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Photography Challenge Day 136: Stormy skies

So the winner of today’s photography challenge was the sky. One has to love summer weather–in the morning it was warm and humid, and not that many clouds in the sky. Shortly after lunch it was starting to look a little dark outside.

Dark clouds rolled in this afternoon.

The storm clouds were rolling through town, though this picture doesn’t show the uniqueness of all the storm clouds rolling through each other. One nice thing about the storms–the temperatures dropped basically twenty degrees in a short span of time. We also got almost half an inch of rain through out the town as well.

Summer weather looks to be here–next week they’re claiming triple digits for several days, and upper nineties for the rest of the time. While I don’t like thunderstorms during the day (mainly when I’m at work)–I won’t be to adverse to them if they break the humidity and/or lower the temperatures by about twenty to thirty degrees.

I will have to see if I’m able to capture any pictures of fireflies this year at night in the backyard.

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Walk at Boomer Lake: Photography Challenge Day 27

So today’s photos are from my afternoon walk at Boomer Lake. Since we’re going to be coming into spring, I should hopefully be getting back into the routine of doing a small walk in the mornings (mainly to catch the sunrise) on the weekends. Right now it’s still a little too chilly and I’d rather drink a nice hot cup of coffee and watch the sunrise.

Today was a perfect late winter/early spring day—mainly sunny with a few clouds and not that much of a breeze, with the temperatures in the mid fifties.

Wispy clouds in the sky.

Since it was only partly cloudy–the clouds were more wispy today. Though there were some of the more fatter clouds, but I was more in the mood to take pictures of the wispy clouds. If I had to guess the type of cloud, I would have to go with the cirrus clouds, since it does look a little like a horse’s tail.

One thing I’ve noticed with doing a walk at any other time other than dawn, the odds of seeing a great blue heron is usually pretty slim. I know in part its due to their hunting (they do change locations during the day), but also it is due to the amount of traffic at the lake–when it is really crowded I don’t see any, when it is moderately crowded I may see one or two (like I did today–though I think it was the same one that I saw twice).

Great Blue Heron watching the geese.

There were also numerous turtles out sunning themselves on the different branches throughout the park. I managed to get pictures of at least four different groups of turtles as I walked around the lake (I do know that later in the day is better timing to see the reptiles and amphibians at the lake). I’m still hoping that at some point this year that I can see the beaver(s) at the lake–you can tell that they are around, but so far I haven’t seen them.

There are also red-wing blackbirds coming back into the area. The robins are migrating through, and I think the double-crested cormorants are also migrating back through as well. The gulls and terns are gathering as well to head back towards their summer habitats. I’m hoping this spring to get a picture of the white pelicans as they make a brief stopover at Boomer Lake.

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Pretty Clouds in the sky: Photography Challenge day 22

Wispy clouds in the sky

So today’s photo is of the clouds in the sky as I was leaving work. Today had been a fairly cloudy and overcast day so I was happy when the sun had come out for a while during the day (especially since it’s suppose to rain for the next two days). I liked the way the clouds looked wispy in the sky. I know that there are several different types of clouds, but since I’m not a meteorologist I’m not going to try to name them (though if I were to hazard a guess—I’d say they were cirrus clouds).

So what are some little facts about clouds?

The basic definition of a cloud is that it is “an aerosol consisting of a visible mass of minute liquid droplets, frozen crystals, or other particles suspended in the atmosphere of a planetary body.” The droplets & crystals may be composed of water, various other chemicals or a combination of them.

Clouds are also named based on their location in the sky, with there being nine different types of clouds:

Stratocumulus, stratus, and cumulus—all are usually below 6,000 feet

Altocumulus and altostratus—range from 6,000 to 20,000 feet

Cirrocumulus, cirrus, and cirrostratus—are above 18,000 feet

Cumulonimbus can range from near the ground (so below 6,000 feet) to above 50,000 feet.

Now that I’ve been reminded that there are different types of clouds, I think I’m going to see if I can get a picture of each type of cloud throughout the year.


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Photography Challenge Day 17: Clouds through the branches (short post)

Clouds through the tree branches

So today I decided I’d look up to the sky again for inspiration for today’s photograph. Since it is also just a few weeks until spring (hopefully), I decided to get a picture of the clouds through the branches. These trees will hopefully soon be covered in leaf buds, though the hackberry is always a late bloomer in terms of leafing out in the spring.

I’m hoping that the winter weather that we’ve been having lately won’t have done that much damage on some of the plants that started to bud out already–namely flowers, but there are some bushes that also look to have some flower buds on them. But at least with the bright blue sky–there is hope that spring is around the corner (and hopefully not hiding behind any more winter storms).

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Clouds: Photography challenge day 16

Clouds over campus……

So it’s starting to warm up a little, though I’m sure Mother Nature will dash the hopes for spring with some type of winter storm at the end of the month or early April.

It’s hard at times during the day to find time to practice photography when you’re working a eight to five job on a college campus (and your job keeps you indoors basically that entire time). So now I’m trying to remind myself to even look out the windows and up at the sky–clouds have always fascinated me, as they seem to change shapes at times when gliding across the sky.

That is one of the things that I like to do during the summer–look up at the clouds and try to determine if they resemble something or not.
The clouds today were a reminder that one should be outside and enjoying nature whenever you can.

I know that pretty soon spring will come, and then it will be summer–and summers in Oklahoma are usually cloudless for the most part (hot, humid, and not that cloudy). So I’m thinking that I will start taking pictures of clouds that I find interesting, or just as a reminder to look up every so often as well.

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