Titmouse at Devil’s Den

Welcome to my site.  Some may notice the address change–I figured the change from ramblingsofgettingfit to finding jessi was needed.  As this is my documentation on my journey of personal development, getting fit, staying sane, finding the perfect fit job in industry, and trying to keep the work life balance on an even keel.

Lucky four leaf clover

Beauty is all around us, if only we’d open our eyes and notice it. Every person has their own path to walk, and if you’re lucky enough you find that someone(s) that are also walking a similar path.  Always be aware of the beauty that is around you, smile more, and remember–your path is your own, it may or may not be straight, it may have hills and ravines, but continue on the path and you are sure to find beauty along the way.

Poison dart frogs

I’m just a normal individual who is dealing with the curves that have been thrown and I’m back on a road to self-discovery.  So as the blog is called, it is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

During the day I’m a scientist by training and trade (currently looking for new opportunities), who is fascinated by both the natural world and the cellular world. I’m passionate about science, as without it, the world as we know it wouldn’t be around–no TVs, no internet, no computers, no antibiotics, no cars (you get the picture).  I’m also pro-science education (vaccines are good, GMOs are good), and actually just pro-education in general.

I’m also passionate about trying to get back into shape and healthy again. So you will see recipes (some healthy, and probably some not so healthy); reviews of different workout programs (probably mainly from beachbody); and some homemade HIIT schedules, or random 30 day challenges.

I’m also on a journey of self (and professional) discovery–so there will also be reviews of books, journal articles, pictures of crafts, pets, and anything else that catches my fancy.

The blog and pages will be evolving as I take this journey of figuring out where I should be, what I should be doing, and who I am.

So follow along, though please make sure the door is closed–the cats aren’t trained to come when they’re called unlike the dogs.