Well the feeder was almost empty again today, though I filled it yesterday mid-morning. That was after going outside to try to find where the charming little neighborhood critters had taken it. For the most part, when the squirrels are in a feisty mood, they just figure out how to knock it off its clip to where it falls to the ground. They might try to drag it a little, but usually its somewhere close to the arbor.

The raccoons on the other hand, usually try to make off with the feeder. I’ve found it up against the fence line, and yesterday it was under the wisteria bush behind the power line. Luckily it wasn’t totally empty (there was a little bird seed left).

One of the main reasons why I have to fill the feeder

Today filled the feeder again (early afternoon), and shortly there after the squirrels started coming through to help themselves to their mid-afternoon snack (or meal). I just find it amazing that these animals can hang upside down for a good five minutes or longer at times eating (though they do climb back on top of the arbor every so often to “catch their breathe”).

I’d say that when spring comes they’ll leave the feeder alone, but I know that isn’t true–they see it as an easy, convenient meal that is there almost every day. Squirrels are fascinating creatures, to where you can move things so they can’t get to them, but after awhile they figure out a way to get to that item. I’m sure that if I moved the feeder, they’d leave it alone for say two or three days, before figuring out a way to get to the seed. This way at least I know who is eating the seeds.