I’ve been debating on whether or not to post anything political on this blog, but with the events of today, I decided that it needed to get said (and who knows if anyone is actually going to (1) read this entry; (2) respond to this entry; or (3) care about this entry) and hopefully I’ll sleep a little easier tonight as well.

Last time I looked at a calendar it stated that we were in the year 2017; not 1917, not 1897, not even 1957; BUT 2017.  This alternate reality that we’ve been stuck in since January is starting to get on my nerves. We’ve become both a joke and a threat to the rest of the world, due to who is living in the white house and who he has surrounded himself with.  It doesn’t help that he has insulted basically all of our allies, and is making kiss-faces with a government that I wouldn’t trust any further than they could be thrown. The pure hatred that took to the streets today in Charlottlesville made me both sick to my stomach and madder than hell–yes, we have the first amendment to protect for free speech, and peaceful gathering and protesting–when you come armed, and you ram your vehicle into counter protesters–then you aren’t being peaceful and your message sure isn’t peaceful then you should be labeled what you are–a home grown terrorist.

Here is a news flash–we are all the same; our differences come from the different arrangements of the ACGT of our DNA. Also if you aren’t Native American, then you are a descendant from an illegal immigrant (because news flash–Europe stole the land from the Native Americans who were already living here). So if you are wanting all immigrants to leave–you should also be packing a bag to leave.

Hate should not have a place in this country, fear should not have a place in this country. This country was founded so that people could live in peace without fear of persecution, and there is enough of that fear throughout the world; we should be acting as the beacon of hope that we had been for so many years before the current administration got into power.

Remember–Love over Hate.  Our differences is what makes each of us unique and special.  #nevermypresident #dotofblueinaseaofred #lovenothate #stillwithher