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Photography Challenge Day 173: International Cat Day (Short Post)

So since today is International Cat Day–it is only fitting that the winners of today’s photography challenge are the cats.

Pyewicket wasn’t too happy with the closeup……..

So we have three cats (all adopted from the local humane society). The eldest cat (by about a year and a half or so) is Pyewicket, our calico cat.

Then we have our “breakfast duo”: Waffles and Pancakes.

Pancakes, my black miniature panther.

We got Waffles and Pancakes within a few days of each other–Waffles was adopted first, and then I saw Pancakes picture on the site, and fell in love. It had been almost a decade since I had lost my first cat, Bigfoot (who was also a black cat–though he had more white on him than Panny does). Pancakes is my little cuddle bug at night, and in the morning. She loves to sit on my lap–and does a good job of reminding me when I spend to much time on the computer.

Waffles–sleeping on top of the cat condo

Not the best picture of Waffles, our Russian blue cat–but lately she has decided that the top of the cat condo is her spot to sleep (though that is where my cat usually likes to relax). This is our little troublemaker–she doesn’t like change (and lets you know), and isn’t above possibly starting things with the puppies.

I know find it funny that we’re in a “age reversal” with the animals–when we got the cats, we had several dogs, but they’re were all in their adult years. Now we got a puppy (and my brother got one last year), the cats are in their adult years and are acting like it. I swear if they could talk it would probably be nothing but “get off my lawn”, “turn the music down” and “in my day” from the cats to the pups.

I have realized that when I move–I will need to bring in a kitten (after a few months) so that Pancakes has company, and then after say another six months or so maybe get a puppy and hopefully that will all turn out nicely.

Happy International Cat Day!!! Do your cats and dogs get along all the time?

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Day 3: National Love Your Pet Day winners

Sleeping doggie…….

So today is National Love Your Pet day—so obviously the winners of the photography challenge had to be the animals. The only totally new photo is the one of Boozer snoozing on the couch this morning after she was fed (and begged for a small piece of my breakfast as well). Unfortunately right now she is the only canine in the house (until my brother come back for another visit). As much as I would love to get a puppy–I’m still not totally over the loss of Chewi, Piranha, and Spelunkers–so a puppy will probably be waiting until I move and get Pancakes situated in the new place.

The other winners of National Love Your Pet Day are the cats:

Pancakes wondering what the hell is the human doing?
Someone doesn’t like thunderstorms.
Pye in her box

Who doesn’t have random boxes sitting around just for the cats to play in???

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Thursday Double: Days 10 & 11 of photography challenge (a day late)

Someone is unhappy with the thunderstorm.

So I didn’t post a picture last night (there were technical issues), so I’m going to do another double picture posting today.

The first one is of Waffles on my chest last night due to the thunderstorms that were passing through. I’ve noticed that as the animals get older, their tolerance of storms (especially loud ones) seems to decrease. I think my cat found a hiding spot, my mother’s cat curled up by the dog, and I tried to calm Waffles down. She spent a good twenty to thirty minutes on my chest under a cover until the worst of the storm passed over.

The storm managed to drop a good amount of rain for the month of February, but since it is February–the temperatures were all below freezing so all that wonderful rain, turned to ice.

Icy leaves and berries

So when I got up this morning, I found out that I didn’t have to go into work today due to the ice accumulation over night. Everything in the yard was covered in a nice ice coat for the day. The sun did come out to help melt the ice, but the temperatures never got above freezing–so all that melting ice is just going to refreeze tonight. It will be interesting to see what we wake up to in the morning.

I put out more bird seed for the birds and squirrels, and will have to see what the status of those feeders are tomorrow. As much as I love a day off of work–I’d prefer the snow days to the ice days–snow is so much easier to walk on (until its all melted into ice). But that is the winter weather this year–first full day off due to bad weather (we had two partial days off last month). What will the next winter storm bring?

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Photography Challenge Day 9: Flashback Tuesday Edition (short post edition)

My what teeth you have…..

So today’s picture is a in the flashback edition (mainly it was too dreary and damp today to try to get a picture taken). This is one thing that I need to try to work on (taking pictures in less than ideal weather).

But this was a picture I took of Waffles a month or so ago when she was curled up on the back of the couch. I managed to get the perfect shot of her yawning and showing her fangs and her tongue.

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Photography Challenge Day 5: Sleeping Cats

So today’s photos goes to two of the three cats in the house. This morning when I was getting ready to make my breakfast before leaving for work, I noticed how “angelic” these two looked as they were sleeping, and I couldn’t help but take their pictures.

Pancakes contemplating something

So first up is Pancakes, snoozing (or meditating) on the top of the cat condo. She likes to be up there when the heat turns on in the house, as it’s directly across from the vent, and she gets nice warm air blown directly on her. Or, she could also be contemplating world domination as well (who knows what is going through her mind at 6 am).

Waffles on the couch

Then there is Waffles, our Russian blue cat sleeping on the back of the couch. I think that’s why the third cat Pyewicket went in to wake up the dog (to get her spot back on the back of the couch). Waffles goes between the back of the couch, the smaller cat condos, and the pillows on the furniture.

I know that Pancakes and Pyewicket also enjoy sleeping on the beds (and occasionally they will cuddle up to the human in the bed as well), though I’ve never really seen Waffles curled up on the bed (at least not that often). Pets sleeping with you on the bed in the winter makes for a nice toasty warm bed–and makes it harder to get out of bed the next day.

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The Breakfast Duo: Photography Challenge Day 57

Today’s installment of the photography challenge is the breakfast duo: Pancakes and Waffles. One of the things I love about having pets (besides the companionship of the animal[s]), is that if you pay attention you can capture unique pictures daily (hence why the cats and dogs have almost dominated this photography challenge). Pancake loves to watch the fish, in either the family room or my room (though my brother’s room also has an aquarium, she doesn’t go in there often). Waffles also likes the family room aquarium [as her water dish].

Pancakes watching the fish

Pancakes was watching the koi swimming in the front aquarium after I fed the fish this evening. There is just enough room at the edge of the cabinet for a cat to sit and watch the fish if they want to. She usually likes to sit to the side, but the DVDs have started to pile up again so she moved to sitting in front of the aquarium.

Waffles sleeping in the pet bed.

When I came out to the main part of the house this morning, I noticed that Waffles was curled up on the animal bed. Some mornings she is awake and causing mischief with the other two, but I guess she was deciding that Monday was her sleep in day.

Waffles when I got home from work today……..

Then I noticed that when I came home from work, someone was still relaxed on the animal bed. Though I have been told that she did move a little bit to relax in the sun for awhile before returning to her throne. The cats will continue to do what they want, and I will hopefully be able to continue capturing the uniqueness of each one.

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Photography Challenge Day 56: Triple Trouble

Today’s triple pleasure is brought to you by the Breakfast Duo and Pyewicket. I managed to capture an image of all three of them in different moods throughout the afternoon.

Pancakes seems to be thinking up something….

Pancakes was probably wanting to figure out a way to short circuit my laptop, destroy the notebook, and have the power go out to the house–that way she would have unlimited amount of time on my lap. She doesn’t like me working on anything that keeps her from cuddling on my lap. Needless to say, I’ve figure out how to almost type one handed (left–which isn’t my dominant hand), and then if I have to write–I prop it up on my right side so that I can write, and she can still be curled up in my lap.

But I want to smack the dog….

Pyewicket had been in a mischievous mood all day wanting to start some type of “disagreement” with the youngest dog. This morning she was thinking of smacking her (the youngest dog) on the butt as she laid there eating her breakfast (luckily I convinced her not to). Then this evening when I was sauteing the veggies for dinner, I noticed that she was sitting at the one corner in the kitchen looking around it towards the dog sleeping in the dining room. I can only imagine how she thought she’d “get the drop” on one of them as they came into the kitchen to see if anything had been dropped on the floor.

Who me???

Then there is Waffles, the very lovable but mischievous Russian Blue. She has been behaving herself today, and not really trying to start anything with the other cats, and for the most part she gives the dogs their space (unless there is thunder, then she tries to cuddle up to just about anyone or thing in the house).

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