Today’s photograph is brought to you by the cats again today.

Why are you in there?

One thing that I’ve realized is that when its cold out–the creativity bug bites in different ways. I’m thinking of starting a new afghan, and maybe try to finish making a charm bracelet as well. I love taking photographs, but at the same time I really don’t care for cold temperatures (at least until I can find a decent pair of winter gloves that work with electronics and other things. In other words–I want them to be thin but warm around the finger tips, and warm on the rest of the hands as well.

The two cats that are showcased today are Pyewicket (our calico) and then Waffles (our Russian Blue). Pyewicket is the alpha cat in the house, we had her for about a year and a half before we got Waffles and Pancakes (our breakfast duo). Pyewicket was sitting in the lower half of the cat condo, after racing around the room chasing the red laser light.