Titmouse at Devil’s Den

Welcome to my site.  Some may notice the address change–I figured the change from ramblingsofgettingfit to becomingjessi was needed.  As this is my documentation on my journey of personal and professional growth, healing my relationship with both food and movement, learning and ‘mastering’ numerous different types of crafts, plunging into the world of freelance work, and trying to keep the work life balance on an even keel.

Lucky four leaf clover

Beauty is all around us, if only we’d open our eyes and notice it. Every person has their own path to walk, and if you’re lucky enough you find that someone(s) that are also walking a similar path.  Always be aware of the beauty that is around you, smile more, and remember–your path is your own, it may or may not be straight, it may have hills and ravines, but continue on the path and you are sure to find beauty along the way.

Poison dart frogs

I’d decided on the name “A little bit of this and a little bit of that” for the blog–in part to honor my multipotentialite personality and the fact that I usually need at least two different projects going on at the same time to feel ‘productive’. This blog will the ‘home-base’ for most part in terms of creative and reflective writings, crafts, hobbies, personal/professional growth, and travel. It will also cover my thoughts/views and progress as I also navigate the freelance world of writing (particularly science, health, & medical writing), editing, and maybe proofreading as well.

Over the past few years (thanks in large part to the SARS-CoV2 pandemic), I’ve had time to really try to figure out how I want to make use of my advanced science background–hence the pivot to freelance science, health, and medical communications. That particular journey along various things associated with will be highlighted on a separate blog and website (jessicamatts[dot]com). I want to help improve not only how science, health, and medical topics are communicated to the general public, in addition to helping to improve education within those realms as well (in addition to humanities, and social sciences).

I’m also on a journey to mend my relationship with food and movement–aiming to get into the best shape of my life–regardless of what society considers ‘healthy’ for a middle-aged female living in the middle of the United States. I’ll be sharing recipes and reviews of fitness programs (that I finally get around to finishing), along with possible homemade HIIT schedules and random 30-day challenges.

With the realization that my top strength is learner…I’m getting back into my love of learning–and expanding various knowledge areas. In addition to trying to learn/master various types of crafting (drawing, painting, crocheting, making jewelry, resin work, and wood-burning). Therefore, there will also be reviews of books (mainly fiction with a few non-fiction thrown in), crafting updates, pictures of pets, the natural world and anything else that catches my fancy.

The blog and pages will be evolving as I take this journey of figuring out where I should be, what I should be doing, and who I am.

So follow along, though please make sure the door is closed–the cat isn’t trained to come when she’s called unlike the dogs.