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Photography Challenge Day 127: Monday motivation, a day late

So yesterday’s photography challenge winner was the following statement:

Good advice, and something I need reminding of.

Staying curious is almost suppose to be second nature to those who go into a science field. You never get the full answer to a question–or if you do, it also comes with raising another question. I’ve always enjoyed learning–but with staying in school for so long, I got burnt out and am now just rekindling my joy of learning and curiosity.

I actually needed to save the post and come back to it, in order to finish it. I’ve realized over the past few months that one of the things that is hindering my “staying curious” mentality is fear—fear of the unknown.

I’m not someone who usually jumps before they look. I like to try to have things mostly planned out (though allowing a little room for the spur of the moment), but I try to make sure that the “i”s are dotted and the “t”s are crossed.

This is the big block in my job transition–fear of the unknown. I have so many different thoughts racing through my head in terms of this, that it becomes overwhelming and I feel like I don’t know what I want to do with my life (other than find a good paying job that will hopefully quiet a few of the thoughts).

I realize that change is a part of life, and while we can plan and control parts of it–there is a lot of it that we can’t control. I know that I can control the next stage of my life, though it will also be realizing that I need to welcome the unknown, and know that with it I will continue to grow as a individual.

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Monday Motivation: Stay Curious

Today’s photography challenge is brought to you by the weekly Monday Motivation drive. I had randomly picked several different motto of the day cards to put together as a collage for the Monday Motivation, but then saw this one and decided on doing just one today (the collage may be next week).

Monday Motivation

Today’s motivation mantra is: Stay Curious.

Now this can mean any number of things: going back to school (if you’ve graduate and are out in the work force), reading different books (check out my other post on my reading list for my 101+ Goal challenge), learning a craft, or even learning a foreign language.

Personally right now, I’m in the middle of reading numerous different books (see above), trying to carve out time to either knit, try to work on making my own jewelry, practice some photography, and I’m still looking for a good online program for learning a foreign language (I’m thinking of brushing up on my Spanish and German and then maybe learning another language as well). In addition to the different things I’m doing via professional development to try to work on my transition plan on getting an position in industry by October of this year.

I’m slowly trying to push outside of my comfort zones (and at the same time trying not to set off any panic or anxiety attacks), and staying curious is just one of the ways I’m going to accomplish that in 2018.

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