Work with Me

Selfie at Devil’s Den State Park.

Hello, and welcome to becoming jessi. I’m going through a transition/metamorphosis period, where I’m working on both personal and professional development. The site reflects (or will) aspects of both. There will be:

  1. Numerous nature shots (as I love to spend time outdoors),
  2. Pictures of my pets (because who doesn’t like a cute dog or cat post occasionally?),
  3. Book reviews
    • Personal development,
    • Romance (I read all different types),
    • Mysteries and thrillers, and
    • Science fiction and fantasy.
  4. My opinions on current scientific issues,
  5. Recipes and
  6. Fitness information.


Waterfall at Devil’s Den State Park

If any of these areas are of interest to you, I would LOVE to partner with you and help get the word out about your product/location/book/recipe, or whatever.

I am willing to provide:

  1. Sponsored blog posts,
  2. Linked book reviews,
  3. Social media campaigns,
  4. Sponsored destination trips, and
  5. Photography projects.

Contact me at jessi @ becoming jessi (dot) com [remove spaces and place the dots] and lets see what we can come up with. There may be problems with the above email address as I’m working on the site, so if the email doesn’t go through–email here at: jessi (dot) matts @ gmail (dot) com [remove spaces and place the dots]. Thank you for your patience as I navigate the blogging world.