Oops–forgot to post these pictures and movie yesterday. So for the sixth day of the photography challenge, I took some pictures of the frozen aquatic landscape around the house. The temperatures for the past week have been so cold, that really anything that has water, that isn’t moving at a fairly decent clip is frozen (though I’m sure as I’m typing this, its all thawed out).

The frozen Stillwater creek that flows next to the house.

There is a small runoff creek that runs next to the house (and usually is dry majority of the time), but the little bit of rain and other types of condensation have allowed for a small amount of water to pool and flow through the creek. It is just such a mellow flowing creek, that it froze over during the past week.

Still photo of the little bubbler that could

Our little pond had basically frozen over, though the bubbler was still trying to get water out and up, but it looks like it is in a little protective coat with the way that the water would be freezing. It was nice that it didn’t totally freeze over, as this is the main spot that our collie mix goes to get water when she is thirsty.

Below is a video that I took of the bubbler working as hard as it could–hence the name of the video–the bubbler that could (a spin on the little engine that could).


The bubbler that could

I know that ice and low temperatures go hand in hand with winter, and that I shouldn’t be surprised if this happens a couple more times this winter and I won’t be if it does. I’m just hoping that there really won’t be any type of snow or ice days–because if you live in the south, you know that most of these states have no idea how to deal with those issues, and I don’t need those types of headaches this year.