As I sit here drinking my tea, I’m reflecting back on how this week went in terms of my goals–somethings have been a little easier than others (for the most part I’ve remembered to do my food journal–can safely say that I still love homemade cookies and my sweet tooth is still running around free), but making sure that I’m not just sitting around doing nothing (though I wouldn’t call job searching and applying nothing), I still have a difficult time getting up and doing something.  But as the author said–some tasks are a little easier to incorporate than others–change is just trying everyday to do something a little better than yesterday.  Though the bruised toe hasn’t helped my mood any either.  But as the picture states–there is new opportunities in each day, we just have to open our eyes and see the opportunities and be willing to start fresh. Meaning, we have to also be willing to let go of what has been holding us back and hindering our progress.