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Wednesday Wisdom

Today’s daily dose of inspiration/wisdom is a somewhat simple, but complex statement. It’s simple in the fact that it’s something we all say to either ourselves or to someone else, when they have a problem. It is also simple in the fact that it totally makes sense, and seems like in practice it should be as simple as just saying that you’re going to change something.

                    Wednesday Wisdom

I can think of several things that I currently don’t like something of. I currently don’t like the fact that I’m out of shape and basically back to grad school weight. I don’t like the fact that I’m possibly going to be out of a job within eight months, and I’m having anxiety attacks thinking of venturing into the “unknown” of industry. I also don’t like the fact that I’m becoming extremely jaded and cynical when it comes to the state of affairs in the state I’m living in, the US, and the world in general.

I know I need to change things–but I also know that the change for them are also going to be a slow process, one that may or may not look like progress to the outside world. I’m slowly getting back into a fitness and nutrition routine (slowly trying to get back on track for working out six days a week; and if I can go without cookies or candy–I consider it a good day). I know that once I get the nutrition in check, the pounds will start coming off–I just need to try to keep eating minimally processed foods, and start eating more fruits & veggies.

I’m slowly networking and working on my transition plan for getting into industry. I actually just read another article today that had a list of books that the author read while going through their own career transition. So I went ahead and bought those books–so my to-be read “pile” on my kindle in terms of personal/professional development books is now sitting somewhere around 108 books that I want to read by Sept 2020. I’m actually probably going to be reading these newer books sooner rather than later in hopes that they help me pick the industry path that I want to go on, as hiring is up right now and it’s a good time to try to transition into industry.

As far as trying to curb my jadedness and cynicism–I need to keep up with my meditations, listening to music, and remembering that with every dark period of human history–the sun came out sooner or later. I’ll just keep my fingers cross that it is sooner rather than later.

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Double Friday: Photography Challenge and Motivation

So today’s photography challenge is another snapshot of a motivational saying I found somewhere on the internet and then repackaged it for myself.

One of the things I’ve realized over the last few months, is that I can’t attach my progress to whether or not other people notice it. I know they’ll notice if I point it out, or if its obvious (say sticking with a workout regime and eating better–the weight and inches will slowly start coming off).

So I’ve been setting small goals and keeping track of them in my bullet/normal journal. I’ve decided that there are a few areas that I do need to try to think long term on (namely what type of industry position do I want to start going for), but for other things–short term is better, as it is easier to define and know that “I want to accomplish [X] by this day” and be able to check those days off a calendar.

A little motivation as we go into the weekend

My latest goal so far has been to stick with beachbody workouts, and I’ve managed that for the past two weeks. I’m not sticking with any one program, but making my own little hybrid calendar and going off of that. But its been two weeks straight of workouts, and I’ve started to increase the weights on the barbells (we’ll see how I feel in the morning).

So, while I will share my goals–I may or may not share the time frame for them. That way, while I will have the accountability of announcing them, there won’t be the “extra” strain or stress of wondering if I don’t meet the time frame what will others think.


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