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Photography Challenge Day 108: Pyewicket (short post)

I’ve realized looking through photographs to share on my daily challenge, that most have been from my weekly walks at Boomer Lake. So I’ve decided to switch it up and go a different route–sharing a picture of one of the cats in the house.

Someone decided to give the smaller “condo” a try

So we had to replace one cat condo about two years ago (it’s amazing the damage that five cats over a course of 14 years can do to one). The one we have now doesn’t stretch all the way to the ceiling like the old one, but it has an additional cat condo on it. The funny thing is–none of the cats usually go in there. When they do–they look like Pye–wondering why something so small was purchased for them.

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Caturday: Photography Challenge day 13

So today’s photo is a slightly throw back to earlier this week and the cats, since it is #caturday after all.

Pye sitting in the remains of a box.

So Pye has rediscovered a enjoyment of boxes (be they intact or the remains of one). This is the remains of a box that we were using as a fire starter during one of the many cold snaps that we’ve had–but once it got to a point where the cats could “hid”–they took over the box.

Pye in particular has marked the box as hers–she will sit in the corner of it in mornings, or the evenings (or basically any time that she wants). The other cats will sniff the box, but they usually won’t sit “in” it, like Pye does.

But it is nice to see that all three of them have their own little personality quirks–Pye is boxes, Waffles likes sticks and leaves that the dog brings in from the outdoors, and Pancakes likes hair ties and the crinkly plastic that wraps around things (she can beat them up for hours).

What quirky things do your cats play with?

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Day 3: National Love Your Pet Day winners

Sleeping doggie…….

So today is National Love Your Pet day—so obviously the winners of the photography challenge had to be the animals. The only totally new photo is the one of Boozer snoozing on the couch this morning after she was fed (and begged for a small piece of my breakfast as well). Unfortunately right now she is the only canine in the house (until my brother come back for another visit). As much as I would love to get a puppy–I’m still not totally over the loss of Chewi, Piranha, and Spelunkers–so a puppy will probably be waiting until I move and get Pancakes situated in the new place.

The other winners of National Love Your Pet Day are the cats:

Pancakes wondering what the hell is the human doing?
Someone doesn’t like thunderstorms.
Pye in her box

Who doesn’t have random boxes sitting around just for the cats to play in???

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National Pet Week Day 4: Pyewicket

So today’s installment for national pet week is Pyewicket.


So I was vacuuming this weekend and had discovered one of the cats crinkle balls in the closet and decided to toss it out for them to play with. All three of them have been “taking turns” with batting the ball around the house at what seems like fifty miles per hour at times (though I know it isn’t that fast). I’d been hoping to catch them in action and take a video, but once I turned around to start filming–she stopped playing and just looked at me with a kittenish smirk, knowing that she’d foiled the plans of the video.

Pyewicket is our oldest cat (and she is only about a year and a half or two older than the other two), at about either nine or ten. It’s nice to know that if you get them toys–you can keep them young at heart. It is good practice to also take the cats to the vet for yearly checkups, but since we keep all of ours inside–they rarely go to the vet (Pancakes has been the most, and that is only because of the moves and I have to make sure that she has all of her shots so that I can take her with me).

Pyewicket is also one who at times demands a ride on your shoulder–and by demand I mean she will follow you around until you pick her up, carry her around for say five minutes and then she will jump off at the nearest large piece of furniture. She is also one who if you’re sitting in a particular chair, will demand to be on your shoulder so she can look out the window.

Do your cats have any odd quirks????

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They can share…..though only when they sleep

Well obviously today was a little warmer than yesterday. The cats were sleeping on the recliner instead of the bed (or in the case of Pancakes–under the covers curled up on the bed). We got hit with a cold snap this weekend, and yesterday Pancakes spent most of the day curled up under the blankets at the end of my parents bed. Pyewicket always sleeps on top of the blankets, I think so that she can always hear when someone comes into the room and if they’re going to disturb her slumber or not.

They can share.

When they decide to sleep on the recliner, this is usually how they divide it up–Pyewicket (or sometimes Waffles) gets the top of the recliner (closer to the window), and Pancakes takes the seat. Personally I think that Pancakes was spoiled out in Boston, when she didn’t have any competition for the seat; and therefore she stakes the claim each and every time.

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Photography Challenge Day 56: Triple Trouble

Today’s triple pleasure is brought to you by the Breakfast Duo and Pyewicket. I managed to capture an image of all three of them in different moods throughout the afternoon.

Pancakes seems to be thinking up something….

Pancakes was probably wanting to figure out a way to short circuit my laptop, destroy the notebook, and have the power go out to the house–that way she would have unlimited amount of time on my lap. She doesn’t like me working on anything that keeps her from cuddling on my lap. Needless to say, I’ve figure out how to almost type one handed (left–which isn’t my dominant hand), and then if I have to write–I prop it up on my right side so that I can write, and she can still be curled up in my lap.

But I want to smack the dog….

Pyewicket had been in a mischievous mood all day wanting to start some type of “disagreement” with the youngest dog. This morning she was thinking of smacking her (the youngest dog) on the butt as she laid there eating her breakfast (luckily I convinced her not to). Then this evening when I was sauteing the veggies for dinner, I noticed that she was sitting at the one corner in the kitchen looking around it towards the dog sleeping in the dining room. I can only imagine how she thought she’d “get the drop” on one of them as they came into the kitchen to see if anything had been dropped on the floor.

Who me???

Then there is Waffles, the very lovable but mischievous Russian Blue. She has been behaving herself today, and not really trying to start anything with the other cats, and for the most part she gives the dogs their space (unless there is thunder, then she tries to cuddle up to just about anyone or thing in the house).

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Photography Challenge Day 49: The cats and a dog

I just had to take this picture–Boozer was “sharing” her couch with Pancakes, and then Pyewicket was sleeping above. It isn’t all that often that we’ll find a cat sleeping that close to the youngest dog. Boozer has a habit of wanting to herd everything (and everyone) at some point–or wanting to play with them. The cats, she usually tries to herd out of the room (I think she is still upset with Pyewicket for jumping out of the closet at her when she was a puppy).

They’re sharing the couch (at least for awhile)

Pancake does care who is around when she curls up on the sofa–and she had taken Boozer’s prime spot–the middle cushion. Though she allowed Boozer’s tail to share the cushion with her. Pyewicket was in her usual spot on the top of the couch in the middle, where she can observe everything or just curl up and ignore everything.

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