So today’s photograph is of tiny yellow flowers on a bush in the backyard. We planted this bush about fifteen years ago or so (it was one of the many holes that the dogs dug and we plopped a plant into), and truthfully I’ve forgotten what the actual name of the plant is–we just call it the “prickly” bush.

You can’t see in the photo, but it also has numerous thorns on each and every limb, and if you even brush past it–it feels like the prick of a small needle.

The tiny yellow-red flowers on the “prickly” bush have opened.

The bush has numerous small yellow-red flowers opening this week, and I was happy that I was able to get a close up of flowers–they’re actually quite smaller and hard to normally see. The bush also has reddish green leaves, that once the heat of the summer hits, they’ll start falling off before coming back in the fall–to only fall off again in the winter.

One nice thing about the bush is that the birds use it as a “staging” area while they wait for their turn at the feeder which is nearby. So there are usually numerous sparrows and finches flying in and out of the bush during the day.