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Chewi attempting to sleep: Photography Challenge day 10

Today’s photograph is brought to you by the eldest dog in the house: Chewi. When I was getting ready to leave this morning, I noticed that she was stretched out on the couch in the living room, and I couldn’t resist getting a picture of her. Though she had just opened her eyes I think to try to figure out if I was still in the house or if I’d left for work already.

Really—I’m trying to sleep

Chewi is aging gracefully–most people have a hard time when I tell them her age. When we were out in Boston, people thought she was only maybe three or four (she was eight when we moved out there and ten when we moved back). At the end of next month (May) she will be turning sixteen. She is starting to slow down a little, and having other issues as well (needing soft food mixed in with the dry food, treats in smaller pieces [mainly if its cheese that she doesn’t usually chew]), but other than that she is still the same goofy dog that has made life interesting over the past almost sixteen years.

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Day two of photography challenge

While I didn’t manage to actually be able to take a picture today–one it was too cold outside to do any type of outdoor photography, and while there are few things inside at work I could have taken a picture of–the times I walked passed them I usually had my hands full or I forgot that I wanted to take the photos.

Chewi sleeping on the dog bed

So day two of the challenge is a picture of another one of our pets–this time my dog Chewi (named because 1–she chewed on everything as a puppy, and 2–as a puppy she was a little ball of fuzz and looked slightly like Chewbecca from Star Wars [and yes I know that that Chewi was male and mine is female]). She always likes to curl up where she can keep an eye on where everyone is–though yesterday morning, she just wanted to catch a few extra zzzs.

She is a little over fifteen, and just starting to slow down a little–I’d always joke that she only had two speeds–Mach 1 and warp. She actually bent a metal stake one year on vacation when she lunged after a rabbit while tied out in a relative’s side yard. So now whenever the weather warms up enough for a walk around the neighborhood lake, I have to remember that we can no longer do the entire route, like we could even a year or two ago–in dog years she is 100 (give or take, since she is a mix), and finally realizing that point.

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