Well somehow we’re halfway through October already?!? Two weeks from tomorrow is Halloween, and then there are only two months left in 2017. I’d realized this morning, that I’m probably not going to be hitting many of the goals that I set at the end of September for this month–the burpee challenge is going to get restarted come Nov–since I totally didn’t do any burpees while I was in London. Who knows where I will end up step wise–I’ve realized that on weekends that that there is a high probability that I’m going to spend most of it sitting on my butt and not get that many steps in.

Monday Motivation

But I am slowly getting back into to a routine–baby step by baby step. Today decided that I needed to pick a program that I know I can stick with–so I’m doing another round of Focus T25.

What is Focus T25 you ask?  It is a beachbody program that was designed by Shaun T a little over three years ago.  It was actually the first program (that I followed) that I saw weight loss with. It has three stages–alpha, beta, and gamma. Alpha and Beta are five week stages, and then Gamma is the last four week period–so yes, this is a fourteen week program–if you have all three rounds, which I do.

The workouts are only 25 minutes long (Hence the name T25), and vary–you have cardio, core, upper body, lower body, and then the full body workouts. What I love about these workouts is that there is a modifier, and I usually end up modifying a little bit more than she does, due to various reasons.  Lunges–nope, I try to figure out what to replace those with to make sure I’m working the same muscles, since the feet protest the pressure at times.

One thing about the first two rounds (alpha and beta) is that Fridays are a double workout–yep, instead of 25 minutes of hardcore workout–you have 50 minutes. Though you can always do the second workout on a Saturday if you aren’t able to do the double (which is what I’ll probably do at least for the first week or so).

I know that I also need to start getting my nutrition back on track as well. One problem that I have is that I have a really bad sweet tooth–and while I know I can get it under control, if I give it a little bit of leg room, it will take a mile. So one goal is to slowly start getting the sweet tooth under control and cutting back on the snacks (that aren’t healthy–fruits and nuts and such) will help.

Diet is one word that needs to get replaced in conversations–when trying to get healthy and fit–we need to say we’re trying to make a lifestyle change. We’re trying to change the way we eat. Am I still going to have sweets–probably, but I’ll try to make them a little healthier than what I did in the past.

That has been the number one reason why I think I’ve gained all the weight (and then a little extra) back–I didn’t exchange diet for lifestyle change.

But baby steps are being taken, as I remind myself–this is a journey–it doesn’t matter how slow I take it–there is no finish line to race towards, but a path that is an adventure that I need to slow down and enjoy.