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Libra New Moon Goals

So as we enter the second week of October, the moon is entering the Libra constellation and it’s latest new moon phase. Since this is the last quarter of the year, there are only three new moon phases and three full moon phases left in the year (it’s hard to believe that 2018 is almost over—where has the time gone?).

So what are some of the things that one can do during the time of the Libra new moon?

How well are you relating to others?

How are your partnerships/relationships (personal and/or professional) doing?

Is there anything you need to negotiate?

Are you feeling good about yourself?

Regain your identity if necessary.

So in addition to looking at various aspects of one’s relationships over the next two weeks, the new moon in Libra is also passing through my 12th house—or my secret zone. This is the time when one usually wants to retreat from the world for a bit—and truthfully it probably couldn’t have come at a better time with the way the world is going. This would also be beneficial as I’m still trying to narrow down the positions for my transition plan (and by narrow down, I’m talking about trying to figure out the biotech hub areas that I wouldn’t mind moving to and then seeing what companies are in those areas and starting to look into them more). This is the time to start trying to listen to your dreams, and getting in touch with your spiritual side.

So some of the things that you can do during this time include (according to “Moonology: working with the magic of the lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland):

Try some yoga and meditation.

Take a “time out” from social media.

Dictate your dreams in the morning (use your phone, or old fashion pen and paper).

Try to face one big fear.

Trust your intuition.

Write some poetry from the heart.

Share one of your secrets.

So what I’m going to try to focus on for the Libra new moon include:

Getting back into meditation (I’ve been trying to do it nightly, and some nights I just can’t get into the groove)—but I’m going to aim for doing at least five minutes of meditation each night.

Continue working on my transition plan, and also make it out to the GeneTown Connect networking event later this month.

Continue to work through the various e-courses that I’ve bought (again trying to remember to take notes so that I can also make a blog post out of what I took away from the course).

Start working on the science blog posts.

I will also continue with my hybrid workout calendar (LIIFT4 and probably InsanityMax30) and trying to keep my nutrition under control.

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Virgo New Moon Goals

So the moon is entering its latest “new” phase in the Virgo constellation today. So while I’ve been doing all of my goal predictions from the view of my rising star, the Virgo constellation holds a special place, as it is my birth sign.

So what are some of the things that one can do during the time of the Virgo new moon?

Take an inventory of what is working & what isn’t working in your life.

Are you being of service to others?

Look to your health habits—does anything need adjustment?

Avoid nitpicking.

Get organized.

So in terms of the above ideas of things one can do, how am I doing in terms of each one?

In terms of being of service to other people—that could also be considered the motto for my current position (doing the DNA sequencing). Though it isn’t a position that I want to keep, as you’re the one that basically is blamed if something goes wrong (even if you haven’t done anything wrong). I help out around the house, and try to do a little extra at work as well (but not much, as it isn’t appreciated by other people).

Staying in academia isn’t working at all—so I’m working on figuring out the next move (which will either be into industry or possibly getting a alternative teaching certificate and teaching high school science). Staying in OK also isn’t really working (I think that there are too many bad memories from public education here, that they’re overshadowing all the progress I’m trying to make—therefore it’s time to get the hell out of the state again). What is working is joining different online communities which is giving me both accountability & support in terms of the different things I’m trying to work on (career transition, health progression, and so forth).

I’m starting to get back into both healthy eating habits (it’s been over a month since I got either a specialty coffee drink or some type of sweet dessert on campus), and sticking to a workout program (next week I’ll be finishing the first round of LIIFT4). I have slipped the past couple of days in terms of making sure that I take my multivitamins, but I’m usually good 85-90% of the time. I’m also getting better at meditating at night as well (now I just need to figure out a nice quite spot to sit at times during the work day to be able to mediate for a few minutes when I realize I’m close to losing my temper).

In terms of the nitpicking—I usually can avoid doing this at work (if nothing else, it is other people nitpicking on how I’m doing my job). I’m also getting better at not judging myself to harshly if I fall short of meeting certain weekly goals. I know that everything works better with slow and steady progress, that if you try to do too much at once—you might not get anything done (your inner critic could start sabotaging you).

Getting organized is something that I really need to do this month, especially in terms of my transition into industry. I’m going to need to keep track of the different positions, the companies that I could potentially want to work for, my network connections, the dates & times for informational interviews, and then the hopeful interviewing process.

So besides these different areas that one can focus on, the new moon in Virgo, is within my 11th house (based on my rising sign). This house is also known as your “Friend Zone plus your hopes and dreams”. So this is the time to wish for what you want or to spend more time surrounded by friends.

During this time there are two areas to focus on: your hopes and dreams and friends. In terms of hopes and dreams—I’m going to be spending the time focused on continuing to work on my transition plan, and making the decision on whether or not to continue within my current position come the end of the year. The other focus for the time is your network of friends and your position within that network.

So some of the things that you can do during this time include (according to “Moonology: working with the magic of the lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland):

Signing up for an evening class in something you’ve always wanted to do.

Network (i.e. ask your friends to introduce you to friends of theirs that you haven’t met).

Wish on a star every night for the month.

Introduce a childhood pal to a friend from your life now.

Say “Hi” to someone you see nearly every day but never speak to.

Thank your best friend(s) for being there for you.

So the goals that I’m going to focus on during the Virgo season include:

  • Continuing to focus on my transition plan, and starting to add value to connections on linkedin.
  • Work through various e-courses that I’ve bought over the past few months (and remember to try to take good notes to where I can write and post a summary on the blog).
  • Getting organized (keeping track of where I’m at in terms of #1 & #2, and possibly #4, & #5).
  • Determining my personal & professional “brand”
  • Making it through the last week of LIIFT4 & then a round of Shift Shop
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Leo New Moon Goals—Update

Tomorrow the moon has moved into another constellation—Virgo, and will be in its “new” phase. That means that it is time to reflect back on the goals that I had set for last month, when the moon had entered its “new” phase in Leo.

So, the Leo new moon was in my 10th house, or my career zone. This was the time when the universe was giving me several nudges to start working harder on trying to figure out my transition plan for getting a position in industry. During this phase, there were several different nudges but basically they all reminded me that I’m done with research in academia, and to so extent I’m done with academia in general.

So what were my goals for the Leo new moon?

  • Narrowing down my top choices of industry positions;
  • Adding more value to connections (but being strategic at the same time) to hopefully gain informational interviews soon
  • Determine what my “brand” is both personal & professional
  • Start reading more in both the business world & the scientific world; and finally
  • Continue working through the data programming e-courses that I’ve bought

So how did I do with each goal?

In terms of narrowing down my top choices for industry positions—the positions that I’m now considering include:

Health Economist and Outcome Research

Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) Specialist

Clinical Data Manager

R&D Research Scientist (working up to R&D project manager; I’ve realized that if I want to become a project manager—I would need to spend some time still at the bench, as most companies probably won’t hire someone who doesn’t have the experience to be an manager right away).

Marketing Communications Specialist

Market Research Analyst

Quantitative Analyst

Operation Research Analyst

Medical Copywriting

In terms of adding value to connections—this is still slow going, in that I know that I need to set aside specific time periods and just work on this (so again, this is a work in progress).

I’m still trying to determine my “brand” (to the point I’m actually taking an e-course on personal branding).

The reading is slow going—again, I need to just set aside specific time periods to where I’m reading business pages, and then start reading scientific papers that actually interest me (with this—I might start writing small reviews of things for the blog).

I’m also slowly working through the different programming e-courses that I’ve bought (mainly because I haven’t had the time to totally download programs to my computer for some of the courses).

Overall, I made progress this past month in determining the different paths that I want to start exploring in terms of different career options. Research as moved down the list, mainly because I have slowly started to lose my enthusiasm for it—though that could just be the fact that I’m totally done with academic research. I am also getting close to the decision on whether or not I want to sign the extension contract come Thanksgiving—while the paycheck is always nice, being stuck in a job that you don’t enjoy and actually dread going to work daily—it isn’t worth it (even if it means that I may not be eligible for unemployment; I would then have more time to focus on my industry transition.

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Leo New Moon Goals

So the moon is entering yet another constellation—Leo, the might lion. It’s hard to believe that we’re over half way through the year—but as much as I’d like time to slow down, I know that it won’t.

                        Leo New Moon Goals

So what are some fun facts about the Leo constellation?


If you look back into Greek mythology, the lion is based off of one of Hercules’ 12 labors—killing the Nemean lion. He managed the feat by strangling the lion and then placed the body in the heavens.

              The Leo Constellation. (c)space.com

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac, and is considered to be a masculine, extroverted sign.

The best time to see the constellation for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere is during the spring season (namely in April just after dark).


So there are a few things that one should try to do right around the peak of the new moon: 1) Show off—basically this is a time to celebrate life, so basically it’s a time to enjoy what’s going on around us. 2) Flirt—not something I’m probably going to be doing (as again I’m not in a relationship, and right now not looking to be in a relationship either). 3) Be creative—I have been trying to stay in touch with my creative side more (weekend walks at Boomer working on my photography skills and then learning coding for designing websites). 4) Self love—again this something that I’m constantly working on (limiting the negative self talk and practicing mindfulness). And finally 5) spoil yourself—meaning indulge a little and remember “you’re a hot little number with a lot to offer the world”.

So besides moving through Leo, the moon is also going through my 10th house—which is also known as the “Career Zone”. So I was right yesterday when I though that the universe was giving me a little nudge to continue fine tuning my transition plan.

There are numerous things that one can do during this time in regards to their career, but the ones I’m going to focus on include plotting my next best career move, thereby applying for new jobs with confidence (if I see any that match my goals, interests, and skills), and generally give myself a big push forward in moving on to the next step.

So my goals for the Leo New Moon include:

  • Narrowing down my top choices of industry positions;
  • Adding more value to connections (but being strategic at the same time) to hopefully gain informational interviews soon
  • Determine what my “brand” is both personal & professional
  • Start reading more in both the business world & the scientific world; and finally
  • Continue working through the data programming e-courses that I’ve bought


“Moonology: Plan and Predict Your way to Joy, Health and Abundance with the Magic of Lunar Cycles” by Yasmin Boland.

“Leo Constellation: Facts about the lion” https://www.space.com/16845-leo-constellation.html

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Cancer New Moon Goals

So we’re going to be entering another new moon this week—Cancer, and will actually be a partial lunar eclipse (that very few people will actually get to see); but that means that there will also be solar eclipse at the end of the month (that sadly I won’t be able to view as it won’t be visible from the US).

But going back to the Cancer New Moon—this movement through the cosmos has moved the moon into my 9th house, or the “Big Picture Zone”. So this zone is one that is focused on adventure, travel, and personal development. This is the time where you need to be honest with yourself in terms of any type of insecurity, or fears that you might be having. In addition it’s a time to review your goals, get in touch with family, and just take a little bit of time to nurture yourself.

Getting in touch with family isn’t that difficult, since I live at home and see my parents on a daily basis. I see my younger brother frequently, and keep in touch with my older brother via social media or texting. While it would be nice to see my niece—they’re on the west coast, and while I want to visit, the visits are more geared towards the national parks than LA.

I can say that I’m trying to keep up on the personal development aspect—I’ve got plenty of different books to read (though I will admit that I’ve been on a romance genera feast for awhile now); and I’ve bought several different little e-courses on different things to help with both personal and professional development. I just need to start 1) reading the books and 2) find the time to go through all the different courses that I’ve bought.

The books cover a variety of topics from spirituality to entrepreneurship to almost basic self-help for introverts. At the beginning of the year I’d posted within my 101+ goal list that I’d read fifty personal/professional development books over the course of 1001 days—well that list has now grown to 142 books (and probably will continue to grow)—though I’ve finished 12 of the books so far (and reviewed six of those); so I’m down to trying to finish 130 books in basically 809 days. As far as the personal development courses go—I’ve got a nice long list of ones that I’ve purchased or “saved” that I need to start working through—some are short only a single video, while others are a little more in-depth and will take more time to work through.

If I’m totally honest with myself—the one major area of insecurity or fear is trying to transition into an industry position. The fear or insecurity is coming from the unknown—will I like the new position/company? Will I be challenged in the position and allowed to grow? Or will it be a repeat of my first postdoc experience?

I’m moving slow on trying to transition into an industry position—mainly because I don’t want to make a mistake and windup broke, in debt, and having to move back in with my parents. The one leap after grad school for the post-doc position taught me well that at times its better to be unemployed for a while than take the first job offer you get. But I’m still working on my transition plan—I’m thinking of either slightly switching research sectors (move away from things that are heavily cell culture based), going for a more managerial position, or transitioning out of research entirely.

I am trying to get better at meditating every night—some nights I’m able to meditate for five or more minutes, other nights I can maybe get in two or three minutes before my eyes pop open and that’s the end of it. I know that meditating isn’t for everyone, but I’ve actually found that it has been helping me at time sleep better (though some nights when I have an awful night sleep I’d managed to meditate for a good amount of time before bed), and also to try to clear my thoughts so that my mind isn’t racing in circles when trying to work on my transition plan.

So my goals for the next two weeks are to:

  • Mediate nightly (even if it is only for two or three minutes).
  • Try to read at least one more personal/professional development book (two would be great).
  • Get through at least one more mini personal development course and at least another third of the way through the web development course.
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Gemini New Moon Goals

So as the month of June reaches the mid-point, the moon has transitioned into it’s “new” phase and entered the Gemini Constellation. This phase and this constellation reflects my 8th house. So this zone or house is also known as the Sex and Shared Finances Zone.


So in part this is good—I need to double down on making sure that I’m not going to overboard on purchases. I had started a challenge this month that I wasn’t going to be spending any money (other than what I had spent on things pre-ordered and one or two purchases already made). I have managed about three or four days of not spending any money. Currently I’m buying coffee in the morning on campus as an extra jolt of caffeine to wake up. So I know that there are things there that I can work on—and I could also look into seeking some financial advice about investments and trying to build my retirement account (while at the same time making sure that I have enough money set aside for any possible moves for a new job).


As far as the other portion of the zone—the Sex zone—right now that could be called the sexless zone—I’m not in a relationship with anyone. Right now I don’t have the time or the energy to put into 1) the dating scene, and then 2) a relationship. With plans of moving sometime within the next year, I just don’t want to deal with any more complications than what I’m already going to be dealing with.


So my goals for the next two weeks include: 1) making a budget for the last half of June and starting one for July; 2) limiting purchases on campus to no more than 3 days a week; and 3) look into ways of increasing my retirement account (without decreasing my savings or paycheck).


Yes I know I’m focusing on half of the zone—but right now half is better than none.

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Taurus New Moon Goals: Update

So we’ve gone through yet another cycle of the moon. It has left Taurus, transitioned through Sagittarius (the past full moon) and will (or has) entered into the Gemini constellation. So before I look ahead to see what I should be trying to focus on within the Gemini new moon, I thought I’d do a reflection back on the few goals I set for Taurus new moon.


Those goals for the Taurus new moon included: (1) Drink my water, (2) try to mediate at least three times a week (bonus if I can do it daily—though that might not happen during vacation); and (3) remember that it is fine to disagree with people and that not every person is meant to stay in one’s life.


So I’ve been managing at least 40 oz. of water a day. This is less than the usual recommended amount of 64-80, but it is something. Most days I usually manage closer to 50 to 60 oz. Part of the problem is that when I’m busy working I may easily go an hour or more without getting a drink of water. Plus depending on my mood—I may not have finished my tea yet (I usually use that mug also for my water afterwards). But I am trying to make sure that I drink at least two mugs of water before leaving work (that way its at least 40 oz). Then in the evening I try to drink a little more. Obviously this is something that I still need to work on making sure that I get a good (somewhere between 60 and 80 oz.) amount in a day.


I’m trying to get back into the mediation routine (I’ve managed almost all this week—and that was with having not done it for almost a month). It may not necessarily be five minutes, but if I can even manage two or three minutes I take it as a win. Again, this is something that I’m trying to get back in the habit of doing more of, as I find I do sleep better after quieting my mind for a while.


There will always be people you disagree with and that can be hard to deal with. I’m just trying to remember that one should always try to keep the workplace a decent place to work (I won’t say happy because one can’t always be happy all the time), but it should be somewhere that you enjoy going to do majority of the time.


I managed some portions of all the goals, and I know that I’m still going to work on them continuously to try to help achieve that work life balance.

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Transitioning to the Taurus New Moon: Update on the Aries Goals

So today marks yet another new moon, and the fact that the month of May is almost halfway over. Since it’s May it’s also fitting that the new moon is in Taurus (which is the sign for those born between April 20 & May 21). So how did I do with my new moon goals for Aries:

My goals for the Aries new moon included working out daily (doing Yoga Booty Ballet)—though I only managed to do it for about three days a week (and I didn’t do it at all last week). I’m thinking that I need to either totally switch up my workout programs (a different program each day or go with one that I haven’t done really before—either InsanityMax30 or 22 Minute Hard Corps).

Make a new overall 12-month plan—this is still in progress. I managed to draft an outline of what I would like to get accomplish over the next year for several different areas of my life. I just need to actually put them down on a calendar and then do a step-by-step plan to get to those goals.

The nutrition is still an on-going project. I’ve managed to get things under control (I’m starting to log my foods and try to keep track of calories/macros), but also am trying to focus on eating more whole foods and less processed foods whenever possible.

The remembering to have fun (or unplug from the computer) is also an ongoing project. It is hard at times to actually stop and not worry about things or trying to do different things on line. I’m hoping to get better at this over the next couple of weeks/months as well.

So I managed to get started on several different things during the last new moon (which is the point of the Aries new moon—it’s a new beginning), and now I just need to start focusing on different areas during the next several months and we shall see how things turn out. I have an outline of a plan, I just need to try to start to flesh it out.

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Aquarius New Moon Goals

Tomorrow is the second new moon of the year, and is found in the constellation Aquarius. According to my star sign this is in my 6th house, while going with my rising sign it is in my 4th house. The 6th house is your daily work and health zone, while the 4th house is your home and family zone. So sticking with how I did my new moon goals last month, I’ll be going with the 4th house in terms of making goals again for this upcoming new moon.

So with going with home and family zone, I’m going to try to focus on straightening up and de-cluttering various areas of my home and family zone. So some of the goals are going to include:

Submit the decluttr order (sell back quite a few DVDs) and start making a third decluttr order.

Set up an cleaning schedule for my bathroom (I have a terrible habit of letting the bathroom get really dirty before I go OCD in cleaning it) and try to stick with it.

Reorganize my closet and the overflowing pile of clothes.

Take some sick leave (hopefully) and spend at least one day working in the storage unit repacking and reorganizing things.

Continue trying to figure out the next job position.

According to Moonology by Yasmin Boland, there are several things one should do during each new moon (depending on the house). So with the fourth house (home and family zone), the things one should try to do include:

Having a “Garage sale”

Hugging your parents

Sorting out your photo albums/digital photo files

“Inviting Friends over”

Renovate or redecorate so you’re more comfortable at home

“Sell your home and/or change location, or even country”

“Ask your grandparents about your family’s history”

Things in “” are either things I can’t do (talk to my grandparents for one—they’re all dead), or things that aren’t possible at this moment (moving–well I’m going to be moving, it just isn’t going to be during this particular new moon cycle or having a garage sale [truthfully this is a giant pain in the rear to do anyway, so no–I do not foresee this for quite a while]).

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Update on the Capricorn New Moon Goals

I’ve mentioned earlier that one the areas that I’m trying to improve is spirituality. I’m taking a different approach from most people (I am not a church goer, nor do I believe in the bible [other than seeing it as book of fiction]). I’ve always been drawn to the older “religions”—the ones that worshiped multiple deities, especially those associated with nature.

While I’m not a firm believer in astrology, I don’t rule out that at certain times of the year I tend to focus more on certain things (and I’m learning that those times may coincide with a particular house that the new or full moon is traveling through). So this year, I’m going to try to focus on learning more about the phases of the moon and how they can help me in narrowing down goals for each month.

So I will always mention which house the new moon is in for both my rising sign (Scorpio) and my star sign (Virgo). But when I make my goals for that new moon (and even the full moon), I will be basing it off of the house in my rising sign (Scorpio). Read More

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