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Pisces Full Moon Goals

                 Pisces Full Moon Goals


Well we’re basically to the end of August (which means there are only four months left in the year). Where has the time gone?? It seems like only yesterday was the Fourth of July, and in a little over a week we’re already at Labor Day (which means that somehow Halloween is right around the corner). Anyway the moon continues to rotate through the various constellations and will be entering in Pisces this weekend.



So to begin, I’m going to take a look at “Moonology: working the magic of lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland, to see what questions one can be asking themselves during this Pisces full moon:


Have I been dreamy to the point of not getting enough done and making silly mistakes?


Have I been overly sensitive and too easily hurt?


Have I been acting like a martyr? Or too easily led?


Have I been meditating every day, and if not, why not?


Have I been in touch with my intuitive side? Following my dreams and hunches?


So with numbering the above questions 1-5, I think that my answers would be as following:


  • I don’t think that I’ve been dreamy lately. I am trying to concentration on my transition plan, as I’ve decided that being in academia and research is no longer the path that I should be on. In terms of “silly mistakes” I think it depends on one’s definition of a “silly mistake”. I know that my colleagues are convinced that I’ve been making a few mistakes for the past month or so but sending out data that they say is poor—my thoughts are “data is data, good or bad” and people should be able to see it. I’ve been called out on this and also have been told that I have to be “retrained” to ensure that my “eyes” are seeing the same as other peoples “eyes” are. But I think that I’ve made good progress on my transition plan in determining the types of positions that I now need to start looking into a little more.
  • I don’t think that I’ve been overly sensitive lately. If nothing else I’ve been getting angry (though not losing my temper with people) at work, and have taken it as a sign that it is time to move on. If people aren’t willing to contact me about possible problems, in theory I really don’t see why I need to be trying to correct them if no one is willing to mention them.
  • No I haven’t been acting like a martyr and I don’t think I’ve been easily led around either. With the past couple of weeks at work I’ve just taken the issues that have cropped up as both learning tools (realizing that not everyone agrees with the motto “data is data, good or bad—it’s still data”) and as sign that I do need to put a little more push into my transition plan.
  • I have been getting better at meditating nightly—even if it is just a couple of minutes of laying on my acupuncture mat to help clear my mind and deal with the aches of a sore back (which at times are tension induced). I’m going to try to mediate more also in terms of thinking on the card(s) that I drew in that evenings card reading.
  • I’m getting back into touch with my intuitive side—where I’ve bought several different oracle and tarot card decks and I try to do a reading nightly. It is nice to see that I am thinking correctly and aiming to change directions in terms of my career as I’ve seen numerous cards reflecting change showing up over the past week in different spreads.

So this transition of the moon through Pisces is also having it pass through my fifth house (or the kids, romance, and creativity zone). This can be a time to where we should be making sure that we’re also having fun. For me, I think I’m probably going to be focusing on the creativity aspect of this house—as I don’t have kids, and right now I don’t have the time or energy for a romantic relationship. It’s also a time to try and find a balance between being in a supportive role and also standing up and letting the world and universe see what you have to offer.

The balance between the supportive role & standing up for myself may be difficult to maintain this week at work. But I will strive to be the professional and not let people know exactly what I think of them (if I can do that–it means two more hidden object games next weekend 🙂 )

So my goals for this full moon period include:

  • Finishing the LIIFT4 program (I finished week 5 yesterday, and starting week 6 on Monday)—there are only 3 weeks left, and I do enjoy the workouts. It also helps me relax and get rid of the tension headaches I’ve been having recently.
  • Renew some professional memberships (and possibly see about joining one that is slightly outside my area of expertise so that I could possibly go to a “blue networking event”).
  • Continue working on my transition plan (really start looking into a couple of different positions and start adding more value to connections on linkedin); update my linkedin summary and start making a master list of things that I need to do to transition to industry by no later than April of next year.
  • Work on my photography challenge, and maybe actually try to finish a bracelet or two. In addition continue meditating nightly, and doing my daily evening tarot/oracle card readings.

While these might not all seem “fun or creative”—they will help me keep my sanity. I’ve realized over the past few weeks that I have spent way to many years ignoring my gut/intuition/the universe and now that I’m starting to listen again—I need to step up my game for getting to the next chapter/stage of my life.

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Update on Job Transition: Trying to Narrow down the List

So while I’ve been slowly trying to figure out my transition plan, it seems that the universe is giving me a nudge to get everything moving a little faster (I won’t get into that topic here). So over the weekend I went back through both the career guide map and the handbook to see what titles/jobs sounded interesting and I’m still looking between six to eight different titles/positions:

R&D scientist (or R&D project manager)—the scientist position would almost be me staying within my comfort zone (research), though I’m thinking of looking at other industries other than biomedical/biopharma. Trying for the project manager position would be stepping outside of my comfort zone but at the same time staying within research (I have bought a project management e-bundle course through e-courses4you (and it also comes with a certificate) I just haven’t finished it yet)).

The others would all be stepping outside of my comfort zone (which is something that the more I think about it—the more appealing it is, scary but at the same time I’d be learning more than if I just stayed within “normal research”).

The other positions include:

Operation Research Analyst

Health Economist and Outcome Research

Market Research Analyst

Marketing Communication Specialist

Clinical Data Manager

Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) Specialist

Quantitative Analyst

I know that most will require some base knowledge of programming (which is why I’ve also bought several programming e-courses off of stackskills that I have to still work through). While writing still isn’t my most favorite thing in the world to do, I know that in order to get better at it, I need to do it—so some of the positions would be pushing me out my comfort zone that way (in addition to my posting on my blog; though these for the most part are photos with a small blurb).

My new goals are that by the end of September (and while I know that seven weeks away—it will be here before I know it); I’ve determined within the R&D question which industry sector & companies I would want to work for, as well as looking into the companies for the other positions as well. At the same time I’m going to add value to connections (and continue growing my linkedin network as well); that way hopefully by early October I can set up a few informational interviews, leading to referrals and hopeful on site interviews throughout the winter. My main goal is to hopefully transition into an industry position in the spring. My current position is guaranteed through Thanksgiving (and possibly the New Year), but I have decided that I’m tired of the toxic environment that academia has become, the fact that this position is a dead-end position, and the fact that I have let myself be bogged down both by fear of the unknown and the fear of possible failure.

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