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Gemini New Moon Goals

So the moon is transitioning through Gemini today, as it marks its new phase. We’ve entered June, and I’m sure somehow it will seem like its August before I get this post done. Pretty soon we will getting to the longest day of the year, then the days will be getting shorter, and then the year will half over.

So what are some of the things that one can focus on during the Gemini new moon?

            Think about how you communicate with others.


            Socialize more.

            See your siblings.

            Read more.

But then I should also look to see what house the new Gemini moon is moving through as well. So the new moon in Gemini is also moving through my eighth house, or my “sex and shared finances”. This zone can also be referred to as the money & relationship zone (or at least that is how I think of it). So what are some of the things that one can do during this time in regards to the eighth house?

            Pay off a loan (or take one out).

            Open a savings account and make your first deposit.

            Cancel a credit card you know you can’t afford.

            Ask for a pay raise (but really only if you believe you might get it).

            Refinance your mortgage.

            Talk dirty to your partner.

            Try a sexual position for the first time.

I find it a little amusing that two new moons in a row have aspects that deal with relationships—and I’m determined not to be in one currently. Basically to restate what I said last month: I don’t have the time or energy to put into the dating scene and finding someone. In terms of relationships and being with someone—I seem to be one of the odd ones that doesn’t mind being alone and unattached. I also know that I have other things to work out on my own before even attempting to stick my toes into the dating pool.

So in terms of things one can do for the eighth house:

I have a savings account already (with a decent amount in it).

Currently I can afford to pay all my credit cards off (I try to keep them low).

I don’t own a house—so trying to refinance is not necessary.

I don’t have any loans (and currently not thinking of taking one out).

There are no pay raises being given this year due to the budget (yet another reason to get out of academia).

And finally, I’m not in a relationship—so the last two aren’t even on my radar.

So my goals for the Gemini new moon include:

            I’m going to put making a financial plan back on the list. I’ve realized that I’m not getting any younger, and that there are still things that I either want to do (travel more for leisure) or will need to be doing (moving for a new job) that will require having a decent amount of money saved and/or invested.

            Try to get back into meditating nightly (I got out of the habit last month, and I need to try to get back into it again).

            Read at least three more non-fiction books (out of the large list that I have going).

I’m going to try to focus on my mental and financial health during this new moon period.

The goals might seem a little repetitive, and it may seem to others that I’m not making progress between months/years—but slow and steady is the way to go and again, not everything is publicaly shared.

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Update on Gemini New Moon Goals

Well we’ve moved out of Gemini, through Capricorn and this week the moon will be entering into the constellation of Cancer. So before going into the next house, I’m going to try to reflect back on the time that the moon spent in Gemini.

So during that two-week period (from new moon to full moon), the moon was moving through my 8th house or zone: which was the Sex and Shared Finances Zone. As I mentioned last month, for me it should be called the Sexless and Shared Finances Zone. I’m not in any relationship, and truthfully not looking to meet/date anyone right now either. I may try to correct this once I’ve moved on to the next job, but currently I don’t mind being single—and if I want something steamy—I have plenty of romance novels I can read.

So as far as the finance goals that I set for the last half of June, they included: 1) making a budget for the last half of June and starting one for July; 2) limiting purchases on campus to no more than 3 days a week; and 3) look into ways of increasing my retirement account (without decreasing my savings or paycheck).

So how did I do with those goals?

  • The budget—didn’t happen—though I did make note of what all the credit card balances were at the end of the month (past the two-week deadline—but a start). I’m trying to be more mindful of what I’m spending money on (so I’m also trying to keep another money log going).
  • Limiting purchases on campus to no more than 3 days a week. Well, the best week was the week of July 4th and that’s only because I was working 2 days. I need to try to bring my travel coffee mug and get regular coffee (with maybe some cream) instead of a blended coffee drink. It may not save a lot of money, but it will save some. Also I need to just pick up some extra fruit on campus and not the sweets that I’ve been buying.
  • So far I haven’t managed this one—though it did go up a little this past three months, so I’d be good if I died about 2 weeks after retirement.

So getting financially secure and not randomly spending money is still something that I need to work on (hence the money log and aiming for no-spend days challenges that I do monthly). Truthfully I shouldn’t be buying anymore books for awhile, though I know that there will be several that I do buy over the month—but a new goal may be for every book that I want to buy I have to write at least a 700 word review for three other books and post them (both on the blog and then on the site where I purchased the books).

One thing about looking to the moon–I’m also looking at different aspects of my life and seeing how things are and what improvements are needed in each area. Also–the moon goes through each house twice a year (once as a new moon and once as a full moon), so I have two tries at hopefully getting one goal from each house accomplished. I’m thinking that there might even be a mid year post on the different houses for both the new moon and the full moon and how I’ve done so far this year, and what I hope to accomplish through out the rest of the year.



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Gemini New Moon Goals

So as the month of June reaches the mid-point, the moon has transitioned into it’s “new” phase and entered the Gemini Constellation. This phase and this constellation reflects my 8th house. So this zone or house is also known as the Sex and Shared Finances Zone.


So in part this is good—I need to double down on making sure that I’m not going to overboard on purchases. I had started a challenge this month that I wasn’t going to be spending any money (other than what I had spent on things pre-ordered and one or two purchases already made). I have managed about three or four days of not spending any money. Currently I’m buying coffee in the morning on campus as an extra jolt of caffeine to wake up. So I know that there are things there that I can work on—and I could also look into seeking some financial advice about investments and trying to build my retirement account (while at the same time making sure that I have enough money set aside for any possible moves for a new job).


As far as the other portion of the zone—the Sex zone—right now that could be called the sexless zone—I’m not in a relationship with anyone. Right now I don’t have the time or the energy to put into 1) the dating scene, and then 2) a relationship. With plans of moving sometime within the next year, I just don’t want to deal with any more complications than what I’m already going to be dealing with.


So my goals for the next two weeks include: 1) making a budget for the last half of June and starting one for July; 2) limiting purchases on campus to no more than 3 days a week; and 3) look into ways of increasing my retirement account (without decreasing my savings or paycheck).


Yes I know I’m focusing on half of the zone—but right now half is better than none.

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