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Capricorn Full Moon: Update

Well another month is almost over, and the moon has moved from Capricorn (the last full moon), through Cancer (the last new moon) and will soon be entering Aquarius at the end of the week.


So I’d answered the Capricorn Moonology questions last month in regards to whether or not I thought I was being overly ambitious, obsessive, hard-headed, and where I felt I was in terms of planning my life. After answering those questions I set some goals that could either be completed between the Capricorn full moon and the Cancer new moon, or were going to be almost month long goals.


So the goals that I’d set for the Capricorn full moon included:


Start reorganizing my storage unit. While I don’t have any job prospects lined up, I don’t want to be dealing with my obnoxious, boxes falling apart, storage unit.

Again, continue working on my transition plan for moving from academia to industry (narrowing down the jobs/areas, networking & trying to set up informational interviews).

Remembering to stop and smell the roses, that there is a time for work and a time to play. While I’m starting to maintain the rule of not checking my work email after hours or on the weekend, I also need to remember that I don’t have to spend all the time being an adult—there are crafts that I can also be working on.

So how did I do with these three goals?

I did manage to start reorganizing my storage unit. It took me a couple of hours to do it—but it’s organized more with the large things (mattress, box spring, bookcase) in the back of the unit and the boxes towards the front. I still need to make time to start repacking boxes that are falling apart (I do know that there is one box that the bottom is ripped; and numerous other boxes that have collapsed in on themselves).

In terms of the transition plan—I’m trying to rework my linkedin profile. There was this webinar that I listened too a couple of weeks ago, that gave great tips for linkedin (make your summary a story of where you are wanting to end up—not just where you’ve been or where you are currently at; and also to determine your brand on linkedin (what you want to be known for [then make sure that the things you’re posting/sharing/liking are related to that topic]). I’ve got an idea of other directions that I may want to be going—but I need to start doing a little more research into them, also start networking more so that I can at some point start having informational interviews about these positions to learn more about them.

I am trying to get better at the whole work/life balance (or at times the job searching/life balance). I will be the first to admit that after say 9pm I switch from job searching/writing posts/anything work related to it’s time to wind down for bed (which usually includes putting lotion on, meditating (or trying to), and then reading on my kindle for about thirty minutes, and then going to bed). I know that this isn’t the most productive thing to do—but I value my sleep (and I toss and turn enough that I do wake up feeling tired half the time) and I know that if I’m not getting enough (at least seven hours) I end up going after the sweets and caffeine. This is still going to be something that I need to work on (namely during the day—I can probably be more productive at work than what I am once I figure out different things that I need to be focusing on).

But overall I didn’t do that bad with the goals—I took the time and tackled the storage unit, to where when I go back to repack boxes I can easily get to said boxes (instead of having to move a lot of stuff around). In terms of the job search/transition—I have an idea of what I’m wanting to do—I just have to put it down on paper as a plan and figure out the steps to achieve said plan. The same can be said for figuring out the work/life balance.

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Taurus New Moon Goals: Update

So we’ve gone through yet another cycle of the moon. It has left Taurus, transitioned through Sagittarius (the past full moon) and will (or has) entered into the Gemini constellation. So before I look ahead to see what I should be trying to focus on within the Gemini new moon, I thought I’d do a reflection back on the few goals I set for Taurus new moon.


Those goals for the Taurus new moon included: (1) Drink my water, (2) try to mediate at least three times a week (bonus if I can do it daily—though that might not happen during vacation); and (3) remember that it is fine to disagree with people and that not every person is meant to stay in one’s life.


So I’ve been managing at least 40 oz. of water a day. This is less than the usual recommended amount of 64-80, but it is something. Most days I usually manage closer to 50 to 60 oz. Part of the problem is that when I’m busy working I may easily go an hour or more without getting a drink of water. Plus depending on my mood—I may not have finished my tea yet (I usually use that mug also for my water afterwards). But I am trying to make sure that I drink at least two mugs of water before leaving work (that way its at least 40 oz). Then in the evening I try to drink a little more. Obviously this is something that I still need to work on making sure that I get a good (somewhere between 60 and 80 oz.) amount in a day.


I’m trying to get back into the mediation routine (I’ve managed almost all this week—and that was with having not done it for almost a month). It may not necessarily be five minutes, but if I can even manage two or three minutes I take it as a win. Again, this is something that I’m trying to get back in the habit of doing more of, as I find I do sleep better after quieting my mind for a while.


There will always be people you disagree with and that can be hard to deal with. I’m just trying to remember that one should always try to keep the workplace a decent place to work (I won’t say happy because one can’t always be happy all the time), but it should be somewhere that you enjoy going to do majority of the time.


I managed some portions of all the goals, and I know that I’m still going to work on them continuously to try to help achieve that work life balance.

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