Pancakes the cuddler.

So I’m going to try to restart my photography challenge here on the blog. I’ve been doing a daily photo over on instagram, and that for the most part right now is focusing on my nightly tarot/oracle card readings. So the pictures aren’t going to be matching on the different social media sites right now.

The winner of the day 1 photo challenge is Pancakes. She is my almost ten year old domestic short hair cat. She is also the reason why I have learned to work with the laptop at an angle (she demands the lap), and when we move–I’ll have to invest in a table that I can work at, but where she can still sit on my lap.

She enjoys sitting on my lap whenever possible, luckily I have managed to keep her from sitting on my lap while I’m eating at the table. Any other time my lap is fair game and if there is something else on my lap–I better move it quickly or she’ll try to send it flying.

I’m sure that Pancakes and the other two (Waffles and Pyewicket) will be featured throughout my photography challenge along with Boozer, Magnet, and the fish. I will try to intersperse with other topics and choices (in other words, I’ll try not to be the crazy pet person. 🙂 )