Well it was obviously the correct temperature in the house earlier today, as Pancakes decided that she was just going to nap on the recliner for awhile, before going under cover on the bed. I’ve noticed that if it isn’t too cold in the house on the weekends (or during the week if I’m working from home), she will spend part of one day in my room curled up on the bed near where I’m working. The other day (or later in the day), she will reclaim her space in the other bedroom.

Pancakes taking her daily nap

She enjoys laying in rocking chairs or on your lap, especially if she can have the full lap (and push anything out the way that she doesn’t like–like a laptop computer). I’ve realized that I spoiled her out in Boston, to where I’d let her on my lap in the mornings when I was eating my bowl of oatmeal (since I didn’t have a dining room table, I ate all my meals on the couch), and I could hold the bowl above her, so she couldn’t try to help herself to the oatmeal. Needless to say she shocked my father the other night when he was eating in the other room, she just merrily jumped up on his lap and expected him to hold his food above her so she could lay on his lap.

Needless to say, we have spoiled animals in our house–they’re all treated like they’re our children. Needless to say–they still haven’t learned how to close the door behind themselves when they let themselves in, but that is something to work on.