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February Full Moon 2020

So tonight is the second full moon of 2020—I totally missed last month’s full moon. I will fully admit that I told myself that I would get it done—I got it started, but never got it finished (and probably this was also due to the fact that I missed the full moon in December 2019 as well. So now, I’m going to recommit to my spirituality journey. I know that I’m never going to be perfect in my path—but it will be my path, and will be uniquely me.

The moon has moved through the Cancer constellation last month, and this month it is transitioning through the Leo constellation. So with going into 2020 (we’re almost a third-or halfway depending on the day, since it’s a leap year and Feb has an extra day), I’m going to recommit to different areas of my life—slowly, but I’m going to start moving out of the fear zone and into the learning zone.

What are some questions to reflect on during the first few days of the full moon?

Have I been too self-centered, egotistical, or proud?

Have I been treating the people around me like minions?

Have I been arrogant, vain, pushy, or pompous?

Have I been expressing myself creatively enough?

Have I shown myself enough self-love?

If I were to number the above questions 1-5, my answers would be as followed:

  1. Depending on what one considers being self-centered, egotistical, or proud? In terms of say my fitness and health—no I’m none of the above, I’m actually quite upset/depressed/irritated with myself for letting myself gain all the weight back. In terms of my career—again no, I would say that I’m only “self-centered” in the fact that I thought I knew what I was doing—with only realizing recently that I’ve been stuck in the “fear zone” for the past few years.
  2. No I have not been treating the people around me like minions—mainly because I’m at home, but when I work I treat everyone with respect (even if I’m not getting respect from them).
  3. No, I have not been feeling arrogant, vain, pushy, or pompous lately. Truthfully I have been feeling more pessimistic, down, and barely optimistic about everything.
  4. No I haven’t been expressing myself creatively, I’m going to work on improving this over the next couple of months (photography, knitting, doodling, jewelry making, and cross-stitching).
  5.  Again, no I haven’t been showing myself enough self-love. I’ve realized over the past few weeks that while I do some “self-care”—but I need to show myself more “self-love”—which is to make sure that I’m doing a workout daily, and also having my shakeology daily.

So with being truthful with myself—“self-love” is going to start with doing a workout daily (varying between Barre Blend, LIIFT4, Morning Meltdown 100, Yoga Booty Ballet), have my shakeology daily, and reading at least 1 hour a day of non-fiction, plus listening to podcasts.

Looking at my chart—the Leo full moon is going through my 10th house, which is also my career zone. Now this is a interesting area, since I’m in my reboot break and trying to figure out what it is exactly I want to be doing during the second half of my life.

I’ve been looking at my transition plan and notes, and realized that I need to try to focus on determining the path that will let me focus on my strengths (learner, intellection, input, achiever, deliberative/ideation, curiosity, appreciation of beauty and excellence, fairness, and creativity), while also trying to improve several of my “lower” strengths and also build a life around some values: vitality, synergy, flexibility, adroitness, cognizance, dignity, openness, creativity, evolution, relationships, intuition, and empathy.

So what are my goals for the Leo Full Moon?

  1. Getting back into a workout routine
  2. Working on my transition plan for moving into industry from academia
  3. Spend time working on crafts (knitting, photography, and doodling)
  4. Meditate, tarot/oracle readings—getting back on track with my spirituality.

And of course remembering: “Progress over Perfection”

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Leo Full Moon Goals

So we are well into January and 2019. Today (or tomorrow depending on where one lives) makes the first full moon of the year, and a lunar eclipse as well. The lunar eclipse will be visible possibly from where I live (depending on the clouds), but since I’m not really a night owl I don’t know if I’m going to be awake to see it or not. Aside from that little tidbit, the moon has also moved into the Leo constellation, so what does that mean for us?

There are several things that one can do during this time, and that includes partaking in some self-reflection. One of the books that I love that has good questions is: “Moonology: working with the magic of the lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland. This book is where I grab the questions that I reflect back on during the evening of the full moon (or the day before or after, depending on my schedule).

Top questions one can ask themselves during this time (taken from “Moonology: working with the magic of the lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland) include:

            Have I been too self-centered, egotistical or proud?

            Have I been treating the people around me like minions?

            Have I been arrogant, vain, pushy or pompous?

            Have I been expressing myself creatively enough?

            Have I shown myself enough self-love?

So if I were to number the questions 1-5, I think that my answers would be as follow:

  1. I don’t think that I’ve been self-centered, egotistical or proud lately. There is nothing like realizing that you’ve only made baby steps (but progress none the less) on certain goals that you set out for yourself the year before. I’m someone who is happier sitting in the background and observing people than being at the forefront (though I know I will need to get use to that if I want to slightly climb the ladder in industry).
  2. Nope, as much as I’d like to have my own minions—cats don’t take orders very well. It’s easier to do stuff at work on my own (I ask for help if I know I’m going to be out—either sick or taking time off), and everyone at home would love to minions around to do the cleaning I think. But—nope, no treating other humans like minions.
  3. This can also go back to #1. I have more tendency to downplay my accomplishments then to play them up (which I’ve realized is problematic when trying to write a resume, and you can only think of one or two highlights about a position that you’ve held for over a year). Also it’s much easier to ask for forgiveness than permission at times when doing something.
  4. This is something that I don’t spend enough time doing. I realize that I miss my morning walks at Boomer Lake (it has been either really cold or rainy or some other form of winter weather in the morning), and need to get out and do my morning photography shots again. Also I need to spend some time working on my afghan—I’m hoping to have it finished this year. In addition I want to start making my own jewelry as well this year. Both as something fun to keep me occupied, but also as a potential source of income as well.
  5. This is one area that I will probably always be fifty-fifty on (and only if I listen to the more negative voices in my head). I realize that with fitness it will take quite a bit of time for me to lose the weight that I keep gaining back (had been doing good for awhile, then October hit, depression sank in for a while and now I’m slowly trying to climb back out the hole). I just have to be kind to myself and realize that it’s okay not to hit goals set every day (like not hitting the step goal today), but as long as I don’t keep doing that day in and day out, things will start to get better. All it takes is a small step in front the other to start the journey.

When the moon enters the Leo constellation it is also entering my 10th house or my career zone. This is the time when one can reflect back on how things are going with your career and where you want to go next with it. It is also the period to try to figure out how to have a work/life balance (something that a lot of people now a days are lacking—and at times I’m one of them).

If I were to reflect back on my career—it definitely hasn’t gone in the direction that I thought it would. After getting my PhD, and still being on the fence about staying in academia, I did two postdoc positions, but then instead of taking enough time to really figure out what I wanted to do, I have taken two staff positions within my alma mater.

I have realized over the past year or so that I need to figure out what I want instead of just floating through a series of different jobs and trying to hold out until Friday and the weekend. One thing that I have realized is that I want to get back into research and that I’ve actually started to miss it a little. So, now I just need to decide (or pick a couple of companies in both) if I’m going to stay in biomedical research or switch to say agricultural or maybe go cosmetics. I realize that there are different paths for everyone and that I need to start re-forging mine to get back on the path that I should be on.

So what are my goals then for the Leo full moon period?

  1. Continue to try to workout daily
  2. Continue working on my transition plan. I more or less have part of my why down (why I’m in science and research in general)—I just need to work on why I want to leave academia for industry, figure out the companies, interact more on linkedin and so forth.
  3. Start working on some craft again (whether it’s photography, knitting, starting to make jewelry, or just coloring in a coloring book).
  4. Mediate nightly, and remember that if I keep putting one foot in front of the other, change will come—but I have to work towards the change and not wait for it to come to me.

Change is necessary for growth, and can be scary–one just needs to take it a day at a time, and remember that there will be days that one slides backwards, but they just need to stand back up and continue forging ahead.

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