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Photography Challenge Day 11: Remembering Chewi

It’s slightly sad, but fitting that it has taken me two years to finish your collage.

Your passing was the one that came from left field–while we knew your time was coming, we weren’t expecting it so soon after losing Piranha.

It has been two years since I had to say goodbye to Chewi—her cancer had progressed to the point that it was far more humane to let her go to the rainbow bridge, than trying to keep her here with me.

We adopted Chewi in June of 2002—technically she was suppose to be my younger brother’s dog, but since he was recovering from hip surgery—I was the one that did the nightly dog training (she slept with me and I took her out at night as needed). Pretty soon it was apparent that I ‘stole’ her as she bonded with me a little more than with my younger brother (but he got a puppy the following year from friends up in Wisconsin).

Chewi turned out to be a golden retriever/chow mix—but she was the sweetest dog there was; she never met a stranger that she didn’t want to say hello to, and up until it was time to let her go, she acted far younger than her years.

Chewi investigating the snow in Boston

When we went for walks, she had one speed—warp. She wanted to explore everything and anything, and loved splashing in the water. Boomer Lake was a blast for her, as she could get a drink, get wet and make bubbles. When we took her up to Lake Vermilion—she enjoyed the water there as well. While she did find the yellowjack nest—she only showed minimum signs of pain from the numerous wasp stings she sustained on her nose.

Chewi enjoying a dip in Boomer Lake

She was a one of the kind dog—while I never got her DNA sequenced, we realized that she was unique when she continued to play as normal after getting spayed. We actually had to take her back into the vets to get her stitches repaired—it was then that we realized that her pain receptors must have been mutated as she never really showed any signs of pain.

She saw me through the final few years of undergrad, all of graduate school, and then

managed to see more the country than me when I decided to take a postdoc position in Boston. Since I have anxiety issues with driving, I hired pet movers to take her and Pancakes (my cat) out to Boston for me—they got to see the country, as they traveled both west and east on the move out there and then the move back home two years later.

Anyone in there??

I do regret that move—only because she became the only dog for two years and I didn’t have a roommate—so there was no other human around during the hours that I was at work and in hindsight that wasn’t totally fair to her (though she did have Pancakes for company).

During our time together, we walked around Boomer Lake countless times, explored various parts of the neighborhoods where we lived in Boston, enjoyed traveling (though she did insist on sitting on my lap in the car), and being outdoors.

I know that last year she and the others that have crossed over the rainbow bridge helped guide my hand in adopting Chaos right before Christmas (I mean his foster family had even named him Chewy). He seems to share numerous traits with those that have passed; that it feels like there is a small portion of them here with me now (though I know Chaos is a dog into his own right).

So, Chewi girl if you’re looking down from the bridge—remember I love you, I miss you, I haven’t replaced you, and I will see you someday at the bridge.

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National Mutt Day

Happy National Mutt Day!! This is one of the two days of the year that are dedicated to the mix breed dogs that usually wind up in animal shelters hoping to get adopted. Most of our dogs have been mix breeds, that we either adopted from shelters or from friends (though there was one that we did pay a little more on to buy). I know that there are people that have allergies so they need dogs with shorter fur or that shed less (so in those cases are willing to spend the money on a “pure bred” dog), but I think in truth if you aren’t going to be breeding dogs (for show, hunting, or sled racing) you should go to the pound and adopt. Some of our mutts have crossed over the rainbow bridge, and some are still with us, though two of them are getting up there in the years. I know that after Chewi passes, it will take me a while before I decide to get another dog, but I will and I know that I will go to the local animal shelter and adopt another lovable ball of fuzz that will hopefully be with me for another fifteen or sixteen years.


Remember: Adopt, don’t shop.

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Woof Wednesday (Short Post)

Today’s picture collage is brought to you by the canines.  It seems that lately I’ve managed to catch all three of the dogs either sleeping or just laying around being lazy.

                 Woof Wednesday

Chewi usually lays around like the Sphinx guarding the room (or the hallway) to make sure that she knows where everyone is at all times. Boozer, usually just sacks out on the couch (or occasionally the floor, depending on who else is laying on the couch). Piranha usually has part of the love seat, either couch, or under the table (and occasionally in front of the mirror). It’s hard to believe that in a month, Chewi will be sixteen; early July Piranha will be fifteen, and then Boozer will be seven in October.

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Photography Challenge Day 54: Chewi

Well today’s photograph is brought to you by Chewi. Chewi is the eldest dog in the house, as she will be sixteen the end of May. I know a lot of people ask about her name (especially when they hear me call her Chewbecca—yes, I know that the Chewi in the movies is male, and I’m perfectly aware of the fact that my dog is female).

She got her name Chewi, because she chewed on just about everything when she was a puppy. She is the responsible party for the reason why the ficus isn’t as large as it could be (as she had chewed off two-thirds of it). She also hasn’t met a tomato that she isn’t willing to eat.

Chewi lounging around this evening

I also call her Chewbecca, because as a puppy she was a little fuzz butt. She has been able to maintain that youthful puppy personality for quite awhile and it has only really been within the past year that she is starting to slow down just a little. The last time we went for a walk around Boomer Lake, it took us a little longer than usual, mainly because Chewi didn’t have her normal speed and attitude for the long walk. Now I know that when we go up there, we’ll do a short walk, she can splash in the water (because what retriever doesn’t love water), and then we’ll head back to the house.

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