Happy National Mutt Day!! This is one of the two days of the year that are dedicated to the mix breed dogs that usually wind up in animal shelters hoping to get adopted. Most of our dogs have been mix breeds, that we either adopted from shelters or from friends (though there was one that we did pay a little more on to buy). I know that there are people that have allergies so they need dogs with shorter fur or that shed less (so in those cases are willing to spend the money on a “pure bred” dog), but I think in truth if you aren’t going to be breeding dogs (for show, hunting, or sled racing) you should go to the pound and adopt. Some of our mutts have crossed over the rainbow bridge, and some are still with us, though two of them are getting up there in the years. I know that after Chewi passes, it will take me a while before I decide to get another dog, but I will and I know that I will go to the local animal shelter and adopt another lovable ball of fuzz that will hopefully be with me for another fifteen or sixteen years.


Remember: Adopt, don’t shop.