Day Trip in Oklahoma–Tall Grass Prairie Preserve

I meant to write this post/page a few weeks ago after coming back from the drive, but got distracted by something else. But better late than never.

As we’re winding our way further into autumn, the weather is becoming better suited for day trips or drives in the area than sitting around in the house.

Oklahoma actually has a lot to offer in terms of day trips and drives (depending on what it is you want to see or do).  One of the more interesting ones is driving out to the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve outside of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

A few buffalo found a watering hole

We were lucky on this drive through the preserve in that we actually got to see a good portion of the herd. Since they are free range, you never know exactly where they will be when you drive in.

Two bulls deciding to duke it out

There were several large bulls who were trying to establish dominance over each other.

Why did the buffalo cross the road?

Since they are free range buffalo–they have no problem with crossing the road and causing traffic jams.

Buffalo in the dry creek bed

Where did all the water go? While we did have a fairly wet summer, the few weeks before this had been fairly dry, so it wasn’t surprising that some large parts of the creek bed were totally dry.

Grazing buffalo

A large portion of the herd could be seen off in the distance grazing on the grasses.

Another part of the herd grazing in the fields

This was actually the first part of the herd that we saw when we drove into the preserve.

So depending on where you are in OK–it is about a two hour drive to get to Pawhuska (at least from Stillwater). They do have a small gift shop and public restrooms at the visitor’s center.  They also have hiking trails (which I have yet to do), but I would use caution with the trails–you might come across some buffalo or snakes.

Another good tip–Stay inside the vehicle at all times. Yes it is a long drive, but if you need to stretch your legs–head to the visitor’s center or back into Pawhuska (and do some window shopping).

You might not see that many buffalo on your first drive out to the preserves (we’ve done several drives and could only see the buffalo through the binoculars), but other times you might get lucky have to deal with several “traffic jams” as they debate on which side of the road they want to be on.