The pond is basically frozen over.

Well we had an “wind chill” day off from work/school. The latest winter storm that came through the state dropped the wind chill below zero this morning, and everyone decided it was better to close for the day than open late.

Then I went out to fill the back bird feeder for both the birds and squirrels and noticed that the pond was basically frozen over. This happens every so often during the winter months, and at least once every couple of years. Though it’s happened twice in the past two years.

The pond on January 18, 2018

This other picture was from the pond back in January of last year–when it also had the additional problem of leaves and slime clogging the pump motor, the bubbler wasn’t bubbling as high as it should have been.

I know that within a week or so the pond will be unfrozen, as we creep closer to the spring equinox, though I’m wondering if we’re going to get a few spring snowstorms still with the way the weather has been going.