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International Plant Appreciation Day and Photography Challenge Day 55

So today is international plant appreciation day, so I’m taking time to appreciation some plants that most people get rid of in their yards—the misfits, the unloved, the weeds or more appropriately the wildflowers.

Some people consider wildflowers to be weeds because they pop up wherever they want—not necessarily where humans would like them to be, and not all of them actually produce pretty flowers—some do, but others do not. They also can spread throughout a yard as well, at times out competing the grass for nutrients and that is one reason why people don’t like them.

So one of the plants that we allow to grow within the backyard is Creeping Charlie, though we do try to stay on top of it and pull about half out every other week, so we have ground cover, but it isn’t totally taking over the yard.

Flowering Creepy Charlie

Creeping Charlie has several other names that it goes by including ground ivy, gill-over-the-ground, alehoof, tunhoot, catsfoot, field balm, and run-away-robin. It is a member of the mint family, and is a perennial (meaning it will come back year after year) evergreen creeper.

The flowers of Creeping Charlie can range from blue to bluish-violet to lavender and usually flowers in the spring. While the plant can be considered an weed, there numerous insects that feed off of the plant including several different species of bees—so to help the bee population—don’t get rid of the Creeping Charlie in your yard.

The other photo is of pretty white flower of another yard “weed”. This one has been a little harder to identify because if you google “weeds with white flowers in Oklahoma” you get pictures of weeds with flowers—but only about ten to fifteen percent of the flowers are white, and then none of them look to be the same shape as the one in my picture.

So this one will remain unnamed for now until I can figure it out.

The white flowers of another “weed” in the yard.

So in terms of plant appreciation day—if it weren’t for plants there wouldn’t be life on the planet. They are the ones that fix carbon dioxide and release the oxygen that we breathe—so it is important to make sure that there are plants (especially trees) around to do this—or no life. They’re also important part of our diets, and we use them to provide shade, help reduce noise, provide privacy, use in erosion control, modify temperatures, and help reduce wind damage.

So remember even when life gets crazy to stop and enjoy the beauty of the plants around us—because if they disappear—we won’t be far behind.

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It’s Pi Day (a short post)

So today is Pi (π) Day.   Π is the symbol used in math to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The constant has been calculated to over 1 trillion digits past the decimal point—but usually people remember at least the first three digits: 3.14 (and if you want to go a little further there 159 after the .14).  I’ve always just remembered it as 3.141 (and sometimes remembering that 59 after the .141).  But since π is pronounced “pie” it can also be considered a day to eat pie as well. It is always celebrated on March 14, as the date numerically is: 3-14 (or 3.14)

In terms of “pie” that one can eat on π day—there is the usual pizza (it does come shaped as a pie), there is quiche, potpie, and then the sweeter pies such as apple, pumpkin, sweet potato, cherry, and any type of combinations you can probably think of and cook. Personally I love apple and pumpkin pie during the holidays, during the summer I love ice cream pies, and I’m also partial to pecan pies during the fall as well.

So to celebrate π day—we had pizza for dinner, and if I can find a slice of pie at one of the little delis on campus tomorrow, I’ll have it as a late celebratory dessert.

What’s your favorite dessert pie??

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Day 3: National Love Your Pet Day winners

Sleeping doggie…….

So today is National Love Your Pet day—so obviously the winners of the photography challenge had to be the animals. The only totally new photo is the one of Boozer snoozing on the couch this morning after she was fed (and begged for a small piece of my breakfast as well). Unfortunately right now she is the only canine in the house (until my brother come back for another visit). As much as I would love to get a puppy–I’m still not totally over the loss of Chewi, Piranha, and Spelunkers–so a puppy will probably be waiting until I move and get Pancakes situated in the new place.

The other winners of National Love Your Pet Day are the cats:

Pancakes wondering what the hell is the human doing?
Someone doesn’t like thunderstorms.
Pye in her box

Who doesn’t have random boxes sitting around just for the cats to play in???

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