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Photography Challenge Day 36: Honeybee on Peach Flower

It’s officially spring

So today’s post is going to be on the short side–I’m fighting off some type of bug and my head feels like it’s in the clouds. But yesterday I managed to get several pictures of honeybees buzzing around the miniature peach tree’s flowers.

Hopefully this means that there will be some fruit that pops out–might not be the most edible fruit, but at least it will be fruit. I have a few ideas on the raised flower garden, and hopefully over the next few weeks (once I get over whatever the hell I have), I’ll be able to get it put together and flowers planted that will attract more birds, bees, and butterflies to the backyard. We haven’t had as many butterflies since we had the mulberry tree taken out (the butterflies did like the juice from the berries).

Now things are starting to green, leaf buds are popping out, flowers are opening (at least those that flower in early spring), and the day is starting to get longer again.

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Flowers: Double duty post, and a possible short one at that….

Well it is nice to see that even though we’ve had two weekends in a row that have been chillier than normal, with the evening lows dipping down into the “killing freeze” zone–there are still some plants in the yard that have managed to keep their flowers.


We have this one bush that is close to the house in the backyard (it was planted in one of the many holes that the dogs dug–which pretty much explains the landscaping scheme in the backyard), so that close proximity might have been enough to keep it “warm” those few nights that the temperatures dipped down in the mid-to upper twenties.

So I think that spring is actually trying to establish a foothold this week–trees are actually starting to show signs of leaves coming out, and some of the late blooming/flowering bushes are also starting to show signs of leaves. So we will see how much things pop after the rain that we’re suppose to be getting tonight through tomorrow.

One of the interesting things about this particular bush, is that it goes through several rounds each year of shedding leaves and having new ones pop out–I’m going to have to wait until after the flowers fall off and it goes into its first round of shedding before giving it a “haircut” so that we can walk past it without being scratched (it also has tiny little thorns on every branch as well), and that way it will also be out of the range of some of the dogs that walk through that area as well.

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Photography Day 6: Flowers in the yard (Shortish Post)

The pictures today are brought to you by the yard work and the nice weather. Decided that today was going to be the day that I tackled the major yard project in the front yard: thinning out the decorative grass around the maple tree; and with the help of my father we got it done in one day. Because if it was going to be just me–it would have been at least a two weekend project (especially since tomorrow is suppose to be chilly).

Dark Purple Violet

The violets in the yard ranged in color from the above dark purple, to the more lighter purple below.

Light Purple Violet

And then in the back yard…….. There were the flowers on various bushes and trees…..

Peach Blossoms

And in the back yard, there were still some blossoms on the peach bush that I was able to get a better picture of, and then the crab apple flowers actually started to open up this weekend as well.

Crab Apple Blossoms


Clover and a yellow flower

And then there were the random small yellow flowers in the yard–though now that I’m looking at some of the leaves around it, this could be a “wild strawberry”–which has no taste, but makes a decent ground cover in the spring and summer. Also there are all the clover as well that we have growing in the back yard.

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Day 2 of photography challenge: Crabapple blossoms (Short Post)

Here is another spring picture–a close up of some of the blossoms on the short crabapple tree. Hopefully the larger one will also be blossoming soon, and maybe a few fruits (that are hopefully larger than the very small ones that we got last year). This year I’m hopeful since the smaller tree has so many more flowers on it than it did last year.

The crabapple tree is starting to flower

Also in the picture is the collie mix not meaning to photo bomb, but she managed to do it anyway. I’m enjoying seeing all the signs of spring popping up in the yard–the best will be when the rose of Sharons are leaf out and start to flower. When that happens we’ll get out privacy fence back along that part of the yard, so hopefully the dogs won’t be barking at the neighbor’s dogs if she can’t really see them.

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Restarting photography challenge–Day 1: Gold finch at the feeder (Short post)

Well I’m going to try to make another go at a 365 day photography challenge. One nice thing about it being within the 101+ goals for 1001 days–I have 1001 days to try to go 365 consecutive days with taking a photograph (or using one that had been taken within say the past week). Only days that might have older photos are either throwback Thursday or flashback Friday.

Gold finch at the feeder

Today’s photograph is of a young male gold finch at one of the feeders in the backyard. This little guy literally almost flew into me on its way to the feeder, and then sat on the feeder for quite awhile. I managed to get this nice close up picture of it, and it only flew off when I tried to pet it (I’m glad it didn’t try to nip me–I don’t think I’d want to try to explain that to the doctor).

The backyard has been overrun with birds the past week or so–we’ve seen mummers of starlings, numerous red-wing blackbirds, cardinals, sparrows (of all sorts), mourning doves, woodpeckers, flickers, and the occasional blue jay and mocking bird–plus numerous other ones.

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