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Photography Challenge Day 173: International Cat Day (Short Post)

So since today is International Cat Day–it is only fitting that the winners of today’s photography challenge are the cats.

Pyewicket wasn’t too happy with the closeup……..

So we have three cats (all adopted from the local humane society). The eldest cat (by about a year and a half or so) is Pyewicket, our calico cat.

Then we have our “breakfast duo”: Waffles and Pancakes.

Pancakes, my black miniature panther.

We got Waffles and Pancakes within a few days of each other–Waffles was adopted first, and then I saw Pancakes picture on the site, and fell in love. It had been almost a decade since I had lost my first cat, Bigfoot (who was also a black cat–though he had more white on him than Panny does). Pancakes is my little cuddle bug at night, and in the morning. She loves to sit on my lap–and does a good job of reminding me when I spend to much time on the computer.

Waffles–sleeping on top of the cat condo

Not the best picture of Waffles, our Russian blue cat–but lately she has decided that the top of the cat condo is her spot to sleep (though that is where my cat usually likes to relax). This is our little troublemaker–she doesn’t like change (and lets you know), and isn’t above possibly starting things with the puppies.

I know find it funny that we’re in a “age reversal” with the animals–when we got the cats, we had several dogs, but they’re were all in their adult years. Now we got a puppy (and my brother got one last year), the cats are in their adult years and are acting like it. I swear if they could talk it would probably be nothing but “get off my lawn”, “turn the music down” and “in my day” from the cats to the pups.

I have realized that when I move–I will need to bring in a kitten (after a few months) so that Pancakes has company, and then after say another six months or so maybe get a puppy and hopefully that will all turn out nicely.

Happy International Cat Day!!! Do your cats and dogs get along all the time?

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Photography Challenge–Day 12: Pyewicket and Waffles

Today’s photograph is brought to you by the cats again today.

Why are you in there?

One thing that I’ve realized is that when its cold out–the creativity bug bites in different ways. I’m thinking of starting a new afghan, and maybe try to finish making a charm bracelet as well. I love taking photographs, but at the same time I really don’t care for cold temperatures (at least until I can find a decent pair of winter gloves that work with electronics and other things. In other words–I want them to be thin but warm around the finger tips, and warm on the rest of the hands as well.

The two cats that are showcased today are Pyewicket (our calico) and then Waffles (our Russian Blue). Pyewicket is the alpha cat in the house, we had her for about a year and a half before we got Waffles and Pancakes (our breakfast duo). Pyewicket was sitting in the lower half of the cat condo, after racing around the room chasing the red laser light.


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Photography Challenge–Day 1

So one of my challenges to myself is to become a better photographer–whether it is using the iPhone, or a digital (or analog) camera. I’m currently saving up to buy a more complex digital camera that the one I currently have–mainly because I’d like a camera that has a slightly better zoom, and hopefully takes better pictures at night). The challenge is to try to take (and post) a picture every day (or at least every other day) for 365 days.

Waffles Sleeping under the Christmas tree

So day one of the challenge (actually the picture was from yesterday), is of our Russian Blue cat Waffles sleeping in the cat/dog bed under the Christmas tree. The bed is usually sitting on the log holder, but since we were having a fire, it was placed under the tree, and doesn’t she look angelic?? This is one half of the breakfast duo, and a third of the a$$hat 500 derby team that races through the house at night, or really when ever the mood strikes them.

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