Well water has been decent today (pretty sure that I got close to 80-90oz of water). I kept busy most of the day cleaning my room (remember yesterday’s challenge?).  I got a good amount done, but a lot is on hold until the amazon order of hangers comes in on Tuesday so that I can hang up more of my t-shirts and try to organize the closet a little. I think that I’ve gotten use to sleeping with the room a certain temperature, that when I turn the air conditioner a little higher, I don’t sleep nearly as well (so I’ll turn the air conditioner down a little and see how that goes).

Well, I realize that unease of doing interviews is a trigger for anxiety, which is then a trigger for really bad cases of indigestion, which I been suffering from for the past few days (which is why I’m postponing finishing Shift Shop until next week).  I’m going to have to do some research to see what I can do that isn’t prescription based to try to get a handle on the anxiety/unease/tension of having to interview/skype, etc for finding the next job.

Next week, I’m going to try to see about finding a lab that may need some help a few hours a week (that may also lend a hand in me learning some new techniques); in addition try to make sure that the resume is polished for when there are going to be the career fairs on campus this fall (I might have already graduated, but it wouldn’t hurt to talk to recruiters and get other seasoned opinions on what I could be doing).

Next week starts the challenge of starting to keep a food journal daily, this is something I was doing at the beginning of the year, but with everything else it fell to the way side as I allowed stress, anxiety, and a general disgust with the world take over and I forgot about my goals and challenges to myself (which I’m now starting to get back to).

Until tomorrow.  Remember beauty is all around us, if we only open our eyes and our hearts. We first have to learn to love ourselves, and then love each other.  🙂