of going between say the sixties one day and then not even hitting freezing the next day.

Waffles sleeping on the animal bed

Since it was such a dreary day, I managed to catch at least two of the three cats napping somewhere in the house.

Waffles likes to sleep on the animal bed, since it is the perfect size for the cats (it was originally bought for one of the dogs, but when it came we found out it was actually too small for the dog [we do have a small dog, but she doesn’t like it]). Pyewicket likes to sit in the bed, but doesn’t really lay in it. And truthfully, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Pancakes on it (even to sit).

Someone wanted to make a nest

Then there is good ole Pyewicket. She decided today that she was going to make a nest on my parents bed using their red and black checkered afghan. I also think that this is the reason why Pancakes was glaring at everything from the chair–she could climb under the covers because the cat on top of the bed at pulling at them. Pyewicket has been getting in the habit lately of trying to make nests out of just about anything to find a warmer area of the house to sleep in (I guess she doesn’t like the yo-yo temperatures either).

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Photography Challenge Day 35–The Double Ps: Pancakes and Pyewicket

Well today was an off day in so many ways, while I feel like I hardly got anything accomplished–I also know that it is just a single day, and that tomorrow is a new day for me to make sure that I get what I want accomplished.

Someone didn’t like their nap being disturbed

It seems that it is mainly on the weekends that these two are willing to share the same sleeping space (or at least the same close proximity sleeping space). They both have similar, yet different, personalities with little quirks that again are similar but different. For example–they both like laying on my shoulder–but Pancake prefers it when I’m sitting down, whereas Pyewicket prefers it when I’m moving around in the house (that way she gets a free ride, and a change in the view–things obviously look vastly different when you’re always running around on the floor, and then when you’re riding on someone’s shoulder).

Her laser eye look in the picture though seems to have summed up my day–I want it done with, only because I know that tomorrow is a fresh start and I can do better than what I did today. Though if the temperatures are correct, the no-spend day might not happen until Tuesday. But there are times when I wish I could just say “I’m done with being an adult, and that I’m going to be a cat today instead”, I think it would be nice sleeping most of the day (though it would mess up with the internal clock).

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Pyewicket–the grump. Photo challenge Day 31 (shortish post)

Well the month is over, and I guess I have to say that 2018 has officially started. Its hard to believe how fast each month seems to fly by–I could have sworn that yesterday was MLK day. But it wasn’t and Friday is Groundhog’s Day. So I’m wondering is it going to be another 6 weeks of winter or 6 weeks until spring? I’ve always found that funny–because either way its another 6 weeks until spring, which means its still going to be 6 weeks of winter.

Someone is grumpy this morning.

Today’s picture is one of several that I took of Pyewicket the other morning–she went from looking grumpy to being cuddly to being playful all within the span of about twenty minutes. Usually in the first twenty minutes that I’m up–I’m double checking that I’m getting dressed properly.

I’ve never been a morning person, and I’ve never really been an night owl either–I’m more of an afternoon type person. But I can fake it in the mornings (or actually just get up a good two hours before I need to actually be at work, and show up early–that way I’m “awake” enough to be able to interact with others).

Pye usually runs through my morning emotions/motions several times before I leave–its the other two that are more loving and seem to be morning cats (or at least demand their fair share of attention).

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Monday’s Winner–Waffles, Pancakes, and Pyewicket

Well it is another start to a full week of work. It has been a strange month–we started with a four day week, had a full week, then another four day week, now have nothing but full weeks until the end of May (unless I use up some leave time to handle a few other things). I decided that this morning I was going to take some photos of the cats, since they were all up and about at the same time this morning.

First up: Waffles,

What is this thing???

Waffles is know for getting right up in your face if you are sitting at the dining room table and she wants attention. She isn’t afraid to push her self under your hand, so that in theory you have no choice but to pet her. I was trying to get a picture of her sitting at the table, but every time I took a picture, she shifted slightly. This was one where she basically pushed her face towards the phone.

I think it is a nice selfie for the Russian blue of the house. She acts slightly standoffish a lot of the time, but is actually a loving cat (vocal, but loving).

Yes, I see you…….

Second up is Pancakes. She is my actual cuddle bug–she will sit on my lap no matter where I’m at (as long as there aren’t dogs around to grumble at her). She usually spends a good ten minutes or more on my lap in the mornings.

As I’m typing this, she is sprawled in my lap, with her chin resting on my forearm (which makes it difficult at times to work on the computer). I think I interrupted her playing with a hair tie.

And last but not least, its:

Why are you paying attention to her???

Pyewicket, our calico cat. Pye is another one that goes to the beat of her own drummer. She usually won’t jump into a lap to cuddle, but she will demand a shoulder to sit on–preferably when you’re walking, that way she can see the house from a different view. She is now our oldest cat (though she is only about a year and a half older than the other two), and she does try to keep the “young ones” in check–usually bright and early running up and down the hall.

Do you have cats? How many/what kind? Do they run up and down the halls?

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Pyewicket at the table

While the weather is doing its bouncing from really low and cold temperatures to decent mild temperatures–most of pictures for awhile will probably be the animals. The cats have been good photography targets lately. This morning Pyewicket was sitting on my shoulder demanding her cuddle time with me–then she decided that she’d sit in my normal spot at the table and stare back at me. Pyewicket has developed this routine lately of wanting me to pick her up and either cuddle with her, or walk around the dining, living, and family rooms with her on my shoulder. Its amazing at how quickly she will move to get high enough for me to pick her up when she hears me coming down the hall from the back of the house.

Pyewicket sitting at the table

I’ve realized that when I move, I’ll probably need to get a kitten (within a few months) for Pancakes to bond and play with (since Pyewicket and Waffles will be staying with my parents [since they are their pets]), since its been several years now since she has been on her own as the only cat in the house. Though I will also be taking an aquarium with me, so there will also be fish for her to watch.

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The cats…….Day seventeen of the photography challenge

Today’s photographs are brought to you by the crazy cat trio of the house: Waffles, Pancakes, and Pyewicket.

Each sleeping in their respected corner

It is extremely difficult to get all three cats in the same picture (and when they do cooperate by sleeping on the same bed, the lighting is too poor for picture taking)–I think it may have happened once, and if I can find the picture I’ll post that one as a throwback to when they were all sleeping and ignoring each other.

The top picture features Pancakes (aka Panther, aka Pansy, aka Pan-Pan) and Pyewicket (aka Pye, aka Pye-Pye, aka Pi**-Pot [for her temperament at times). These two were both sleeping on my parents bed, though Pancakes had grabbed Pye’s position. Usually when Pancakes is sleeping on their bed, its curled up under the covers  and all you see is a lump. So it was a little unusual to see Pancakes sleeping on top of the covers instead of under them (See Monday’s photography entry).

Waffles watching the antics in the kitchen

This beautiful Russian Blue cat is Waffles (aka Awful-Waffles, aka the Blue Blob [for how she hugs the ground and moves when there are thunderstorms]). She was watching the dogs in the kitchen from the edge of the dining room table. I know that there are a lot of people who don’t like animals on the furniture, but we truthfully don’t care unless we’re eating–then they of course aren’t allowed on the table (though Pancakes does try to lay in my lap as I’m eating–bad habit from Boston).

Waffles will jump on the table in the evenings after I’m done feeding the dogs and demand (by head butting) her scritches around the head and back. She will occasionally demand to be picked up and carried around on my shoulder (but that is more of Pye’s habit); whereas Pancakes will wait until I’m sitting (or working on the computer) before she jumps into my lap and makes herself comfortable.

Do your cats have any strange habits?

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