Decided to switch things up again with the website.  Instead of having my travels (both near and far) linked to the blog page–they will be linked to this page instead (though some might also have their own blog posts as well).

This is where I’m going to list my bucket list of places that I’d like to visit.  So far I’ve managed to check one or two things off the list, and now need to start planning on how I can try to check one to three things off the list a year (hopefully). Places that I’ve visited I’m going to start making pages for that will be linked to this page.

Bucket list of place I’d like to visit (or revisit in some cases):


Night falling in Hilo, Hawaii

I’d like to get back to the Islands at some point. I’d gone in 2009 to celebrate passing my qualifying exam in graduate school.

Grand Canyon

Yellowstone National Park

Europe (England–see London Page; France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Sweden, and Norway)

Stonehenge (see London Page for more)

Sunny day for visiting Stonehenge


Take Safari Trip

See the Amazon

See Machu Picchu in Peru

The Egyptian Pyramids

San Diego

San Francisco

Galapagos Islands

New Orleans

Crater Lake National Park

Craters of the Moon Monument & Preserves

See the Northern Lights

Great Wall of China

Statues on Easter Island

Victoria Falls

Mount Kilimanjaro

Ayers Rock

Yosemite National Park

Mount Fuji

Angkor Wat

Kakadu National Park

Banff National Park

Vienna Opera House

Guggenheim Museum

Taj Mahal

Petra Ruins

Rock of Gibraltar

Van Gogh Museum

Everglades National Park

Volcano National Park (Hawaii)

Evening at Volcano National Park

I’d like to go back to Volcano National Park with a better camera to be able to capture the lava flowing out at night, and just to see how much more it has spread since 2009. Currently the volcano is erupting outside the park, and numerous houses have been lost (but luckily no lives yet have been lost). So the volcano is on the march.

Great Salt Plains, Jet Oklahoma

The Salt Plains, Jet OK
Salt Crystals that you can dig up on Salt Plains

Copan Ruins, Copan Honduras [Have been here–but none of the pictures that I took were digital; I need to invest in a scanner and start scanning these pictures in; I would love to visit again, but the country is now a little too dangerous to visit]

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Carlsbad NM

Rock Formation that looks like an animal

White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument

Mesa Verde National Park (Again have been here as well, but none of the pictures that I took were digital; once I invest in a good scanner I’ll start scanning those pictures in; though I would like to go back again to the national park).

Devil’s Den State Park (Arkansas)

Hike in Devil’s Den State Park

Arches National Park

Badlands National Park

Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, & Canyonlands National Parks

Channel Islands National Park

Congaree National Park

Denali National Park

Glacier National Park

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park

Mount Rainier

Wind Cave National Park

Zion National Park

And probably more to come…….

Then here is my bucket list of things I’d like to do that will require at least a little bit of travel:

Set foot on all continents–So far, I’m good for North America and Europe (since the UK is ‘technically’ part of Europe, even if it is an island)

Live in at least two different countries with completely different cultures

Volunteer six months abroad

Spend Christmas on the beach

Sleep under the stars (camping)

Cross a country using public transportation

Backpack through another country

Travel at least once by train (long distance)

See a solar eclipse