So I thought of just cutting and pasting in my 101+ goals again with the “newer” notes added to it. But then decided that having two or more extremely wordy posts getting posted might be pushing it for the day. So I’m going to just post what’s been going on this second quarter in terms of meeting some of the goals. There are now only 820 days left in the challenge, and what I’ve gotten checked off the list includes:

Finishing up the modules for two programs that I’m in within another group (these are to help transition into an industry position).

I’ve visited one new national park:

                     Ceiling within the caves

Had gone to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico last month. It was a great experience, but next time I go–I want to be in better shape so that I might go on one of the guided tours, which goes into other caves. The self guided tour is only in the main cavern (which is still like a round 2 mile hike). Also visited a new national monument (White Sands) and a new wildlife refuge (Bitter Lake), both of which were also in New Mexico. So while I had list one new state or national park–I’ve met the goal, but would still like to see more (both state and national) over the next couple of years). Also with the trip to New Mexico, visited a new city: Roswell.

                        Aliens have landed

I loved the UFO museum.

I got a new camera, which I used to take numerous pictures both in New Mexico and since I’ve been home. Its nice having two (well technically three if you count the cell phone) cameras for photography–you don’t have to worry quite as much about how much memory you have when you’re out and about. You can take as many pictures as you want, then if any look bad once you get home, you can delete them.

I created my digital vision board:

               My current Vision Board

Which is serving as the background for my laptop. It’s reminding me of the more critical things that I need to be focusing on right now: my transition into industry, and getting into shape. Everything else can be accomplished once I have managed those two things. My current position is a dead end position with no possibility of advancement, and I need to get into better physical condition if I want to be able to do different outdoor activities.

Other things I have also managed to get done:

Cleaning up my desk (and trying to keep it straightened), and thinning out the monkey grass around the maple tree in the front yard (it doesn’t look that bad anymore).

So I have about six things that can be checked off as done (where I’ve at least reached the minimum of one). There are other things that I won’t know the final tally of until the end of the challenge (the total days of: taking my vitamins daily, drinking 70oz or more water daily, meditation, journaling, things like that). Other things will be able to be checked off once they’re completed. So it will be interesting to see over the course of this third quarter of 2018, how many other things I can get accomplished.