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Reading, writing, and planning: Aries Full Moon Goals

So the moon will be entering its next full moon cycle for the year probably tonight (at least for me). This means that we’re not quite a third of the way through October—but time does seem to be going a little quicker. I’m hoping that the last quarter of the year goes a little smoother…but I’m also not going to hold my breath on it either.

So what are some of the questions we can reflect on during this time?

Have I been hotheaded, selfish, or argumentative this month?

Have I been going too fast or been impulsive this month?


Have I been brash, blunt, or too competitive?


Have I ignored other people’s finer sensibilities?


Have I had enough fun?

So before answering the questions, I do need to point out that it is the beginning of the month, so I actually going to answer these questions based on 1) how I want to behave during the coming month, but also 2) how I behaved during the past couple of weeks. So as usually I’m going to number the questions 1 to 5 as I answer them.

  1. I would have to say no—I haven’t been hotheaded, selfish or argumentative this month (a couple months ago—yes I was slightly argumentative then). We’re still dealing with a family medical crisis that may or may not resolve the way we’d like it to—so I could be considered semi-selfish in just wanting the whole ordeal over one way or another.
  2. Considering the month I’m currently having and the past two months, I don’t think I’ve been overly impulsive this month nor do I think I’ve been going too fast (possibly going a tad too slow). I know what I need to do—but currently the other issue is taking majority of my concentration and I’m working on ensuring that I don’t impulsively spend too much money.
  3. No, I haven’t been brash, blunt or too competitive—this month. I was slightly brash and blunt a month or so ago—but that particular circumstance called for me being brash and blunt (and I’m still not going to apologize for it either). While I understand the need for competition (to ensure that the best person is hired)—I truthfully think that there probably is more than enough work for everyone who wants it—so I’m only going to try to be competitive with myself—and only the person I was yesterday.
  4. Well I would say this year it would depend on the situation and the people involved. While I do try to empathize with others—I’m also starting to draw my boundaries and stating what I will and won’t do in particular situations. I also realize that sometimes things can get a little tense and sometimes conversations may need to be put on hold.
  5. What is this word fun? While there are hopes that we’re moving from a ‘pandemic’ to an ‘epidemic’—we’re still stuck dealing with the damn SARS-CoV2 virus, and considering the past nine weeks (and counting)—I really haven’t had much fun, and am still working on ways of adding ‘enjoyment’ into my day-to-day routine.

Aries is moves through my sixth house (or my daily work and health zone). This house is where we can sit and reflect on who we are (both in terms of professional/work and personal/health) and decide to work on those aspects that we don’t like.

For the past two years I’d made various ‘commitments’ such as pushing play daily on streaming workouts or committing to intentional movements each day. Well, I canceled my Beachbody-on-demand (and technically my Beachbody) subscriptions this past month—for whatever reason, I’d prefer to pop in a DVD than trying to log into the website…the DVD player relies on power (and not being overly dusty), while streaming workout relies on power plus a good internet connection and the website not being down.

Therefore I’m still in the process of trying to develop a good mix of things I like to do (weight lifting, walking, hiking, and so forth) and making a ‘schedule’ that I can more or less stick with—because life has been throwing more lemons and limes at me than I can use for making various drinks and dishes.

I have a good idea of what I’m wanting to do career wise—it’s a matter now of making a schedule that will work with everything that is going on in life right now—plus I’m still dealing with the feeling of burnout (but not just in terms of career—currently its in terms of everything).

Since I’m pretty sure that this Aries full moon is going to be a very chaotic time, I’m going to limit the number of goals that I’m going to be setting. The goals for the Aries full moon will include:

  1. Write out a list of things I’d enjoy doing in terms of intentional movement (weight lifting, walking, cardio, yoga, and so forth)—and try to devise a schedule.
  2. Have at least two mini-book reviews written and posted on various sites
  3. Work through at least part of a personal/professional development course
  4. Continue reading (and possibly finishing) at least one non-fiction book that I’ve already started.

The motto for this quarter is ‘Progress over Perfection’

Four goals for the Aries full moon–and hopefully four goals that will get accomplished. I know that I have an extra one or two listed above–those are bonus goals…I’m trying to just remember to take things a day at a time, and even then–remember to take things an hour at a time, and if need be a minute at a time.

What personal/professional goal are you working towards this quarter?

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Weekly Update on Job Transition Plan

So I’m currently in the process of trying to move my job transition into industry into a higher gear than what I’ve been doing for the past year. I’ve realized that I’ve allowed having a job to give me a little too much breathing room, and that I need to start acting like the job is going to be ending and kick things into high gear.

So one thing I’m going to be trying to do is write at least one weekly summary of some of the things I’ve been doing over the week in pushing the transition forward. Read More

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Thursday Thoughts

So one of the things that I’ve been thinking about lately is my career–I know that my current position is just a job–a way of earning money to pay off the debts (namely credit cards), but it isn’t something that I want to make a life out of doing. There isn’t any room for advancement, and at times the environment can be a little too much to handle (especially for a sarcastic introvert who at least knows when to keep the sarcasm to herself).

                      Thursday Thoughts

So I think I’d posted before that I’d almost settled on my top three positions of trying to transition into industry. I’d been thinking of doing R&D research; market research analyst, or maybe a product manager. But since then I’ve been thinking that growth comes from being slightly uncomfortable, and while there are a few things that probably won’t happen, I can try to step into an area I’m uncomfortable in and see if I can grow there and make a career “learning from the thing that makes me slightly uncomfortable”. So I’m thinking that my choices are going to be shaken up again, and while I’m going to keep R&D research & market analyst, I’m going to insert health economist in between them.

The main reason why I’d initially shied away from health economist, is the amount of writing that one has to do. I’m just starting to rediscover my enjoyment of writing for the sake of writing. Scientific writing is something that is a weak point for me (I was really never taught how to properly write a scientific paper or proposal), as I was always told my writing style was that of someone trying to tell a story. Writing short stories was something I use to enjoy doing (making up worlds and everything that went with it), but then going through college, grad school, and a couple of post-doc positions put a serious dent in my writing enjoyment. That enjoyment is something that I’m just starting to rediscover, and hopefully if I do land a position as an health economist–the writing won’t be that bad (more of writing reports than detailed papers).

The health economist position has been gaining more traction in my mind lately, as health and fitness is something that I’m interested in (and I would also say semi-passionate about). I think it would be nice to be able to maybe bridge science and the health/fitness world by going in the health economist direction.

Another thing that I’m going to focus on is getting back into shape and watching my nutrition. I’ve been trying to log my calories this week, and for the most part it has been okay, though I declare each day to be an estimation at the end, since several lunches were leftovers from restaurants and the program didn’t have that particular restaurant/food listed and therefore I went with the next best choice that I thought had probably about the same amount of calories as what I was eating. My reason for getting into the “best shape of my life” is to do some hikes–I’d like to hike at the Grand Canyon, I’d also like to hike to the Incan ruins in Peru as well; and to do either hike–I need to be in better shape than I am right now.

So that is where my dreams are leading–a different career path (most likely; or at least a different industry), and getting in better shape so that I can get out and enjoy more time in nature and see more of the natural wonders of the world, and the ancient ruins as well.

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