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Photography Challenge Day 44: Crab Apple Tree blossoms

The small crab apple tree is flowering

So today’s photograph is brought to you by the budding crab apple tree in our backyard.

Crab apple is actually the general name for all other apples other than the ones found in the store (which are all just a variety of eating apples). All apple trees require cross pollination in order for fruit to be produced. The presence of bees and other pollinating insects are essential for the production of fruit by these trees.

The uses of the crab apple tree are numerous—the fruits are small, and depending on the type of tree planted can range from sweet to sour. I’ve forget which crab apple trees we have planted, but I know that my father is wanting to get enough fruit from them to try to make jam. The wood is also used for grilling, smoking, and cooking—as it burns hot and slow. The tree is also popular for those that bonsai as well.



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Day 2 of photography challenge: Crabapple blossoms (Short Post)

Here is another spring picture–a close up of some of the blossoms on the short crabapple tree. Hopefully the larger one will also be blossoming soon, and maybe a few fruits (that are hopefully larger than the very small ones that we got last year). This year I’m hopeful since the smaller tree has so many more flowers on it than it did last year.

The crabapple tree is starting to flower

Also in the picture is the collie mix not meaning to photo bomb, but she managed to do it anyway. I’m enjoying seeing all the signs of spring popping up in the yard–the best will be when the rose of Sharons are leaf out and start to flower. When that happens we’ll get out privacy fence back along that part of the yard, so hopefully the dogs won’t be barking at the neighbor’s dogs if she can’t really see them.

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