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It’s not a weed–it’s an herb: National Dandelion Day

It is also going to be the start of yet another photography challenge. I’ve decided yesterday that while I’m going to try to do another 365 day photography challenge, the main rule will be all pictures have to be from this year forward with a few exceptions (such as way-back Wednesdays, throw-back Thursdays, and flash-back Fridays).

So every day (hopefully) will be a ‘new’ picture for 2021-forward, unless on Wed/Thur/Fri I can’t decide on a ‘new’ picture and decide to do a ‘older picture’ from 2020-earlier.

Dandelions in the yard

Did you know that April 5th is also National Dandelion Day?

While many people consider dandelions to be ‘weeds’ and invasive plants–it is actually an herb.

Dandelion seeds ready to disperse

Dandelions have the ability to grow just about anywhere and can be found on every continent except for Antarctica.

While they may ‘interrupt’ the esthetics of a manicured lawn–they actually have numerous benefits, such as being rich in vitamins A, B, C, and D.

The leaves of the flower are edible and have been used in both soups and salads.

The flowers have also been brewed into wines and teas as well.

Native Americans use the flower for medicinal purposes as well.

Some of those medicinal purposes can include reducing inflammation, aiding in digestion, boosting the immune system, regulating blood sugar, and possibly reducing cholesterol.

Dandelions in the yard

I remember picking numerous dandelions in middle school and learning how to make paper from them in art class–something I may try to do again this spring/summer as a fun little craft project.

We leave dandelions growing in our yard–in part to help the insects (such as honeybees), but also because they’re green and are helping to keep the dirt and dust from coming into the house. They hardy enough to handle dogs running over them constantly.

Do you see dandelions as a weed to be removed from the yard or as a flower/herb that grows where it wants?

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Photography Challenge Day 64: The ornamental onion has flowered

Today’s winner of the photography challenge is the ornamental onion that we have planted in the yard. Luckily it is a perennial and comes back year after year—though if I’m still around in the fall I might try to get some more bulbs and plant some more. That way next spring/summer can have others come up with hopefully different colors.

One of the ornamental onions has flowered

These flowers are actually numerous small flowers that together look to make a larger “flower” that will hopefully attract some honeybees to the yard.

Close-up of an ornamental onion flower’s flower

These plants are nice to plant in areas that you want to deter rodents (for us—that’s mainly the moles, as the squirrels give the dogs exercise and rabbits know not to come into the yard), as most rodents don’t care for the taste of onions.

So in the fall if I remember to get some more bulbs (and if I’m still at home) I’m going to plant them in other areas of the yard to help deter the moles out of the backyard. I will also get some more daffodil bulbs and plant those as well (since they’re also a nice mole determent). But spring is here to stay and I’m sure that summer will be knocking at the door anytime.

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Photography Challenge Day 46: Magnolia flowers

Flowers on a magnolia tree

Today’s photograph (and short post) is brought to you by the flowering magnolia trees on campus.

These magnolia trees actually lose their leaves every year–which is one reason why at times I forget that they have gorgeous flowers in the spring. The flowers are all a nice dark lavender color and the leaves area also starting to pop out as well. Half the time I’m calling these tulip trees–because the flowers do resemble tulips–but on a tree.

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Photography Challenge Day 44: Crab Apple Tree blossoms

The small crab apple tree is flowering

So today’s photograph is brought to you by the budding crab apple tree in our backyard.

Crab apple is actually the general name for all other apples other than the ones found in the store (which are all just a variety of eating apples). All apple trees require cross pollination in order for fruit to be produced. The presence of bees and other pollinating insects are essential for the production of fruit by these trees.

The uses of the crab apple tree are numerous—the fruits are small, and depending on the type of tree planted can range from sweet to sour. I’ve forget which crab apple trees we have planted, but I know that my father is wanting to get enough fruit from them to try to make jam. The wood is also used for grilling, smoking, and cooking—as it burns hot and slow. The tree is also popular for those that bonsai as well.



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Flowers are blooming: Photography Challenge Day 30

The quints bush is flowering

Well spring is right around the corner and flowers are coming up and opening. Flowers are also opening on bushes, trees, and elsewhere as well. This is one of my favorite times of the year—when things start to green out again. Winter is just a dreary season of sticks, and cold weather. The snow can be pretty for awhile, but then it gets old fast.

So I’ve noticed that there have been several different flowers popping up over the weekend, and that some of the bushes have flowered out as well.

The peach bush has flowered

It’s nice this year that the ornamental peach bush has flowered. Hopefully the weather will stay nice and there might be some cute little peaches to pick off the bush towards the end of the summer.

There were even some wildflowers blooming up at the lake this weekend:

Cute little purple-blue wildflower

Other flowers in the yard include the anemones and daffodils


Hopefully this will be a nice summer and spring with things blooming when they’re suppose to, and maybe–just maybe I can figure out where to put in the flower garden this year.

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Flowers: Double duty post, and a possible short one at that….

Well it is nice to see that even though we’ve had two weekends in a row that have been chillier than normal, with the evening lows dipping down into the “killing freeze” zone–there are still some plants in the yard that have managed to keep their flowers.


We have this one bush that is close to the house in the backyard (it was planted in one of the many holes that the dogs dug–which pretty much explains the landscaping scheme in the backyard), so that close proximity might have been enough to keep it “warm” those few nights that the temperatures dipped down in the mid-to upper twenties.

So I think that spring is actually trying to establish a foothold this week–trees are actually starting to show signs of leaves coming out, and some of the late blooming/flowering bushes are also starting to show signs of leaves. So we will see how much things pop after the rain that we’re suppose to be getting tonight through tomorrow.

One of the interesting things about this particular bush, is that it goes through several rounds each year of shedding leaves and having new ones pop out–I’m going to have to wait until after the flowers fall off and it goes into its first round of shedding before giving it a “haircut” so that we can walk past it without being scratched (it also has tiny little thorns on every branch as well), and that way it will also be out of the range of some of the dogs that walk through that area as well.

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Photography Day 6: Flowers in the yard (Shortish Post)

The pictures today are brought to you by the yard work and the nice weather. Decided that today was going to be the day that I tackled the major yard project in the front yard: thinning out the decorative grass around the maple tree; and with the help of my father we got it done in one day. Because if it was going to be just me–it would have been at least a two weekend project (especially since tomorrow is suppose to be chilly).

Dark Purple Violet

The violets in the yard ranged in color from the above dark purple, to the more lighter purple below.

Light Purple Violet

And then in the back yard…….. There were the flowers on various bushes and trees…..

Peach Blossoms

And in the back yard, there were still some blossoms on the peach bush that I was able to get a better picture of, and then the crab apple flowers actually started to open up this weekend as well.

Crab Apple Blossoms


Clover and a yellow flower

And then there were the random small yellow flowers in the yard–though now that I’m looking at some of the leaves around it, this could be a “wild strawberry”–which has no taste, but makes a decent ground cover in the spring and summer. Also there are all the clover as well that we have growing in the back yard.

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Double duty: Days 4 & 5 of photography challenge (Short Post)

Well realized this morning that I forgot to post a picture last night for yesterday’s photography challenge. So I decided to do a flashback to an photo that I took last Friday. These are some of the bell shaped flowers that I’d planted a couple of years ago, and only a few are still coming back this year.

More spring flowers

These guys though decided to play it tricky and they didn’t grow that tall before they flowered. I almost had to get down on my knees to be able to get the picture of the flowers. I really the way the purple and yellow mix on the flowers, and just realized that maybe I should try to get a closer picture of the flower buds (something to put on tomorrow’s to-do list).

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