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Slow steps in burnout recovery, and the next adventures in personal & professional development selected

So the moon will be transitioning through the Capricorn constellation tomorrow–marking the sixth full moon of the year. Pretty soon we’re going to be halfway through 2021, and it seems like just yesterday it was 2020 at times. But before I look ahead to what I can accomplish during the Capricorn full moon, I need to look back at the goals I set for the Sagittarius full moon and see how I did with each of them.

The goals for the Sagittarius full moon included:

  1. Honoring the ‘limited spending challenge’ during the month of June. The past few months have seen me buy way more e-books that I needed to, therefore I’m going to limit things to a single order from Amazon (in addition to any already pre-ordered books an d the two automatic monthly shipments).
  2. ‘Track’ my energy, so that I know what time(s) I actually have the energy to do various things (such as working out, writing, research, and so forth), and then slowly work on ‘transforming’ that into a schedule and editorial calendar.
  3. Roll the dice and see what the next adventure (or adventures) will be in terms of personal and professional development.

So how did I do (or have been doing) with each of the goals?

  1. In terms of honoring the ‘limited-spending’ challenge this month, I’ve been on point for the most part. There have only been a few e-book purchases (several under $2, and then the other two were history sets [Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica]), and I placed my large single order for some physical books early this week (mainly to serve as reference books for a couple of different sotry ideas I have bouncing around in my head).
  2. I’m still working on this, mainly because the past two weeks or so have been unbearably warm and humid that I haven’t elt like doing much, although I have gotten quite a bit of computer work done when I haven’t been sitting outside. Though I have noticed that my energy does wane about the time I get hungry–so eating regularly and ensuring that I’m eating enough protein, carbs, and good fats will also be helpful.
  3. I actually rolled the dice over the weekend, and have ‘discovered’ what my next adventures will be in terms of personal and professional development:
    • I will be moving from the ‘doodle/draw cross-stitch pattern’ to ‘Review Molecular Cloning’. Which is really funny, as I’ve started to draft an outline for a semi-technical document: ‘Troubleshooting tips for Molecular Cloning’. Once I have the cross-stitch pattern mostly drawn out I will then be focusing more on the writing project. I’m going to be giving myself roughly six weeks to get it done (hopefully be publishing it on LinkedIn no later than July 27).
    • The next books chosen to be read are: ‘Why You’re Stuck’ by Derek Doepker, ‘More of Less’ by Josh Becker, and ‘Master Your Core’ by Dr. Bohdanna Zazulak
    • Starting (and completing) at least one copy-writing course

So I managed to meet the goals (more or less) for the Sagittarius full moon. The editorial calendar will always be a work in prgoress, especially since I’m still trying to be multi-facet in terms of what I write and publish on the blog (and even with what I share on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook).

While I won’t say that I’m totally ‘recovered’ from burnout–I’m on the path to recovery. At times I feel like I’m being nibbled on by the writing bug (hence drafting an outline for ‘troubleshooting tips for molecular cloning’, starting to mind-map other ideas or at least get them on paper, and ordering numerous other books for a possible short story (or novella)).

I think that I’m getting better at not flipping back through ‘old chapters’ of my life as I work on foraging a new chapter–I just was adding a couple of extra epilogues to that last chapter.

So as I continue mending my relationship with food–a question for everyone: what are your favorite types of good fats?

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Scorpio Full Moon Goals in Review

So I may actually get some posts up on time (at least that is going to be one of the goals moving forward). The moon is going to be entering it’s full moon phase over the next day or two (depending on where you are in the world), and will be entering Sagittarius—plus (also depending on where you are) it should also be a lunar eclipse as well. It isn’t going to be visible from the US—so it’s a no go for me viewing it.

So before I look ahead to see what I should be contemplating for the Sagittarius full moon, I need to reflect back on the goals that I made for the Scorpio full moon.

So what were my goals for the Scorpio full moon, and how did I do with each one?

The goals included:

            Reflect and actually decide what I would like to accomplish over say the next fifteen to twenty years (large goals and then develop ideas on breaking them down to smaller goals).

            Set up a new 12-month schedule/planner/idea—similar to what one can do during the Aries full/new moon (but doing this since I’ve started my “new” full-house cycle).

            Meditate daily/nightly

            Get back into a workout routine. I had been doing well with Morning Meltdown 100, so I will probably start this program back up—if I stick with it, I will finish it sometime in mid-August).

So if I look at the first two goals—I would have to say that I’m still working on both of them. This has been a work in progress (and something that I will probably still be working on throughout the summer) because of the following reasons:

  1. It is difficult to try to plan and wonder if those plans will fit in with the “new normal” that we’re going to be dealing with after the coronavirus pandemic is dealt with (and that is still probably a good 18-24 months away);
  2. I’m still trying to figure out what it is I want to be doing professionally—I have some ideas, but nothing totally concrete yet—which makes setting goals that are 15-20 years off rather difficult; and finally
  3. With the current civil and political unrest—is society even going to survive that long???

So I still need to work on both the long-term plans, and then breaking those plans down to small goals with set deadlines and outlines on how I’m going to reach them.

In terms of meditating nightly, I have managed this more or less daily—there may have been a day here or there that I didn’t mediate before bed. I’m actually going to also try to mediate in the morning as well and see if that helps me during the day (or even take five minutes when I realize my anxiety is spiking and do some deep breathing).

The working out was off and on for the past few weeks. I’ve decided to make a tracker in my journal and I will be writing in each day what workout I do (giving me total flexibility in what I do day-to-day), plus putting a fitness related stick near the date as well.  The new goal is get a month filled in with whatever workouts I want (and I have the choice of quite a few with BeachbodyonDemand).

So I managed somewhere around thirty-three percent in terms of meeting my goals for the Scorpio full moon—not as high as I would have liked, but better than nothing. While 2020 seems to be the year that nothing is going as it should—it may just be forcing the period of self reflection and change that I need.

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