So I’ve decided that I’m going to try to switch things up a little and start putting in some inspirational quotes and ideas into my photography challenge as well.

This one (and several others) stood out to me tonight. One reason–is that I am trying to start planning my reboot break, and part of the planning period is to put down as many different things that I would like to get accomplished during my break.

One thing I’ve noticed (as I’m trying to pay more attention to the little voices) is that when I do daydream–it usually how I want to get done with things at work, that way I can be outside in the nice weather. I think that I need to try to fix my daydreams–to where they’re about where I would like to be, and not about where I’m at.

Though when I do daydream about being away from the lab–it’s traveling, writing, nature photography, cooking, crafts, reading, being outdoors, and basically enjoying myself. This is telling me that I should be looking for a job that gives enough vacation time so that I can travel at least once a year (as long as I have pets–I doubt I’ll travel more than maybe three or four weeks out of the year–until I figure out a way to travel with them), and one that I can leave work at work.

I know the type of balance I want in my job, I just need to figure out which scientific path(s) to start investigating to see which one(s) are the best match.

I know that this has gone on a slightly detour from the original–daydreaming is preparation–but that is how my mind is currently moving. It is jumping from one thing to another (sometimes to something that isn’t even there or real).

I had tried to write down five or ten ideas a day (I managed about a week), and then I felt like I couldn’t think of anything else. I’m going to try to do a brain dump this weekend (a probable post coming on that), and once I’ve done that–hopefully get back into a habit of writing at least two to three ideas a day. Then I will pick one and try to flesh it out into a post or even it’s own page (depending on the topic).