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Taurus Full Moon Goals—a few days late

 So the moon has transitioned into it’s latest full moon phase and was going through the Taurus constellation; and I am going to be several days late in posting this as well. We’re somehow down to the last approximate seven weeks of 2019 and then we’re into 2020. My reboot break is starting in about a week and a half (more on that later). The weather is now bouncing between late spring, mid-fall, and winter temperatures and I have a feeling it will be doing that up until the official start of winter and then we’re into the cold temperatures.

In terms of some self-reflection during this time, there are some questions one can ask themselves (taken from “Moonology: working with the magic of the lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland), and they are:

            Have I been lazy or overly self indulgent this month?

            Have I been too obsessed with money or status symbols?

            Have I been stubborn, jealous, or possessive?

            Have I been doing too much comfort eating?

            Have I done enough exercise?

If I were to number the above questions 1-5, my answers would be:

  1. I haven’t been overly self indulgent this month—but I will admit to being somewhat lazy. I manage to usually get all of my steps in during the day (and that usually correlates to at least 25 minutes of moderate walking throughout the day), and then two long walks on the weekend. I know that I need to get more stuff done and everything—but currently I’m battling the procrastination bug (and it’s slightly winning).
  2. No I haven’t been obsessed with status symbols, or overly obsessed with money. Currently I’m just trying to make sure that I have enough money to cover everything while I’m on my reboot break and reestablishing my job search.
  3. No I haven’t been possessive, jealous, or overly stubborn (I can’t rule out being a little stubborn—because that is how I always am). The only thing that I may be a little possessive over is my sleep—I would rather have things linger on the to-do list than stay up later than I normally would to finish something.
  4. Yes, I have been doing way too much comfort eating. This is one thing that I need to work on—when I’m stressed, depressed, having an anxiety attack, or just feeling off I usually will go for the high carb, high fat, really tasty (but “empty” calorie) foods. I’m pretty sure that once I’m on my reboot break, I will be getting my nutrition back under control.
  5. No, I haven’t been exercising enough lately. As I stated in question one (in terms of being lazy)—I usually try to get my steps in during the day (aiming for ~14,000/day) and usually call that good since it also usually correlates to at least 2 13 minute walks a day (but usually more). I know that I also need to start working out again, and I’m thinking that once I’m on my reboot break (I’ve lost the excuse that I’m tired after getting home from work), that I should be able to hopefully get back into some type of workout schedule and routine.

Then I should also look to see what house it is passing through as well—and for me, Taurus passes through my seventh house—or my “love zone”. This is the time that we spend a little energy on other people, instead of making everything about ourselves. For me, currently there are no romantic relationships (I’m still trying to get my life in some semblance of order), so that means focusing on other relationships (work and friends).

Work wise, it will be trying to finish up what I need to over the next week or so, and to make sure that I have things written down for the next person who comes in. I’m also possibly staying on a little longer as there is someone out currently with family issues (and it could possibly overlap with my exit date). I’m also hoping to leave work without losing my cool with anyone, but remain cool and professional.

When it comes to spending time with friends, this is usually at times a spur of the moment depending on other people’s schedules—but I am going to try to be better at getting together with people.

So if I were to pick a couple of things to work on during the Taurus full moon period they would be:

            Meditating nightly (yes, this is focusing on me a little—but if I keep myself in the right mindset, I’m more polite and easier to be around other people).

            Reaching out to friends on-line (it’s a small step to start with, especially since there are only a few people within town that I probably still talk to, and I think better to start slow).

            Figure out when exactly my reboot break is going to start—that way I have an idea of when I can refocus on my nutrition and fitness.

Above all remember: progress over perfection.

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Taurus Full Moon Goals

             Taurus Full Moon Goals


Well next week is Halloween, Day of the Dead, and the fact that there are only two months left in the year. I won’t be sorry to see the end of this month (though Halloween has always been a favorite holiday). The moon has transitioned into Taurus today, and also has entered it “full” stage as well.


So looking at “Moonology: working with the magic of lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland there are some questions that one can ask themselves during this time:


Have I been lazy or overly self-indulgent this month?


Have I been too obsessed with money or status symbols?


Have I been stubborn, jealous, or possessive?


Have I been doing too much comfort eating?


Have I done enough exercise?



So if I number the questions again 1-5, my answers would be as following:


  • I don’t think that I have been too overly self-indulgent or lazy this past month. I’ve been trying to ensure that I meet steps (hopefully at least 10K a day—though I know that there are quite a few days this month that I haven’t hit 10K).
  • No I haven’t been obsessed with money or status symbols. I’m trying to make sure that my credit debt is in the controllable range. I know that it has gone up this month, due to my trip out to Boston, and then the unexpected vet bill for Chewi.
  • No I haven’t been stubborn, jealous, or possessive.
  • Yes, I probably have been doing a little too much comfort eating this month. This has been a hard month since we lost two dogs within four days of each other. This has led me to eating more sweets, and also buying lunch occasionally on campus (when I had been doing good in terms of limiting spending on campus).
  • No, I have fallen down a little on my workout routine this month (again in part to losing two dogs within four days of each other and then traveling out to Boston). I know that I can go to either the gym in the hotel or just pull up a workout on the computer (yoga or pilates; something that doesn’t require bouncing). So once I’m back home, it will be time to start working out and sticking with a schedule.

So the moon is also passing through my 7th house, or the “love zone”. This can also be considered another relationship zone (especially if you aren’t in a romantic relationship). This is the time, when we try to focus on other people a little more—making sure that we are actually adding value and helping the other people in our lives.

So my goals for this full moon period are:

  • Start back up on a workout program (probably start an second round of LIIFT4 once I get home from my mini-trip); though while I’m out in Boston—walking (which I will be doing a lot of tomorrow).
  • Continue working on my transition plan—really try to figure out the what the hell I want to do with my life, so I can focus on finding the title and company that I would be a match with (I’ve signed up for another career counseling course last night).
  • Really try to get back into nightly meditations.
  • Get back to trying to post at least every other day on the blog.
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