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Update on Aquarius Full Moon Goals

Well August is almost over, and depending on how you divide up the year, we have either a little over a quarter of the year left, or just a third of a year left. Time does go by at it’s own speed, which seems to be extremely slow Monday through Wednesday, and then flies by Thursday through Sunday. But anyway, the moon is continuing to make it’s way through the various constellations, having gone through Cancer, Aquarius, Leo, and will be entering Pisces later this weekend.

So I’d answered some questions from “Moonology: working the magic of lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland, in terms of my current mentality in how I deal with certain things. Also looking at the answers, I could probably go back and maybe answer slightly differently as I’ve also been reading The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin, and have realized that my tendency is that of a questioner that leans towards the rebel. But lets look at the goals that I set for the last full moon period and how I did with them:

So the first goal was to continue with LIIFT4 (the resistance/HIIT combo program that will be getting released Oct 1st from Beachbody; I bought early access to the program). I will be finishing up week 5 today, and starting week 6 on Monday. There are only three weeks left in the program, and while I haven’t lost a ton of weight—I am starting to see more muscle definition in my arms and I can even get into a size 12 pair of capris that I haven’t been able to fit into since I bought them a couple of years ago.

I still need to renew a couple of my professional memberships this weekend (I’ve been trying to figure out which two to renew—since they’re all expensive currently I’m only going to probably do two out of the three, I just have to decide which two to do). I’m also going to see joining one that is outside my area and consider that a “blue” event that I could also possibly go to as well.

I have made progress with my transition plan this pass month—the universe has given me several big signs that it’s time to move on from both academia and research (possibly more on this topic later), so I’m currently thinking of a project manager position (slight research, but away from the bench), going to the marketing side, data analysis, or trying to go information specialist.

The balance between life (meeting up with friends, crafting, things like that) and the job search/work/professional development aspects is still a work in progress. I’ve realized that I need to set little goals (like “x” amount of time doing programming for “x” days/weeks will then equal me getting an hidden objects game or an e-book), to be able to actually stick with something. So that is something I’m going to still be working on.

But for the most part, I made progress on each of the goals that I set during the last full moon. I’m starting to listen more the cues of the universe and my intuition and have realized that if I don’t find something by the end of my current contract, being unemployed isn’t a bad thing—but would then give me more time to focus on trying to find that exact match for me and to also work on side projects as well.

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Aquarius Full Moon Goals

Well we’re basically to the end of July (which means there are only five months left in the year). I really do wish that time would just slow down a little—I mean I could swear that yesterday was Memorial Day and a three-day weekend. Anyway the moon has spun through Capricorn, and Cancer constellations and will be entering into Aquarius. And with this transition, there is also going to be a solar eclipse (that I won’t be able to see since it won’t be visible from the US).

So to begin, I’m going to take a look at “Moonology: working the magic of lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland, to see what questions one can be asking themselves during this Aquarius full moon:

Have I been pragmatic to the point of losing the romance of life?

Have I been living too much in my head and not enough in my heart?

Have I been trying to do things my way, just for the sake of it?

Have I been trying too hard to befriend people, and for the wrong reasons?

Have I allowed myself to move forward this month?

So with numbering the above questions 1-5, I think that my answers would be as following:

  • I’m not really sure how to answer this one. I’ve never been in a relationship—I was picked on through out public school, and then I was concentrating on classes and working throughout my undergrad and grad school times. When I moved to Boston for my first postdoc—I was focused on trying to find a balance between work and life (and never really did find it). After coming home, I’ve been focused on trying to determine what my career is going to be (probably to the determent of having a social life). Plus I figured that I’d only be back for a couple of years, and I don’t want to have to deal with the idea of a long distance relationship. So my answer would have to be maybe???
  • Yes, I probably have been living too much in my head and not enough in my heart. It’s just easier that way right now. I don’t have the energy to try to figure out what my next career path is going to be and try to balance that with a social life. I know that I probably should be a little more social (would probably help in dealing with social anxiety)—I just don’t have the energy right now to do it.
  • I think the answer to this question depends on the context of the question. What things are we referring to? At work there really is only one way of doing most things when it comes to setting up the reactions and getting the plate run on the machine. Cooking and cleaning?? Maybe I do things my way, but that’s just because that’s how I like to do things. So I think that this question can be misleading. I know that things change and there can be faster and quicker ways of doing things—the question one has to ask themselves is this: Is the new way more cost effective than the old (in terms of certain science practices), and what would happen if we ran out of money (is there someone that can do it the old way)?
  • I don’t think that I’ve been trying too hard to befriend people, and for the wrong reasons. I know that to get forward in industry, one has to network. The networking can take time depending on how many conversations you have between the two of you before you are able to send your request for an informational interview or a referral. I know that I’ve had people reach out to connect with me on Linkedin, and then almost right away ask for help in their job search. When this happens I politely say no that I don’t know of any openings and wait to see what their response is.
  • In terms of moving forward this month—I’m hoping to move forward in terms of my transition plan. While I think that my current job is secure until sometime next year, I do need to aim to be somewhere else by April of next year (this is currently 9 months off). I’m doing LIIFT4, so I’m also trying to move forward with my workout schedule and trying to get back into shape as well.

So this transition of the moon through Aquarius is also having it pass through my fourth house or home and family zone. This can be a time to where we can make changes to where we live, work on any issues we might have with family, and again try to find balance between one’s personal life and one’s career. For me this basically means still working on my transition plan to move into industry but at the same time trying to keep a balance to where I’m not spending all my time outside of work working on it (I can probably do some stuff during the day at work [like read coding books to figure out how to set up a webpage and things like that]).

So my goals for this full moon period include:

  • Continuing with LIIFT4 (currently I’d be ending week 2; so that by the time that we get to the next new moon—I should be through week 4).
  • Renew some professional memberships (and possibly see about joining one that is slightly outside my area of expertise so that I could possibly go to a “blue networking event”).
  • Continue working on my transition plan (there are some areas that I think I need to freshen up or redo; which is why this transition plan document is over forty pages).
  • Strive to find that balance between work/job searching/and trying to have a life (socializing, crafting, spending time with my animals).
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Goals for the Sagittarius Full Moon

Well another month is almost over, and the moon has moved from Scorpio (the last full moon), through Taurus (the previous new moon) and is now entering the Sagittarius constellation.

So questions one can ask themselves during this two week period include**:

Have I been too flippant, or carefree to the point of being carless, or even irresponsible?

Have I been letting myself down by allowing myself to get distracted & bored?

Have I been overconfident to the point of arrogance or too preachy?

Have I been a commitment-phobe, to my own detriment?

Have I been seeing the bigger picture?


**All questions are from “Moonology: Working with the magic of lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland

If I were to answer the above questions (numbering them 1-5), I think that my answers would be:

  • I have been rather flippant in terms of trying to successfully navigate my transition from academia to industry. There are things that I should be doing daily, and I either don’t schedule the time to do them, or I keep putting them off (to the point that I forget what I was wanting to get done). I need to start managing my daily time better and setting aside an hour or two for both working on my industry transition but also my other side hustles (writing content for the blog and working on my beachbody business).
  • Yes I have been letting myself down by allowing myself to get distracted & bored. I need to focus on the things that I want to get done (transitioning into industry, and building my beachbody business and getting more visitors to my blog). I also need to commit to my health and fitness as well.
  • No I don’t think that I’ve been overconfident to the point of arrogance (might be a little smug with the step goals that I’m setting—but not arrogant as I know there are people who are walking a lot more than that a day).
  • Yes I have been a commitment phobe—I still have the fall set for transitioning into an industry position (and now that is like three to five months away), and I still haven’t been putting in the amount of time and work that is required to actually hit that goal.
  • My bigger picture right now is my digital vision board that I see daily when I’m on my laptop. That picture is something that I’m still working towards and I know that it could change and evolve as I start getting closer to some of the goals and start adding new ones to the list.

So those are just some things to think about with the coming full moon. This full moon also is within my second house (which is also the cash, property, and values zone). So basically this is the two week time period to focus on trying to ensure that there aren’t that many financial dramas and if there are—trying to find a solution.

So one of my big goals is trying to ensure that I have my credit card debt down to a level that I can pay off the credit cards basically monthly (there is only one that still will have payments, but that is due to several large purchases this past month). Trying to keep the credit card debt down has been a goal ever since I moved back from Boston (and I had a large amount of credit card debt from the little over two years I was out there).

So my goals for this period:

Setting up the next months budget (and checking to see what I have preordered), and checking to see where all the credit cards are in terms of balances.

Continue working on my transition plan for moving from academia to industry (narrowing down the jobs/areas and networking and trying to set up informational interviews).

Focusing on ways that I can start connecting more with people and start trying to build up my beachbody business.

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Scorpio Full Moon Goals: The First House

So the month of April is winding down, and the moon has moved through various constellations over the last two weeks (the last new moon was in Aries), and now it is entering the constellation Scorpio. So with sticking with the theme of going with my rising sign (and not my star/sun sign)—this full moon has entered my 1st house, or my image zone.

So what this means, is that over the next two week I should also be focusing on myself and what I need. This is a time, where if I need help I shouldn’t be afraid to ask for it; also I shouldn’t be afraid to say no either—if I’m super busy I can calmly tell people that sorry, can’t help today maybe some other time. I also need to focus on my health and fitness—this may be the time where I order some new workout clothes, or go and get a haircut (just doing something for me for no other reason than its for me).

So some goals for this particular period are:


To find happiness daily (it could be seeing a wild animal on the walk to the bus stop, flowers opening, clouds in the sky). Also practice happiness—try not to complain about things that I can’t change.

To continue working on getting my health and fitness routine back on track, but also forgive myself for the times that I slip.

To finalize my choices for the type of industry positions that I want to be possibly trying to transition into by the fall.

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