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National Mutt Day

Happy National Mutt Day!! This is one of the two days of the year that are dedicated to the mix breed dogs that usually wind up in animal shelters hoping to get adopted. Most of our dogs have been mix breeds, that we either adopted from shelters or from friends (though there was one that we did pay a little more on to buy). I know that there are people that have allergies so they need dogs with shorter fur or that shed less (so in those cases are willing to spend the money on a “pure bred” dog), but I think in truth if you aren’t going to be breeding dogs (for show, hunting, or sled racing) you should go to the pound and adopt. Some of our mutts have crossed over the rainbow bridge, and some are still with us, though two of them are getting up there in the years. I know that after Chewi passes, it will take me a while before I decide to get another dog, but I will and I know that I will go to the local animal shelter and adopt another lovable ball of fuzz that will hopefully be with me for another fifteen or sixteen years.


Remember: Adopt, don’t shop.

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Ending of National Pet Week (Short Post)

Well National Pet Week is winding down, and will hand over the “national” week tomorrow to wildflowers.


The final picture for national pet week went to Boozer today. She is the “baby” of the family–she was adopted back in December 2011, and is our second large breed dog–the first was the St. Bernard Speedbump. Boozer is a large breed “mutt”–she is half bearded collie and half great Pyrenees. Which makes her 200% stubborn, and 150% possessive of anything she thinks is hers (including any plastic flamingos that she has decided are chew toys).

She is a sweetheart of a dog (though she does have her issues and problems), and can a handful at times (especially with two elderly dogs in the house), but she has a personality.

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Day 2 of photography challenge: Crabapple blossoms (Short Post)

Here is another spring picture–a close up of some of the blossoms on the short crabapple tree. Hopefully the larger one will also be blossoming soon, and maybe a few fruits (that are hopefully larger than the very small ones that we got last year). This year I’m hopeful since the smaller tree has so many more flowers on it than it did last year.

The crabapple tree is starting to flower

Also in the picture is the collie mix not meaning to photo bomb, but she managed to do it anyway. I’m enjoying seeing all the signs of spring popping up in the yard–the best will be when the rose of Sharons are leaf out and start to flower. When that happens we’ll get out privacy fence back along that part of the yard, so hopefully the dogs won’t be barking at the neighbor’s dogs if she can’t really see them.

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Double Day: Photography Days 51 and 52

Well yesterday was an off day and I forgot to post the photography challenge of the day. So I’m doing a double post today.

The lucky winners are of course the pets.

Boozer snoozing in front of the chair

Since work was canceled early yesterday, Boozer was having to snooze on the rug, as Pancakes (see bottom photo) had taken over the couch.

Boozer peaking over the back of the couch

This morning as I was drinking my morning Shakeology, I noticed that Boozer was peaking over the back of the couch into the dining room at me. I think she was wanting to convince me to stay home and spend time with the animals.

Piranha sleeping on the couch

The second oldest dog, decided that she was going to just lay there and stare blankly at me while I was taking her picture (though I don’t think she actually could see me since there weren’t any shadows for her to go off of). Piranha, being old (she is going to be fifteen come July) is slowly going completely blind, and luckily her sense of smell is still good and that is what is keeping her on her straight and narrow.

Pancake claiming the couch

As mentioned above, Pancakes decided to take over the couch and forced Boozer to sleep on the floor. Pancakes decided that the middle of the couch was her territory for awhile and kept the dogs off the couch for awhile.

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Photography Challenge Day 49: The cats and a dog

I just had to take this picture–Boozer was “sharing” her couch with Pancakes, and then Pyewicket was sleeping above. It isn’t all that often that we’ll find a cat sleeping that close to the youngest dog. Boozer has a habit of wanting to herd everything (and everyone) at some point–or wanting to play with them. The cats, she usually tries to herd out of the room (I think she is still upset with Pyewicket for jumping out of the closet at her when she was a puppy).

They’re sharing the couch (at least for awhile)

Pancake does care who is around when she curls up on the sofa–and she had taken Boozer’s prime spot–the middle cushion. Though she allowed Boozer’s tail to share the cushion with her. Pyewicket was in her usual spot on the top of the couch in the middle, where she can observe everything or just curl up and ignore everything.

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Photography Challenge Day 37: Boozer at the frozen pond (Another Short Post)

Well today barely got up to freezing, which was quite obvious when I went outside after work to fill the bird feeders and saw the pond.

Boozer trying to get a drink at the pond

Our youngest dog Boozer, only drinks out of the pond–she never felt comfortable walking through the kitchen to the laundry area where the water dish is located (the other dogs will drink from both the pond and the water dish). I think she was a little confused by the ice that has started to form on the brick tile that was placed down there for the St. Bernard when she was alive.

The birds like flocking around the waterfall when it works, getting their water and a small bath in at the same time. It will be interesting to see how many more times this winter that the pond freezes over.

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