Well January is off and running. Today and tomorrow (depending on where you are in the world) marks the first full moon of the year—and a lunar eclipse as well. Now the lunar eclipse is suppose to be visible from North America, which is great—but when the temps are dipping down into the teens around the time the eclipse is suppose to take effect—I’m probably going to sleep this one through and wait another four years for the next one. Now I know that’s not the way one really should be doing things—but I haven’t played with my camera on a tripod (which I would need to use in the dark)—so until I have better practice with it—I’ll just like everyone else’s pictures.

So looking back at the full moon from last month (which was right around the time of the winter solstice), I had made a small set of goals for the ringing in the New Year. Tonight is the time to look back at them and reflect on how I did with each one.

So my goals for the this full moon period will include:

  1. Do both a nightly tarot card reading and meditate nightly (even if it’s only two or three minutes).
  2. Update various goal posts (101 goals in 1001 days; Level 10 life)
  3. Start planning out my transition plan for the spring
  4. Read at least one more personal/professional development book
  5. Get through at least one more mini personal/professional development courses
  6. Renew at least two professional memberships

How did I do with each one?

1—In terms of doing a nightly tarot card reading, I think there may have only been one or two nights during the holiday break that I didn’t do one. I’ve been pretty good this month in doing a tarot/oracle reading. In fact I’m planning on posting at least one update on the blog on my tarot card readings (since this month I’ve switched and am using the Oracle of the Unicorn deck instead of the Enchanted Spell Oracle deck). I have been doing a nightly mediation session (which right now mainly consists of lying on my acupuncture mat and quieting my thoughts).

2—I did update both my Level 10 life goal and the 101 goals in 1001 days post at the beginning of the month. I actually should look back at both and see how I’m doing in terms of meeting the different areas of life.

3—I have been slowly working on my transition plan. I need to get a little better at actually planning things out, but I’ve made a little momentum forward in terms of figuring out my why, and starting to figure out the most logical ways for networking.

4—I’ve actually managed to finish a couple of books so far this month:

            Move Your Æ Ash: Know, Grow, & Show Your Career Value by Paul Carney

Anti Goals: Find Success by Knowing what to avoid by Kevin Wagonfoot

Power Up Your Self Talk: 6 Simple Habits to Stop Beating Yourself Up and Reclaim Your Life by Michal Stawicki

Anti-Debt: A guide to personal finance, getting out debt and building a money plan for our life by Kevin Wagonfoot

5—I’ve made it through one of the “courses” that I bought on Udemy in terms of trying to figure out the best strategy for job searching. There was one useful thing that I got out of the course that I am going to start trying to implement in my job search (mainly in terms of trying to figure out “stories” to have on the interviews to show case having the skills that they want).

6—This was one that I haven’t gotten around to doing yet. One reason is that with the government shutdown—I’m leery of travel, mainly because I don’t want to add to the headache of the people who have to work without being paid. Also with it being the beginning of the year—I’m trying to pay down the credit cards and not really add a huge amount to them, and lets face it professional membership prices aren’t cheap.

I’m proud that I’ve managed to meet most of the goals that I made during the winter solstice last month. I know that I’m not perfect, and going forward I need to be asking myself: How is this helping me—is it mentally, physically, spiritually, or financially helping or could it be more of a hindrance. 2019 needs to be the year of change, and growth—which means slowly stepping outside of my comfort zone to become the person that I know I can become.